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SA Big Brands Join International Initiative To Halve Food Waste
Well-known South African brands have thrown their weight behind a recently launched international initiative to halve food loss and waste in their supply chains by 2030. According to a statement by the World Resources Institute (WRI), the 10x20x30 in
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Half-full, Half-empty Or Irrelevant?
When Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) recently released the economic growth figures for the second quarter (Q2) of 2020, the media went to town about the 50%+ decrease in the size of the economy. For Stats SA, the annualised value of the quarter-to
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Person For The On Business The Go
The APPLE MACBOOK AIR 13, a 13-inch laptop in the Macbook Air range, is a more powerful version of previous models, with more storage space and an improved keyboard. Yet it has a lower entry price. The Air 13 has configurations with quad-core process
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Rootrot Mastered At Last
44 YEARS AGO This article reported on a new development in the control of rootrot fungus (Phytophthora cinnamomi) in avocado trees, and claimed that this new chemical would see South African growers saving millions. “We are a year ahead of the rest
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COVID-19 Fast-tracking Agri Technological Transformation
Although South African farmers already embraced the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) before the COVID-19 pandemic, it served to accelerate decisions for labour reduction in favour of new technologies flowing from 4IR. This was according to Joseph K
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Green Mealies As Food And Feed
The production of white maize or ‘green mealies’ for human and/or livestock consumption can provide a food source for many months of the year. If you already have livestock that can be kraaled in the area where you wish to plant maize, so much the be
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Wrap With Mushrooms And Halloumi Cheese
Serves 4 15ml (1 Tbsp) olive oil300g big brown mushrooms, thickly sliced3ml paprika80g halloumi cheese, sliced160g smooth cream cheese30ml (2 Tbsp) fresh herbs, such as parsley and coriander, chopped1 lemon, zest and juice4 to 6 wraps15ml (1 Tbsp)
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How Much Do You Know About Cattle?
Cattle are a mainstay of agricultural production, and there are an estimated 983 million head of cattle on the planet, according to 1. Cows kill more people each year than sharks. According to the journal Wilderness and Environmental Me
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New Fence Could Save Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park’s Rhinos From Poaching
Rhino poaching in South Africa is on the increase and is expected to be exacerbated by the poor economic conditions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. While rhino poaching figures were low during the lockdown period, as a result of poachers being
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Medicinal Versus Recreational Cannabis
The main object of cultivating medicinal cannabis is to attain the maximum concentrations of cannabinoids and/or terpenes within the bud, as this commands higher prices. For recreational users, the most important factors determining quality are the l
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Upgraded To Four Bedrooms
Dear Rudo, Thank you for your request to add two rooms to your existing two-bedroom house. On my layout, I’ve shown the two new bedrooms, with passageway access to them between bedrooms 1 and 2. I’ve removed existing cupboards in order to accommodate
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No Silver Bullet To Solve SA’s Plastic Pollution Problem
Efforts to tackle South Africa’s plastic pollution problem should not be fragmented, but instead take a collaborative approach. This was according to local waste management and recovery expert, Prof Linda Godfrey, who added that she and fellow resear
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Hard Work Pays Off For Home-made Brand
Isa Basson and her husband, Sonnie, went through a rough time after losing their farm Rietvlei near Laingsburg, in the Western Cape, in 2003. With hardly any money left, Sonnie and his eldest son, Louis, went to do seasonal work for six months on a f
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Hitching The Post
I am in my early twenties and live in Cape Town. I have lots of hobbies, which include cooking, gardening, hiking and going to the gym. I have wanted to live on a farm from a young age and much prefer the peaceful living that the countryside gives yo
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Public-private Sector Co-operation Saves The Day
As South Africa moved to Level 1 of the national lockdown to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, which signified a return to normalcy, there were several emerging sentiments that defined the national mood. For most, coming out of one of the hardest, and a
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Influx Of New Entrants Puts Pressure On Honeybush Producers
Demand for honeybush tea has declined dramatically since the introduction of the COVID-19-related lockdown regulations, with an influx of new entrants to the industry adding to price pressure. Eugene Smith, chairperson of the South African Honeybush
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Agri-Spread International Wants You!
Agri-Spread International (Agri-Spread) is a family-owned, award-winning agricultural machinery manufacturer based in Ireland. Agri-Spread manufactures multipurpose fertiliser, lime, manure, and bulk product spreaders. Agri-Spread products are export
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Health Holistic
Many common foods irritate the prostate and can contribute to a rise in prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels and an enlarged prostate. They include foods containing acrylamide (hot chips and packaged potato chips), foods rich in saturated fats, exc
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The Current State Of SA’s Agri Sector Amid COVID-19
South African has 40 122 primary agricultural producers, who provide employment to about 800 000 people. These farmers produce over 80% of the total agricultural output in the country, and about 48% of what they produce is consumed domestically, whil
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Expediting Regenerative Agriculture In Namibia
The first Namibia Agricultural Industry Committee (NAIC) meeting was held in Windhoek recently. The committee was established to carry out the regenerative livestock production strategy developed for the country in 2019. According to Colin Nott, rege
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Fast Facts
• Drought and predation have made sheep production extremely difficult for Karoo farmer PF Theron and his father, Wilhelm. • As a result, they have diversified into vegetable seed production, lowering their risk and improving farm income. • The she
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Handy Tips On How To Work From Home
THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO WORKING FROM HOME by Grace Paul (Sphere, R215) Farmers are more accustomed to working from home than most people, so why recommend a slim book (fewer than 70 pages) that seems to be climbing on the bandwagon of the COVID-19 lo
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Weekly Quotes
‘[…] AS AN INDUSTRY WE ARE NOT TOO STRESSED ABOUT IT’ – CEO of the South African Pork Producers’ Organisation, Johann Kotzé, reacting to current high feed prices, saying the industry is accustomed to volatility and has learned to operate in these cir
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‘Racial Tension In Farming Community Not Unique To KZN’
The racial tension in the northern KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) rural community since Glen and Vida Rafferty were murdered on their Normandien farm in late August already existed there long before now. This was according to the spokesperson for the Department
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Onions To The Rescue Of A Sheep Farmer!
Dwars-in-die-Weg, near Matjiesfontein in the Karoo, has suffered five consecutive years of drought, receiving less than 60mm of its 170mm annual average rain over the past three years. Climatic conditions appear to have normalised this year, but PF T
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A Nifty Device For Recording Every Moment Of A Hunt
Hunters the world over enjoy capturing their special moments on video. With this in mind, a South African company, Eyecam Technologies, has developed Triggercam, a device backed by an app that can accurately and effortlessly record the key moments of
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Small-scale Pig Farmers Troubled By High Feed Prices
This year’s large increase in maize and soya bean prices poses a challenge to animal feed companies, and by extension the livestock and poultry industries, according to Wandile Sihlobo, chief economist at Agbiz. In the last week of September, South A
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Expert Disputes Cause Of Botswana Elephant Deaths
It is difficult to say whether the conclusion that blue-green algae caused the recent deaths of more than 300 elephants in Botswana, as was announced by the government, was in fact accurate. This was according to Dr Markus Hofmeyr, an affiliate of th
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