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IF THE ELEGANT LINES and immaculate joinery of Michele Diener’s handmade furniture look like art, it’s because she came to the craft via a fine arts degree. An ardent photographer from a young age, she always knew that her future lay in a creative fi
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Pass The Spuds
SO YOU’VE BEEN INVITED to a barbecue and told not to bring anything, but when you protest, your host casually suggests, “Maybe a salad?” Maybe a salad? These unremarkable words are responsible for thousands, perhaps even millions of tonnes of potatoe
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THIS ELABORATE BOOKCASE, MADE BY GERMAN SETTLERS, IS ON DISPLAY AT THE ART GALLERY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. GERMAN IMMIGRATION TO AUSTRALIA began in the 1830s and continued throughout the 1840s. Many came as experienced winemakers and by the late 19th ce
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Long Distance
AN ISOLATED POSTCODE is never more significant than during a medical emergency. People living beyond the certainty of reliable phone reception live with this every day; a stark line in the sand between those who can cry for help and those who may hav
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The Rum Renaissance
RUM RUNS THROUGH modern Australia’s veins. In the colony’s early days, it was so prized that it became an unofficial currency (with predictably chaotic results), and Governor William Bligh’s unpopular attempts to curb the rum trade led to the Rum Reb
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We’d Love To Hear From You!
Do you have a precious object that puzzles you or a mysterious item that has been in your family for generations? Send your inquiry, along with a colour print or high-resolution digital image, your suburb or town, and your daytime telephone number, t
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Overflowing With Love
“‘PLANNING A WEDDING IS HARD!’ they said. I say: try planning a wedding during a pandemic, in an environment of ever-changing restrictions, guidelines and risks. My now-husband Chris hails from Mundubbera, Queensland, where his parents owned the loca
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How To Drink It
“I drink our spiced rum either neat or on the rocks. I love a daiquiri: that’s our Silver Spirit shaken up with fresh lime juice and sugar, and poured into a chilled glass. In winter, I drink hot buttered rum. Put a small amount of butter in a cup, a
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Field Guide
The Fitzroy queen bed frame, here upholstered in Warwick Foster, $2399, comes in a range of wood stains, fabrics, bedheads and more. Red Feather Inn is a luxury historic bed and breakfast near Launceston featuring a secluded garden an
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Colours Of The Land
ARTIST DELVENE COCKATOO-COLLINS walks through the gentle morning light that falls across the Myora Springs on North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, then stops to greet a sleeping koala perched in the branches high above her head. The Quandamooka woman
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More Rums To Try
Codie Palmer created Illegal Tender Rum Co in 2015, from the midwest of WA. He uses dark brown cane sugar, not molasses, to make his Spiced Rum, which has flavours of Kakadu plum, lemon myrtle and wild rosella, and took 328 versions to get right. ill
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New Year, New You?
AT LAST, THE NEW YEAR – and a great opportunity to start afresh, review your values and visions, and orient yourself with new personal goals. Okay, in technology terms, it’s a chance to reboot your life. A tradition in many parts of the world is for
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THERE ARE FEW FINER PLACES to spend a sunny summer’s day than amid the vines, cool glass in hand, a few friends nearby. Add in fine music and even finer food, and it’s a vintage event. The Adelaide Hills play host to the weekend-long Crush Festival
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The Rum Rebellion
Why does rum play such a starring role in Australia’s colonial history? It’s down to the British Navy. The tradition of a daily tot began in the 18th century, when a rum sweetener was the only way sailors could stomach stale cask water on long voyage
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Eat, Drink And Be Merry
BACK IN 1991, a small group of passionate foodies got together and dreamt up a food festival that would celebrate the best of local produce. In some regions, it would have remained just a beautiful dream – but thanks to the dedication of those foodie
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With international travel off the cards for now, Pampelle, a ruby red grapefruit aperitif, is just like a trip to Corsica. It’s the ideal spritz for a hot day. $40, 2 parts Pampelle, 3 parts prosecco, 1 part soda water. Add ice to a lar
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You’re Invited …
IT’S BACK! After the disappointment of cancelling last year’s event due to COVID, the Meet the Producers lunch, held during Orange F.O.O.D Week, will return in April. Join Country Style’s Kylie Imeson and organiser Cath Thompson for a glass of sparkl
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Where The Sky Meets The Sea
Start out on the Bellarine Peninsula, with its thriving food and wine scene. Fruit, cheese, olives, mussels, honey and cider abound in this fertile region. Sample local gin and whisky at the Bellarine Distillery, or visit the cellar door at Terindah
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My Country Childhood
EVER SINCE Brooke Boney started introducing her news bulletins on Triple J radio with a cheery “Yaama!”, it was clear she was going to make her mark. “Yaama” means “hello” in Gamilaroi, the language of her people in northern NSW. In her first month a
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Escape It All
Sea and sand dunes spread out tantalisingly before you at this three-bedroom seaside retreat just 25km from downtown Hobart. But this is no humble beach shack – it’s comfortable, 21st-century living in an architect-designed home with an airy, light-f
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The Seafarers
IN SUMMER, a south-easterly blows across the Recherche Archipelago and stirs the canopy of the giant tuart trees on the mainland near Esperance, Western Australia. Beyond the dunes, sheltered in a hollow, is a small 1910 miner’s cottage, surrounded b
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Holiday Browsing
The beachside town of Yamba in northern New South Wales is a popular pit-stop for travellers along the east coast, and those in the know make a beeline to Belinda’s Store. It’s a joy to approach the shop, tucked away in a quiet street behind Yamba’s
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Ocean And Earth
AROUND 10 YEARS AGO, Tara and Steve Larnach spent a blissful holiday in a delightful historic sandstone cottage bordering the Royal National Park on Port Hacking at Bundeena, 55 kilometres drive from Sydney. Built in the 1860s, Simpson Cottage was th
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The Style Diary
IT WOULD BE HARD TO FIND a more energetic woman in Orange, NSW, than Pip Brett, and 2020 did not slow her down, despite the challenges of an often difficult year. As the owner of Jumbled, a one-stop shop for homewares, art and fashion, housed in The
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Welcome Letter
I love the beach and being close to the ocean, so it’s been a real pleasure to put this issue together. I think coastal towns are a unique part of country Australia – it’s the lifestyle they offer and the creativity they seem to inspire. Having lived
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About The House:
• The cottage is on land (now Bonnie Vale) originally granted to George Simpson in the 1860s on Port Hacking. It remained in the Simpson family until 2003. • Tara and Steve support local tradespeople and businesses whenever possible. “All my tradies
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Pip Brett
What do you love about living in the country? I love Orange and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I’ve always lived here, except for boarding school and university. We have such a beautiful community with so many people, especially women, doing a
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In This Issue...
After falling in love with photography at the tender age of 11, when her grandmother gave her a point-and-shoot, Claire created this month’s stunning cover story for us. “I am endlessly inspired by our wild home of Western Australia,” says photogr
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Plotting Their Escape
STANDING ON A NARROW ROAD in the Byron Bay hinterland, Julie Granger’s heart was in her throat. Half her dream home, a classic 1900s Queenslander, was on the back of a truck, precariously crossing a creek over a single lane bridge. “We were watching
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Australian Made
DETERMINATION AND PASSION are words we bandy about when we talk about beauty-preneurs but, for many trailblazers, there are two factors that precede an “Aha!” moment: they first stumble on a problem, then persistently seek a creative solution. So it
… o descubre algo nuevo