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HIGH Spirits
as plans for a global lockdown began to take shape, Gabriel Waller was grappling with a difficult decision: whether or not she should stay put. Waller has been living in Sydney for the past few years, but decided to return to her family home in Queen
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Singled OUT
for my last birthday, I bought myself the gold diamond ring of my dreams. More than a birthday present, it was a gift to myself for making the incredibly tough decision to end a six-year relationship the week prior. In my excitement to own the ring,
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EDITORS’ PICKS: Mane Attractions
THE ROLLS-ROYCE OF FLAT IRONS has finally arrived, and it promises to be up to 50 per cent less damaging than traditional straighteners. Intelligent copper plates with flexible capabilities allow the tool to sense the thickness of the hair and gather
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Will My Pets Survive?
“I encourage you to cut out this collage kit and see what creations you come up with. Give yourself some time to sit with the images and see what inspires you. It doesn’t matter if what you make is ‘beautiful’ or not, as long as you’re able to get so
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Everything Is Illuminated
phoebe Bridgers is the kind of person you want to be friends with on Co-Star. She writes funny tweets (“I would like social distance from myself”), posts self-deprecating selfies, sings about missing her dog (“I wish I was on a spaceship, just me and
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Men’s Rites
before I began to transition, I tried my very best not to transition, for the following reasons: • It might be well and good for other people, but I was uniquely unqualified. • I could not trust either my knowledge of myself or my own desires. • I co
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THE Style Set
After disrupting the haircare category overseas with its collection of colour-saving products, Color Wow – dubbed the Apple of haircare – has finally landed in Australia. It’s the brainchild of Gail Federici, who’s spent more than 40 years formulatin
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Elle Australia
Editor-In-Chief GENEVRA LEEK Creative Director CARLY ROBERTS Fashion Director NAOMI SMITH Acting Copy Director LAURA CULBERT Fashion Editor CAROLINE TRAN Market Editor SAMANTHA WONG Fashion Assistant NICHHIA WIPPELL Contributing Fashion Editor
ELLE Australia1 min. leídosCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Elevate your snack game with 50 grazing-style recipes from the kitchen of famed Parisian wine bar and eatery La Buvette, compiled in new book La Buvette: Recipes And Wine Notes From Paris. Owner Camille Fourmont also talks wine selection and how to s
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Reasons For Transitioning
Want to show up good-looking ex. Want to impress good-looking ex. Want to upset good-looking ex. Want to replace good-looking ex. Bored of existing wardrobe, looking for excuse to buy all-new clothes that don’t fit in a new way. Clothes don’t fi
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Extended Cut
It’s been donned by every ’90s icon, from Winona to Gwyneth. Now, the long pixie is back with full force – thanks to a certain Miss Gerber debuting it on her Instagram. Laura Spinney, a stylist and educator at Edwards And Co, says the cut is a hot re
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This ISSUE, IT’S All About YOU
this month’s cover and fashion story was the very last shoot we were able to complete before strict social distancing and lockdown restrictions came into effect in Australia. Our cover star, model Georgia Fowler, summed it up best when she described
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Pandora Sykes, co-host of the beloved The High Low podcast, makes her literary debut with this collection of essays that thoughtfully pull apart – then cleverly piece back together – modern life. From millennial burnout to fashion and more, Sykes ult
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PHOTOGRAPHY by NICOLE BENTLEY Photography: Nicole Bentley at MAP. Styling: Sara Smith at Artist Group. Hair: Rory Rice at Lion Artist Management.Makeup: Kellie Stratton at MAP. Prop styling: Jacqui Ives at Artboxblack. Model: Georgia Fowler at IMG ■
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Natural Wonders
1. Blue Cyprus Shampoo and Conditioner, $39 each, LEIF, leifproducts.com First skincare, food and now our hair can benefit from Australia’s native produce. Ingredients like Kakadu plum, eucalyptus and desert lime clean hair without stripping and add
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ELLE’s Senior Editorial Coordinator/Bookings Editor is the one who turns our wildest photoshoot dreams into reality – and she always goes above and beyond the call of duty. For this issue’s cover story (see p68), she played chauffeur, having the envi
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MAYA Rising
WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT ACTING is what a collaborative effort it is. Reacting to your fellow actors, listening to your character, discovering the moment together… and those are just a few pieces. To make a movie, so many people from different discipli
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Super Nature Escapism Wilderness Breathing In Fresh Air Bathing In Sunshine
In a simple white singlet, sitting in the sunshine on her sister’s balcony in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, New Zealand-born international model Fowler could be on one of her fleeting visits back from her home base in New York. Except, this time she’s he
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as someone who grew up with a greasy T-zone, slathering oil on my skin never held much appeal. But with plenty of potent actives in my regimen (retinol, peptides, AHAs, etc), I recently found my skin becoming overwhelmed by formulas that I ordinarily
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Hot List
Everything retro is cool again: we’re doing Jane Fonda’s aerobics classes (via YouTube) after they found fresh life on Ty Haney of Outdoor Voices’ Instagram (@ty_haney), embracing fun dance sessions with choreographer Ryan Heffington (@ryan.heffingto
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DESIGN In Motion
as Miranda Priestly sharply taught us in The Devil Wears Prada, the trickle-down effect of aesthetic incubators – such as the four major fashion weeks and global design weeks – inform many things that go unseen... from the colour of your bedding to a
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GIRL meets BOY
Styling: Sara Smith at Artist Group. Hair: Rory Rice at Lion Artist Management. Makeup: Kellie Stratton at MAP. Model: Emma Kate Boyd at Priscillas ■
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#ask Elle
Q:HOW DO I REHAB MY NAILS NOW THAT I’M TAKING A BREAK FROM GELS? A: We love polished nails for their ability to make us feel instantly more pulled together. So taking a break can be quite a shock if it’s been a while since you’ve seen them bare. But
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E Lle First Look
PHOTOGRAPHY by MICHAEL BRUNT Photography: Michael Brunt at Assembly Agency. Styling: Caroline Tran. Model: Holly Magson at Chadwick Models ■
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“Loneliness Kills – And That’s A Huge Problem I Wanted To Solve”
“i’m from Sydney and my husband Mat is an only child from a small town outside Montreal. A couple of years after he moved to Sydney, both his parents got sick, so they also moved here to be closer to us. Gerry was 77 and Helene was 57. They were supe
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FIND YOUR OWN WAY IN THESE ADVENTURE-READY PIECES DON’T JUST JOIN THE BOYS’ CLUB – SHOW THEM WHO’S BOSS Photography: Nicole Bentley at MAP; Simon Lekias; Sevak Babakhani (still-life). Styling: Nichhia Wippell; Samantha Wong ■
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THE Vanity DIARIES: Pia Miller
I WAKE UP AT… seven(ish). I START THE DAY WITH… coffee. I have a La Marzocco coffee machine so it truly feels like a ritual. I FINISH THE DAY WITH… quality time with my boys, a FaceTime with my partner and a sneaky red wine if I feel like it. MY MAKE
ELLE Australia1 min. leídosDesign
if we could sum up our current sartorial predicament, it would be this: we still want to look polished but we don’t want to put in much effort. Do we want to spend an hour assembling an outfit that will only be seen from the waist up? No. Do we want
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Money Talks
we are all counting the cost of coronavirus. Much of it is still unknown: how many lives lost, how many families broken. With the stakes so high, it might feel uncomfortable to weigh up the pandemic’s financial cost. But most of us – including govern
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Kick Start
Over the past few decades, designer Nicolas Ghesquière has built a reputation as being a man with an uncanny ability to intuit what women want before they even know they want it. It’s a skill that has defined his seven-year tenure at Louis Vuitton, w
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