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At Your Service
Most distros now use Systemd to manage system services. These are programs that run in the background, providing on-demand features. Examples include the CUPS printing system, Wi-Fi management and many others. They’re controlled by “unit files” usual
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Also Consider
Amazon Lumberyard ( is yet another freely available 3D game engine that works in a similar manner to Unity Engine or Unreal Engine. It is based on the CryEngine, the engine used to create the Far Cry games among othe
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Write A Maze Runner Game In Python
This series of tutorials has seen us generate some fantastic replicas of retro video games, using Python. In past issues, we’ve create a lunar landing module game, a side-scrolling platformer, Pac-Man, Pong, the Game of Life, a bunny shooter, a racin
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Install Xcp-ng
Fetch the latest ISO from . It’s about 600MB, but there’s a netinstall edition if you want to keep things tiny. Write the ISO to a USB stick with Etcher or dd and boot it. Follow the install prompts and make sure there
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Contain Yourself
A decade or so after the rise of VMs came the rise of containers, and in particular Docker. Containers are the spiritual successors of BSD jails and chroots, but rely on modern features in the kernel, namely cgroups and namespaces, which means applic
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The Sense HAT is packed with sensors for temperature, humidity, acceleration, orientation and air pressure. And we have a great RGB LED matrix and a joystick that can be used in our projects. To control the Sense HAT we used Python, but we can also u
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Ease Of Use
Learning games programming with Godot isn’t a million miles removed from programming like it used to be on home computers in the 1980s: you can pick things up, gradually, as you go along. You can do things like draw lines and other shapes onto the sc
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Coding Arm 64-bit Assembly Language
Last month we used assembly language to directly access the Raspberry Pi’s Linux kernel services. In this issue’s concluding instalment we’re going to use the C run-time library, glibc, instead of calling the kernel services directly. The glibc funct
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Socket: AM4 Arch: Zen 3, 64-bit Cores: Six Threads: 12 Process: 7nm TSMC Clock: 3.7GHz (4.6GHz turbo) Cache: L1 384KB, L2 3MB, L3 32MB Memory: 128MB max, two-channels, DDR4 3200MHz, non-ECC PCIe: v4.0, 20 lanes TDP: 65W Cooler: Wraith Steal
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Gain Insight Into A Program Pid
Top is a program that provides a real-time view of a running system. It can display system summary information as well as a list of processes or threads currently being managed by the Linux kernel. Running top with the command line option -H followed
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Quick Tip
Get all the code and example files from the LXFDVD and more easily from the LXF archive: https:// linuxformat. com/archives. The gcc linker understands all about linking with the glibc standard C library. It uses the gnu linker ld to do its work, bu
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Linus vs Intel
Linus Torvalds, the outspoken creator of Linux, has taken aim at Intel once again, this time in a forum post ( where he accuses the chip maker of preventing error correction code (ECC) memory from becoming widely supported o
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Unity Engine is the leading engine within some exciting fields other than gaming, such as virtual reality and augmented reality. It’s also used for design and visualisation type jobs within the film making, automotive and architectural industries. Th
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Connect, Configure And Use Gamepads
Planning to play some games on your Raspberry Pi? Minecraft: Pi is far easier to play with a game controller, but you might have your eye on Doom (LXF268) or other shareware classics. Alternatively, you could be hooking up a controller to your Raspbe
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Tricks Of The Trade
During the research for this tutorial we needed to devise a means to detect a key press for the calculator application. Specifically we needed to know the values returned for the A,S,M and D keys. We could look this up on the internet, but what if th
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Slackel 7.4
Slackel is one of those few one-man distros that continues to be powered solely by the love and affection of its dedicated community of users. The distro’s Greek developer has just put out version 7.4, six months after the previous release. Slackel h
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Apple M1 Macs get Linux support
Apple recently released OS 11.2 beta, which brings full custom kernel support to the Macs and MacBooks that were released late last year, and which run on Apple’s own ARM-based M1 chips. Hector Martin, who is behind the Asahi Linux project (more on t
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Get Your Python Game On
Pygame is a Python extension library that adds functionality on top of the SDL library. Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform development library designed to provide low-level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and grap
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Quick Tip
Floating nodes make it possible to create content that isn’t connected to anything else – think of them like post-it notes. Creating one is simple – hold Ctrl and double-click the area of the map where you’d like your floating node to appear. Choos
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Ongoing Development
Chang S Bae (Intel) posted an RFC (Request For Comment) patch series implementing support for a forthcoming “Key Locker” feature on certain Intel x86 CPUs. This is supposed to provide “a mechanism to protect a data encryption key when processing the
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Raspberry Pi news
Over 300 free curriculum-mapped video lessons now available via the Oak National Academy. Over recent years the Raspberry Pi Foundation has been a key factor in driving practical computing back into school curriculums both in the UK and around the w
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Using Active Directory with Debian & Samba
Like it or not, a lot of authentication uses Active Directory (AD) to manage users and resources. It’s a staple of the Windows world and until recently (Samba 4) there was no way to have a complete AD stack in FOSS to “talk proper AD”. Luckily, with
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Build A Pi-powered Helicopter Diorama
This tutorial takes us behind the scenes of a Raspberry Pi-powered diorama to explore the concept of concurrency. A diorama is a three-dimensional full-size or miniature model. For this exercise the diorama is a miniature helicopter complete with lig
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Construct Your Own Mind-maps
Mind-mapping tools are designed to bring order to chaotic thoughts. They can be used for anything from a simple means of jotting down a few random thoughts to full-blown project management. A mind-map is basically a series of interconnected thoughts
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Speeding Up Vms
Storing your VMs on an SSD is the simplest way to make them go faster. But there are a few other tricks. Having to emulate network devices, hard disk controllers and video cards is a messy business. Even if there’s no real hardware behind the periphe
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And More!
Go further with shell scripting. Get to grips with the basics of Bash scripting. First steps in shell scripting. Eric S Raymond’s classic text explains the advantages of open development. Essential guide for sysadmins. Everything you need to know. A
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Community And Support
Because game engines are so complex, it isn’t practical to learn how to use one through simple trial-and-error discovery, and this means that they need a good support system to be useful. This support can either exist in the form of the official docu
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How We Tested…
Perhaps you’re a complete beginner, and you’re wondering where to start with game development on Linux? In terms of the computer kit that you need, you should be keeping an eye out for a hardware setup that can handle the type of game that you’d like
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Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Docker
Jonni’s been arguing with me this issue – he thinks Linux Format readers don’t need virtual machine orchestration. Of course, as always, he’s right, but I’ve never let being wrong stop me before… Just because you don’t actually “need” something doesn
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A Terminal Multiple Window Manager
Terminal emulators and a text environment are quite different. For one, you don’t have the luxury of using a mouse on a text environment, and you can’t run launch multiple windows. Try one of your virtual terminals by pressing Alt+Ctrl+F1. The subjec
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