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Look On The Bright Side
Pinehurst II, Pinehurst Road, Farnborough Business Park, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 7BF 0330 390 6591; NEW Year celebrations may have been cancelled, but 2021 does not dawn without reasons to be cheerful. Apart from the vaccin
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Letters To The Editor
THE destruction of Ireland’s architectural and cultural heritage (‘An Irish inferno’, December 30, 2020) reached a new pitch during the Irish Civil War, starting with the siege of the Four Courts as troops of the emerging state tried to dislodge anti
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Where To Buy The Best
Mossman Trunks (01945 427000; traditional British tuck boxes for the past 70 years, Mossman's pieces are instantly recognisable. The company has freshened up the look for the 21st century with an assortment of differen
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Real Resolutions
COVID-19 preoccupations may have meant that personal New Year resolutions have largely gone by the board, but that doesn’t let great national institutions off the hook. Agromenes has picked four that need real change in 2021. First, the NFU. It won’t
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The First Step Is The Hardest
Even the Lord Mayor of London fancied getting out of the capital, it seems, as Sir Henry Barton built the Lord Mayor's Cottage in Barton Mills way back in the 15th century. Originally a love nest for him and his mistress, the property is now a four-b
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Country Life
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THE announcement of the lock-down last week seems to take us back to where we started last March. Indeed, because we are no longer fresh for the fight, it perhaps takes us backwards. In the Arts, indeed, as in so many other spheres, it strains the tr
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California Dream Calistoga Residence, California
NAPA VALLEY may be world famous for its wines, but for those poor souls unlucky enough never to have been, perhaps the biggest surprise is its natural beauty—a vast tract of largely unspoiled landscape just over an hour by car from San Francisco. The
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Life After The Deal
IT has been almost two weeks since the UK began its new relationship with the EU and two weeks since the trade deal was signed into law. The reaction to the deal from the agricultural sector has been broadly positive, with organisations praising the
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The Way We Were Photographs From The COUNTRY LIFE Archive
Summer holidays: a family relaxes on the beach in the environs of the Felix Hotel, Felixstowe, Suffolk, which was marketed for its ‘health-restoring climate'. An advert from 1907 describes the site as ‘combining the bracing air of the German ocean wi
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Beating The Chill
The cosy Eira throw, £200, is made of pure British wool to stave off a winter chill, from Neptune (01793 427300; Light up a dark corner with the Large Bamboo hanging lantern, £59, from Ella James (01572 759190; www.
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Marine Marvels
ALTHOUGH 2020 was not the best year for humanity, it was pretty good for Nature, especially Britain’s marine life. To celebrate, The Wildlife Trusts have released the Marine Review 2020, which showed thousands of us thrilled at the sight of tuna, san
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Sir Mark Prescott
Sir Mark Prescott Bt is a leading Flat racehorse trainer ANDREW WYETH’S artist father, N. C., was famed as an illustrator, a reputation he despised. Art was a higher calling and Andrew, his youngest child, became his apprentice at 15: ‘Pa kept me al
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When It Comes To The Crunch
M RS BEETON was an enthusiast, offering recipes for celery fried, stewed, with macaroni, with cream, in a white sauce, with chestnuts as a salad and as a constituent in clear mock-turtle soup (the basis of which was half a calf’s head). Celery endure
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Equine Gold Still Glitters
DESPITE a tricky year for horse-racing in Britain, bloodstock auction house Tattersalls managed to pull off three successful auctions in its December Sales. The Foal Sale saw two colts sired by Britain’s most expensive stallion, Dubawi, sell for a co
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Farming’s Brave New World
ACROSS the UK, we share great pride in our countryside and our exit from the EU allows us to harness that pride in a way that we have not been able to for more than 40 years—pride not only in food production, but in land management and the people who
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Friends And Relations
• Celeriac (var. rapaceum) originated in the Mediterranean basin and is widely cultivated there and in northern Europe. It shares many virtues with celery and its edible bulb or hypocotyl (pictured) is favoured on the Continent • Leaf celery (var. s
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Good Week For
The Duchess of Cornwall has set up a new initiative dedicated to the ‘celebration of literature in all its forms'. The Reading Room, launched on Instagram, will be a literary hub for people around the world and will see The Duchess offer book recomme
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Singing In The Turnip Fields Of Hope
WHEN the miracle arrived, I didn’t fall to my knees in prayerful gratitude. In my bewildered and relieved state, I burst into song: ‘Vaccine! Vaccine! Vaccine! Vaccine! Please take away this plague!’ My lyrics didn’t stretch beyond two lines, but I b
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There’s More To Hollies Than Berries
I HAVE grown a great number of hollies over the years and, as have many gardeners, have rather taken them for granted as useful evergreens for dry and difficult sites. The truth is that they are among the most impressive and variable of garden evergr
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Bad Week For
Mercedes has revealed a touchscreen infotainment system for its new EQS electric car that is some 56in wide. The screen, which will stretch from one side of the car to the other, will give drivers lots of things to look at and play with rather than c
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‘This Enchanting Spot’
IN 1812, landscape designer Humphry Repton compiled a Red Book outlining the designs for a new house and its setting on the north Norfolk coast at Sheringham. ‘The sea,’ he noted, ‘is not like that of the Bay of Naples.’ In this contrast, Repton allu
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Horticultural Aide Memoire Force Rhubarb
The long, pink, bendy sticks of forced rhubarb, of unique texture and flavour, are produced by excluding daylight from the plant at this time of year. Tidy and level the ground around the crown. If you have suitable rhubarb pots, tall with lids to pe
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Chugging Off The Coal Cliff
THE future of steam railways is in jeopardy, says the Heritage Railway Association (HRA), with coal produced in the UK likely to run out by 2022. The group blames the refusal of planning permission for a new open-cast coal mine in Northumberland, say
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Missing You Pig Time
POOR old pigs. They don’t get a great billing from us humans, do they? We may have put Peppa on TV to children’s coos, but, mostly, we’re pejorative about porkers, scathing about swine. Here is a little of our insulting lexicon concerning Sus domesti
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Food For Thought
WE ‘need education in eating. While one person must go hungry or ill-nourished in this world of abundance, civilisation is a mockery, progress a term of ridicule. Such a state is pure madness.’ Sir David Attenborough or Greta Thunberg could have said
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How To Behave In The Country
AS the number of people visiting the countryside soared during the corona-virus pandemic, so, too, did instances of anti-social behaviour, such as leaving disposable barbecues, other rubbish and not sticking to footpaths. As a result, Defra and Natur
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Nothing Here But A Bothy
IN the same way as the astronomer watches for the North Star, the ‘bothyer’ watches for a chimney. The grey stone stack stretching up over the rise of the glen is the guiding sight that the long walking day is coming to an end. There, through snow-fl
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Pick Of The Week
Lovers of the north Welsh and Anglesey coasts who are not aware of the watercolours of George Cockram (1861–1950) have a chance to get to know them because, subject to the inevitable restrictions, there is a selling exhibition at Oriel Ynys Môn in Ll
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