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Return Fire
Susannah J. Ural’s February 2021 article, “Texas Tough,” was an excellent look at how difficult it is to gain the trust and respect of the citizen soldier. The independent nature of the American soldier has been its hallmark of success, while also fr
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Civil War Times
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Timely Lincoln Study
With his latest work, James Oakes, two-time Lincoln Prize winner (The Radical and the Republican and Freedom National) has produced another thought-provoking and timely work. His highly original Crooked Path to Abolition portrays Abraham Lincoln as a
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Bricks And Bombs
I LOOKED QUICKLY AROUND, no one was watching—well, except for my two friends, Mike Kraus and Mark Grimm. I stooped down and pried the brick out of the cold, muddy ground. I held it low so no one could see my larceny, very pleased that I finally had a
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Smoke On The Water
Given the groaning bookshelves for other Civil War genres, Confederate naval historiography may be comparatively slim in its number of volumes, but many of them are quite sturdy indeed. J. Thomas Scharf’s History of the Confederate States Navy (1887)
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War Frame
SAMUEL COLE WRIGHT of the 29th Massachusetts Infantry poses in his regiment’s early war uniform, which evoked the Revolutionary era and reflects a naive notion that the war would be a short adventure for young men. The long war, however, did its best
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Form Over Function $960
ELMER ELLSWORTH, a friend of Abraham Lincoln, killed in 1861 while tearing down a Confederate flag in Alexandria, Va., sparked a “Zouave craze” just before the war. His traveling drill company called the “Zouave Cadets” amazed Americans with intricat
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Escaping Rat Hell
On a postwar tour of Richmond in late September 1865, Northern journalist John T. Trowbridge examined “infamous” Libby Prison, made notorious for its treatment of Union officers held there during the war. Upon entering the “large, gloomy brick buildi
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Camp Nelson Revived
LOCATED ABOUT 19 MILES south of Lexington, Ky., Camp Nelson served as a critical supply depot, training center, and forward base for the Federal Army during the Civil War. Built in April 1863 on an easily defensible peninsular plateau, the camp once
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Live Ordnance Found
IN MARCH, Bomb technicians from Maryland’s Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) safely disposed of an unexploded 12-pounder cannonball found near the 1864 Monocacy battlefield in Frederick County. The projectile was in the possession of a homeowne
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Evolution Of An Egalitarian
Thaddeus Stevens became something of a household name in 2012 thanks to Tommy Lee Jones’ memorable portrayal of the Pennsylvania congressman in the Steven Spielberg film Lincoln. As Bruce Levine makes clear in this wonderfully clear and concise biogr
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Photography Becomes Affordable
Two mid-19th century inventions, the tintype and the carte-devisite, made photographs affordable and accessible to a general population. Invented in 1856, the tintype is not actually tin at all, but iron. The term was a nickname for the more technica
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Preservation Register
In the series “Maryland Underground,” four archaeological sites related to the lives of enslaved and free Blacks in Maryland are showcased in brief streaming videos produced by Maryland Public Television. Maryland Department of Transportation chief a
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Lincoln Banner
A RARE LINCOLN BANNER dating from 1860 sold at Hake’s Auctions in York, Pa., for $143,104, the highest price ever recorded for a Lincoln textile. Hand-painted and hand-stitched, the banner bears the single-eye icon of the “Wide Awakes,” a group of yo
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Close Up! Quiz
ON WHAT PIECE of soldier equipment would you find this stamp? The first person who sends in the correct answer wins a Civil War Times water bottle. Send your answer to, subject heading “Inspector.” ■
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First Mondays!
Don’t forget to watch Editor Dana B. Shoaf and Director of Photography Melissa A. Winn explore off-the-beaten path and human-interest stories about the war, and interview fellow scholars of the conflict. Broadcasts start at noon on Facebook at facebo
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The Civil War At 30
KEN BURNS’ DOCUMENTARY on the Civil War has reached a larger audience and generated more interest in the subject than any book, theatrical film, or other influence in the past 50 years. First broadcast on PBS stations in 1990 and frequently re-aired
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Across The Boards
“Oh, damn it.” Somewhere near Charlottesville, Va., Greg Gordon is scanning the expanse before him—the landscape mostly flat, a few rocky hills and groves of trees posing formidable barriers. Behind those trees, he knows, the enemy is waiting. Gordon
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Man From Montana
This historical novel follows adventurer Woodie Hart to the violent goldfields of what would become Montana Territory. Woodie discovers the boomtowns of Virginia City, Bannack and Hell Gate and faces the twin terrors of road agents looking to get ric
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It Fires The Imagination
FRANTICALLY TRYING TO DETERMINE the origin of a roaring sound, the caretaker grabbed an ax, climbed atop Ashwood Hall, and slashed through the tin, resin, and gravel roof of the mansion in rural Ashwood, Tenn. Then “a terrible flame leapt out like a
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New Name, Old Stamps
A CONFEDERATE-STAMP COLLECTING CLUB, formed in 1938 as the Confederate Stamp Alliance, voted in November 2020 to change its name to the Civil War Philatelic Society. The name change was favored by 85 percent of the members, and the society’s mission
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A Prime Accoutrement
CAP BOXES don’t get much respect. The little black pouches hung off soldiers’ belts, often overshadowed by their martial neighbors, eye-catching brass belt buckles and scabbards that held wicked-looking bayonets. Veterans wrote poems in praise of the
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Answer To Last Issue’s Close Up!
CONGRATULATIONS to David White, of Round Rock, Texas, who correctly identified a common Western Theater Confederate battle banner nicknamed the “Full Moon” flag. This example was carried by the 34th Mississippi and captured by the 149th New York on N
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‘A Terrific Explosion Was Heard’
On Memorial Day 1889, Civil War veterans gathered with civilians at the Allegheny Cemetery in Lawrenceville, Pa., just east of Pittsburgh, to reminisce and remember those lost not only on the battlefield but on the home front as well. Notably, Lawren
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Iron City Arsenal
Situated just outside the Pittsburgh city limits in the borough of Lawrenceville, the Allegheny Arsenal was established in 1814 on 30 acres of land sold to the U.S. Ordnance Department by the borough’s founder, William B. Foster. The arsenal grounds
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Civil War Times Online
Civil War reenactors re-create the national pastime the way soldiers used to play it. From portraits of common soldiers to battlefield images of the dead, Civil War photographers brought the war home.
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What Are You Reading?
I just reread William J. Roehrenbeck’s 1961 classic The Regiment That Saved the Capital, which details the 7th Regiment of New York State Militia and its famous departure from Manhattan after Fort Sumter. Roehrenbeck pulls together wellknown regiment
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Battlefields Burn Up
Some exciting new preservation efforts are underway at Manassas National Battlefield Park, including a prescribed burn conducted on March 9. It was the fourth prescribed burn for the park in as many years, and covered 75 acres near the Deep Cut, the
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Photographs Of Freedom Fighters
As James Baldwin once noted, “People are trapped in history, and history is trapped in them.” This is certainly true of the more than 180,000 Black men who served in the Union Army and whom Deborah Willis has done much to free through her groundbreak
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