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Active Recovery Classes
1 F45 runs (members-only, from £20 a week) weekly 45-minute Recovery sessions (available live online) with a combination of passive and active exercises, plus stretching to improve flexibility, range of motion and posture; f45training.co.uk. 2 Flex
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Supplement Your Brain Power
Bio-kult Mind £19.94; bio-kult.com Known as your second brain, or enteric nervous system, your gut and (first) brain are intimately linked. This formula targets both. Hero ingredients: live bacteria (exercise-induced gut permeability may lead to infl
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Recovery Rules
Sprawling on the sofa with your feet up after a tough session has its merits, that’s for sure. But smart exercisers are also fitting active recovery into their schedule (that’s a short, low-intensity workout that aims to increase blood flow, metaboli
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Meet The Team
Christine is a performance nutritionist, chef, author and keen runner. She runs online programmes and works with athletes.christinebailey.co.uk Lucy is an ex-national gymnast and qualified PT. She is also a nutritionist and life coach who loves noth
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The digitalisation of healthcare is revolutionising the way we manage our health problems. This is, in part, due to the evolution of health technology during the pandemic, with telehealth and virtual care making it possible for patients to look after
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Let’s go CYCLING!
I’m missing a trick…’ I thought to myself, spooning pur e ed sweet potato into my baby’s mouth, as I watched my husband, wearing full Lycra, prance off on a club ride one Saturday morning, only to return home at 2pm, having explored the rolling Surre
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Catching Up With... AMY WILLIAMS
WHAT DO YOU MISS MOST ABOUT COMPETING? ‘I miss being and feeling physically strong! Plus, I miss the challenge and the environment;›being a full-time athlete pushing myself and my body every day to be the best that it can be.’ IS SKELETON RACING ST
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Eat Like A Pro!
If you’re a keen cyclist, you’re probably interested in what you put on your plate – but getting fuel right for riding can be complicated. ‘Under or overeating is probably one of the most common mistakes people make when looking to improve their over
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Try This...
Try the Mindfulness App. Get started with an intro to mindfulness and a five-day guided practice, then choose meditations ranging from three to 30 minutes long. You can also set reminders to help you stay calm and focused throughout the day, and reco
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About You
Thank you for Break Your Training Plateau (April issue). I’ve made a lot of progress with my training but, just recently, had to use lighter weights as I couldn’t do all set reps on the bench press. I definitely feel I’ve plateaued, but thanks to you
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Box Fresh!
Spending the best part of a year indoors has forced us to divert our attention away from our usual routines, with food becoming a welcome distraction to get us through the tough times. Lockdown has seen us sharing our favourite banana bread recipes o
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Since gyms shut down in January this year and more than nine million members found themselves looking for other exercise options, it’s fair to say that we fitness fans have done a great job of adapting our workout routines, using the likes of Joe Wic
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Guide to GYM BRAS
Call it a design flaw, but our breasts don’t come with enough in-built support to let us jump up and down in complete comfort. The Cooper’s ligaments, which give structure to our breasts, have their work cut out in a HIIT class. In fact, our boobs mo
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Beauty Bag
Powered by flowers, this new lotion from natural brand Dr Hauschka contains botanical extracts of anthyllis, field horsetail and nasturtium to give combination skin a glow. It’s ideal for everyday use, as the lightweight formula will help to regulate
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Pick Of The Products
Using rollers or massage balls can help promote blood flow to muscles to help reduce DOMS and release the fascia to help the muscles return to their pre-exercise length. Designed by elite athletes and leading physiotherapists, this compact massage t
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ED’S FIT LIST On My Radar This Month…
Adidas’ Formotion collection (from £40; adidas.com) has carefully-placed compression to help sculpt the body. The sun is out but I’m still supplementing sessions with home workouts via ellesse x BLOKtv (blok-tv.com) The Polar Verity Sense wearable
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Fit Buzz
Are you looking forward to active days out this spring and summer? Then you’ll need to be suitably prepared for our unpredictable British weather! Thankfully, the new Kimberly Walsh x Regatta collection (£25-£100, regatta.com) will have you covered.
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Mind Over Matter
How you prepare for a fitness challenge doesn’t just involve physical training but mental training too, especially when it comes to endurance events. While meeting your goals may mean building muscle or increasing your VO2 max, you’ll also need to se
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Star Letter
I really enjoyed your article with cover star Lisa Lanceford, “Work out because you love your body” (March issue). I don’t know how many times I overhear people say ‘I’m too big’, ‘I want a sculpted body’ or ‘My thighs are massive’. I do it myself. W
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Are You Up For The Challenge?
With thousands of events cancelled last year, now is the time to feel hopeful that there’ll be a source of race motivation to inspire you to train this summer. Here’s a round-up of some of the best events for cyclists and multisport athletes alike. Y
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‘How I Build My Body’
‘I train between 20-30 hours a week and most of that is done on the bike outside. I don’t follow a strict training plan. Instead, I listen to my body to avoid burnout. That said, I work out seven days a week but Mondays and Fridays tend to be easier,
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On Yer Bike!
So you want to start cycling? Great news! But while it’s true that you can cycle without any specialist kit bar a bike and a helmet, a few essentials will make your first ride more enjoyable. ‘Once you’ve found the perfect bike, grab some comfortable
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Best Of The Rest…
Why try? This is a low-impact sport that will work your entire body, especially your upper body and core. Join in: This 14K downstream course between Henley-on-Thames and Marlow is divided into four stages, during which you’ll have the chance to fu
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Vital Kit
‘The Hammerhead Karoo 2 Bike Computer (£359; hammerhead.io) has many amazing features to help me on my challenges: it connects with Strava so I can save my own segments to race; it gives me my power numbers to help me maintain pace; and if I drop a p
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Handy Helpers
This award-winning prebiotic supplement is designed to nourish ‘good’ gut bacteria. It’s supported by more than 90 scientific publications including over 20 scientific trials. These choc treats are a tasty way to add beneficial bacteria to your diet.
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Gym Bag Essentials
A hand sanitiser designed for all gym goers, with added chalk for grip and aloe vera to protect your hands. It also has a handy clip so you can attach it to your gym kit. £3.99; fitkitbodycare.com Taking your own water bottle is a great way to sta
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Sunshine KIT
There’s nothing like a slogan top to boost your motivation, and this moisture-wicking, stretchy Dare 2B Moments Graphic T-shirt, £20, is guaranteed to do the job; dare2b.com Thin, wide and flexible, these Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III shoes, £115, wi
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Behind The Scenes At Wf This Month...
Get started with cycling on P36  Work out with Jenny on P76  Exercise for your mind P66
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Triple Your Workout Benefits!
Putting in the effort but not seeing the health and fitness gains you’d hoped for? Don’t give up! Sometimes, a small tweak to your routine or programme can make all the difference. We talked to the experts to find out what you may be overlooking in y
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