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Seriously, FAIRLADY? That is the most representative photo you or your source agency could find to illustrate beauty tweakments [August 2020] and those who need or have them? I respect your publication immensely, but please assume we have some intell
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Life’s A Drag And So It Should Be...
‘If you allow someone else’s negativity to affect you, it’s because you forgot that you are fabulous. It’s not my responsibility to make you feel good all the time. That’s your f*cking responsibility! The fact that you’re here is because you’re a sta
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This condition is largely misunderstood and is often pushed to the fringes of mental health discussions. One misunderstanding is that schizophrenia is all about hallucinations. Hallucinations and delusions are categorised as ‘positive symptoms’ of sc
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PLAIN You don’t have to add nuts. Cool the caramel and make plain crushed toffee. SAUCY (NO NUTS) Add 200ml cream and a pinch of salt when the caramel reaches a mahogany colour (be careful, it will sputter), and boil briefly to make a life-changing
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Reading Love for Imperfect Things by ‘Twitter monk’ Haemin Sunim was my way of mourning the year that could’ve been. In March, I was supposed to have a huge party to celebrate my engagement. In June, I was supposed to explore Europe by train. And, in
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Feel free to cut out these works of art, frame them, and hang them in your home! Catherine is a collage artist and illustrator who works with mixed media to embody a humorous and nurturing approach to the world. Her work initially evolved from the
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Yes We Can!
IN March, there were murmurs that South Africa was about to be put on lockdown. A group of mutually connected volunteers realised that while a complete shutdown was necessary, it could be devastating for many communities. They decided to act quickly.
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IT’S BEEN A WILD YEAR BY ANYBODY’S STANDARDS, SO LET US TAKE OUR COMFORT WHERE WE FIND IT. If you’re planning to take part in the OcSober challenge and quit alcohol for a month, Seedlip Spice 94 distilled non-alcoholic spirit (R379) is, as it says o
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Good Hair Days
After searching for almost a year, I finally found the perfect hair salon when I walked through the doors of Palladium Hair Company in the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village. From that moment on, I knew this was where I would spend my Saturday mornings.
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The Of Laguage Flowers
I’M early. I have been up since 4am, having caught the red-eye flight from Cape Town to Joburg, boarded the Gautrain to Rosebank and then hopped into an Uber to the front gate of 15 11th Avenue, Randburg – which will be my place of new beginnings for
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How To Volunteer With CT T
• Go to the Cape Town Together Facebook page. • Fill in the Google Form with your contact details and the skills you’re willing to contribute to your neighbourhood’s CAN (medical skills, tech skills, education, food, printing, etc.) • You will be add
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20 Lovely Wines Under R110
Leeuwenkuil Swartland Rosé 2019, R90 elegant, exotic and fruity Lomond SSV (Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon & Viognier) 2020, R95 fruity and zesty; classy structure Balance Winemaker Selection Sauvignon Blanc 2020, R70 flinty and crisp Friesland Sauvign
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Style Icons
‘I know style is meant to look effortless – but what most people don’t realise is how much effort you need to put into pulling off that look. My style is minimal with a bold effect.’ ‘My hats are non-binary and they don’t have an age limit. I don’t
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The Victorian era
Flowers have been used for centuries to relay messages of love, loss, birth, death, forgiveness, friendship... the list goes on. In the Victorian era, a posy of flowers would have been made up very carefully to convey a young man’s feelings for a swe
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Heartbreaks & misadventures
Among other things, your book is a culinary adventure. Why is food such a central theme? You can’t write a book about Italians without food playing a major role. It is such a fundamental part of the Italian culture. Italians bond over eating – it’s
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One critic described The Lightness as the love child of Donna Tartt and Tana French, and that’s a pretty good description. Sixteen-year-old Olivia has run away to The Levitation Center, a remote retreat and the last place her father had been to befo
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Ask The Experts
You make garments that people wear for big, important life moments. Can you describe the feeling of finding the right dress? You look in the mirror and it feels great. My customers just love wearing my clothes because they feel good. They love the n
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Some Of Caryn’s Favourite Flowers, And Their Meanings
PEONIES bashfulness and compassion FREESIA sweetness, innocence and thoughtfulness DELPHINIUMS lightheartedness (from the Greek word for dolphin – how apt is that?) GARDENIAS purity LISIANTHUS gratitude, charm and an everlasting bond SNAPDRAGONS
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To be eligible, you need to be 30 years of age or older and your business should have been open for at least 1000 days. These women have all made their mark in the health and wellness world with solutions to local challenges. WHO: Luella Naidoo COM
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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip is a stylish, foldable phone that fits easily into your pocket or bag. When closed, it’s a compact, palm-sized device; when open, it has a 17cm display. Plus you can snap hand-free selfies – the phone stands on its own and can
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Living La Vida Local
STARTUP COSTS: ‘We each put in R10 000 of our own savings and also took out a R40 000 loan for our rental deposit. In total, it was around R60 000. We did everything ourselves so it was, and still is, a DIY shop!’ TURNOVER: ‘We are now able to suppo
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The Queen OF Change
On any given day, someone somewhere is most likely leading an Artist’s Way group, gamely knocking back the exercises in The Artist’s Way book, the quasi-spiritual manual for ‘creative recovery’, as its author Julia Cameron puts it, that has been a lo
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Join Us
Join us for the 2020 Santam Women of the Future Awards in association with FAIRLADY and TRUELOVE! This year we’re inviting everyone to join us our of entrepreneurship – you can watch the awards via livestream! Meet our inspirational Women of the Fut
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Kitchen Tips
The ideal temperature to store milk is about 2˚C to 3˚C. The longer it is exposed to warm air, the quicker it will start growing harmful bacteria. Milk should be kept in the coldest part of the fridge – at the very back on the lowest shelf. The worst
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Expert Advice
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It’s an age-old adage that rings true for all aspects of life. During this time of business unusual, it’s more important than ever to spend time developing a solid game plan. Now’s the opportunity to consider th
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10 MINUTES with Julia
You’ve said that Mark, your second husband, got you to turn The Artist’s Way into a book. But we also read somewhere that The Artist’s Way happened because Jon Voight didn’t return your phone call. Is that true? JC: Both things are true. I began w
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always open: THE BANK OF MOM AND DAD
When I first met Thandi a few years ago I was bowled over by her outlook on life. A widow, she had singlehandedly raised her only son, Loyiso. He had recently completed his university degree and was building a successful career in Gauteng. ‘Now it’s
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With more of us working from home these days, a reliable printer is a must-have for your personal office space. We evaluated print, picture and scan quality, as well as speed, ease of use, paper loading, connectivity, installation and ink refills. Al
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Stop, IN THE NAME OF love!
BY now most of us know that the heartfelt email from that poor desperate Nigerian prince pleading for a small favour is a scam. (Yes, Gran, I know he seems like a nice young man.) But people still fall for it: Popular Science reports that, in 2018, t
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Tried & Tested
Writing doesn’t come easily to me. I used to envy colleagues who could sit down at their computer, open a blank page on Word, start tapping away and then hand in a completed article later that same day. No mess, no fuss. I’ve since realised that thos
… o descubre algo nuevo