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The Ultimate Harvest Six-pack Pint-sized Songs To Pair With Your Sundowner.
Whether you’ve spent the day splitting wood or you’re on the flip side of that and sitting beside a snap, crackle fire, here’s the ultimate harvest-time six-pack to consider. These beers are designed as rewards for mucking barns, apple picking or pic
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Andre’s Alpacas
Harrowsmith: Tell us about your farm. What do you grow or raise? Andre’s Alpacas: Our farm is located in Grey County, in the southeast corner of Hanover, Ontario. It is only 27 acres, but there is enough room for 73 alpacas to graze and also to grow
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Earth Anchors Work Great
One of the best ways to brace the end or corner of a fence is with an earth anchor. Screw the anchor into the earth and it will resist a tremendous amount of pulling force for the long haul. I use a crowbar in the eye of the earth anchor to tighten i
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Say What?
Big Day Though it sounds like an “I do” and chicken dance might be involved, a Big Day is actually a birding event where an individual or team of birders attempt to see as many birds as possible in one calendar day. A Big Year is similar in that a bi
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The Rock That Rolls With The Punches
Large-scale farming has never really worked in Newfoundland. This is the Rock—land of weathered cod fishermen, kitchen parties and hundreds of miles of cold grey Canadian Shield. The wind is harsh and the growing season is short. Newfoundland’s chief
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Durham Honey
Harrowsmith: Tell us about your farm. What do you grow or raise? Durham Honey: Durham Honey is a family-owned and -operated business based in Port Perry, Ontario, that produces premium honey products sold directly to the end consumer. In addition to
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Fencing With Plastic Posts
We’ve used plastic fence posts at our place, and I like them a lot. Even the legendary longevity of cedar won’t stop rot from attacking wooden fence posts and bringing them down quicker than you think. The problem is especially bad at ground level, w
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Introducing The Quill Pig
My first encounter with a porcupine was roadside, somewhere between Belleville and Kingston, Ontario. My best friend and I had spent a week dog-sitting two huskies in nearby Napanee and were heading to the Via Rail station to catch the train home to
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Can We Grow Rice In Canada?
Canada’s reliable staples may be potatoes and wheat flour, but a recent report on CBC showcased how rice has been making a slow and steady progress these past few years. This rise has been partially attributed to the changing cultural makeup of Canad
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The North Atlantic Oscillation (nao) And Covid-19
COVID-19. It has changed our world. By the time you read this, we will have likely experienced several waves of infection globally. For this particular essay, I’d like to take us back to the introduction of the virus to Europe in early winter 2020. T
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Choosing and Using an Electric Fencer
Many permanent fences are electrified, and the power behind any electric fence is different from the electricity that comes out of a wall socket or battery. Creating this unique form of power is the job of a fencer. Also called a “charger” or “energi
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Remembering The 1990 Oka Crisis
Flames of a bonfire light up the white faces in a crowd rallying in a Châteauguay, Quebec, parking lot, where an effigy of a Mohawk Warrior is burned in these nightly protests. Police clubs and tear gas are required to turn back 7,000 angry citizens.
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JENNIFER BIRCH is a freelance writer with a penchant for such topics as lifestyle, food and sustainability. In fact, she’s a big advocate for sustainable travelling and encourages everyone to see what the world has to offer while making sure to make
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Smoked Game and Fake Caviar: The Black-Market Meat Trade
The conversation with Lieutenant Colonel Deforest is long and sprawling. It must be a slow day for illegal wildlife trafficking, or perhaps no one else had ever taken such an interest in his work. He has bright blue eyes, short bangs, and a goatee-mu
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Atlantic Provinces Region 1
The first half of the winter should be milder than normal due to a persistent southerly airflow. Winter may start out dry but then will become stormier during the middle and late part of the season. The snowiest/stormiest period will be late January
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Splitting Hairs
If you’ve been thinking that heating with firewood might be a good way to reduce your household energy bills this coming winter, you could be right or you could be wrong. It all depends on how you obtain your firewood. Buying ready-to-burn firewood i
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Montreal Gazette
photographer John Kenney was there and took the iconic photo of a masked Mohawk Warrior standing atop a rolled-over police vehicle with his rifle raised. They had won the battle that day, on July 11, 1990, in a standoff that would drag on for 78 days
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A Postcard From the Edge
It’s sometimes difficult to write these editor’s letters several months in advance of our publication date. I mean, it’s May 7 and the warblers and hummingbirds have yet to return to the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, where I live. By the time this issue
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Out Of Season? Says Who?
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Quebec Region 2
A snowy winter is anticipated across a large portion of the province. These storms will mix with rain and ice in the first half of the season, one of which could produce significant icing resulting in power outages in January. It is likely that the l
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Wood Splitter Field Tips
• When using a wood splitter, always wear hearing and eye protection as well as safety boots and work gloves. • Greatly reduce the chance of injury by having the same person place the logs in position and operate the hydraulic lever. • Save labour by
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Blowpipes Against Bulldozers
It was like one of those nightmare existential questions from Philosophy 101: “Your entire family—though you’ve never met them—is on a train careening toward a cliff. What, if anything, can you do to try to save them from certain death?” In the summe
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Cold Crops
We are thinking about food a lot lately. Every time we go out into the garden, we are reminded that the food that we grew with such pride through the summer is melting away into pockets of rot. When Thanksgiving has passed, we are here to tell you th
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Ontario Region 3
A winter that’s colder and drier than normal is likely in store for northwestern Ontario. The central and eastern parts of the province look rather stormy, especially during the first half of the season. Overall, for central and eastern Ontario, the
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Raise the Roof!
When we look at century-old barns in Ontario, it’s a wonder how they built these massive structures without any kind of modern machinery we take for granted today. Well, they did, with just hand tools, rope, horses and community strength, especially
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Barn Birds
These are the most widespread species of swallow in the world. They commonly reside it the rafters co' barns. They make cup-shaped nests of mud and grass. which they attach to a wall or ledge. With a nice flying swoop they feed on flying insects. B
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Dear Ms. Torti, My name is Edna Juffermans and I am writing to you in regards to the Yukon Gold story (“No Small Potatoes,” Spring 2020). Mr. York von Sivers needs to hear a few more details about the Yukon Gold story. Yes, it did land Dr. Johnston i
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Everything’s Coming Up Roses in Alberta
When it comes to perennials, roses are the workhorse of the garden. Not only do they add beauty, form and structure, but they also provide us with high-value nutrition, and they are tough! There is a rose for every garden and every gardener—you just
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The Prairies Region 4
Similar to last winter, the eastern Prairies should see a persistent cold Arctic flow though most of the season while areas farther to the west should be closer to seasonable, aided by a number of chinook events. Frequent early storms through Alberta
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