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While They Were sleeping...
Dean Holmes was a man under pressure. It was only a matter of time before the secrets he was keeping from his wife would come out and as Dean’s life started to unravel, he faced a deadly dilemma. How could he make all his problems go away and keep hi
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Chit Chat
Fancy yourself an art fanatic? Immerse yourself in a multi-sensory experience of the work and life of the world-famous Vincent Van Gogh at the Van Gogh Alive blooms in London this summer. From 4 June to 26 September an exclusive 25,000ft purpose-bu
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Summer Accessories
What is an outfit without an accessory? A bag, a pair of earrings and – nowadays – a mask, all help to create those stylish finishing touches.  Award-winning personal stylist Lisa Talbot (www.lisatalbot. shares her must-have accessories of the
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Pizza Passion
Now, we all love a bit of pizza, but these cheesy enthusiasts took it to new heights! Amazing footage shows the moment skydivers filmed themselves casually eating pizza in freefall after jumping from 14,000 feet. Lori Patalocco, 43, and three fellow
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Double The Fun!
Emma Ingram, 36, from Caerphilly Peeling my eyes open to the sound of screaming babies, I checked the time. It was 4am. ‘Feeding time,’ I rolled over and grumbled to my husband Liam, 34. By 7am, Liam had headed off to work, and it was time to start
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Feeling Lonely?
Loneliness is something that can affect any one of us at any point in our lives and over the last year, more of us have been feeling it than ever. When it comes to our health, feeling lonely can have a very big impact. Loneliness has been linked to
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Beauty Summer scents
We’re all looking for easy ways to help the planet. Small changes can make the world of difference and The Perfume Shop is helping you on your way. Since September 2018, the brand has offered an in-store perfume bottle recycling service, allowing cus
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Our Movie Pick
Anthony Hopkins delivers a ground-breaking performance in the new movie The Father. The story follows a man, Anthony, who navigates the shifting corridors of his deteriorating mind. He refuses any help offered from his daughter, Anne, who is played b
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Faye Cesear, 30, from Northampton Scrolling through my phone, a notification popped up from Plenty of Fish to tell me I had a new match. I wonder what he’s like, I thought, opening the app. It was a guy named Damion Duffin, 30, and he was really go
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Q Recently, I’ve noticed my confidence is low. My boyfriend points out when my clothes aren’t right, or when my cooking is bad. He says my friends are a bad influence. I’m starting to question everything. Paula, Birmingham A It can be really diffic
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Too Much Water
Laura Williamson , 39, from Bristol Taking a deep breath in, I smelled the tropical aromas of a freshly run bath floating down the hallway followed by the roar of a football crowd. Bristol City must be playing again, I thought to myself. ‘Enjoying
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Stepping outside into the fresh country air, it was time for another adventure. Looking behind me, I was expecting to see my troops following closely in an orderly fashion. But who was I kidding? Vendetta, my big ball of fur who is a German Shepherd,
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Time To Talk
I’ve always struggled with my speech and voice. As a baby, my first words were severely delayed and speech therapists believed I would never have a full vocabulary. Thankfully, as the years passed, my voice and speech progressed, but I suffered from
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Get Crafty!
Hobbycraft has launched an exciting and exclusive collection with premium lifestyle brand Joules. The fabric features iconic prints and patterns from Joules’ archive including Bircham Bloom, Heritage Peony and Cambridge Floral. For inspiration, Hobby
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Days Out News
Created by gardeners for everyone who enjoys their outdoor space, the Flower & Garden Shows are the ultimate weekend of inspiration, flowers and plants. Famous for bringing together numerous plantsmen and nurseries from across the UK, the shows’ fun
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On Sale 17 June Chat July Special Our Miracle Baby Had A DEVASTATING DIAGNOSIS
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Snap Happy
This adorable little duck came so close to me that I managed to give it a stroke! Angie, Colchester I came across this broccoli with an adorable note on it which read; Guinea pig food. Mark, Plymouth I came across such a gorgeous spot in a cave
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Bake it EASY
Over the last year, it seems like almost everyone has dabbled in a spot of baking. But whether you’re a piping queen or baking novice, Alzheimer’s Society Cupcake Day on 17 June is a chance for everyone to have a go and raise vital dough-nations for
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Ask Our Doc
Q I think the pill is making me have terrible mood swings. Should I just put up with feeling this way or do I need to see my GP? Linda, Rotherham A I’m so sorry to hear you feel like this. There are several ways of trying to help your mood. It’s
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Health News
Diabetes UK is inviting you to take part in their biggest walking challenge yet. Between 1 July to 30 September, people all around the UK are daring themselves to take around 10,000 steps a day over three months, with an aim on one million steps! But
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Sleep under THE STARS
For those who have been itching to see some of the UK’s grandest stately homes following Bridgerton binges, these country estates are for you! Pack up a regency-style dress and prepare to swan around Victorian parklands – either camping or glamping o
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Pet Crackers
My cat, Marmalade, still hasn’t found her sea legs yet. Lynn, Exeter Susan and Wilbur have been mates since they were tiny and now seem very in love. Tracey, Derry My little doggy ZuZu always looks like she’s ready for walkies. Cath, Burnley Meet
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Insider Tips
Dr Hilary Jones and Hidden Hearing give their best tips on how to step back into normality as life returns to normal(ish). You don’t have to jump straight back into your old routines. Just gradually adjust and step out of your comfort zones to rees
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Miami Vice
It was 1994, and Lynne Friend had good reason to celebrate. She’d just won a bitter custody battle against her ex-husband over their five-year-old son, and she had a wedding to plan; but after fighting so hard for the chance to raise her little boy,
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Windscreen RIDER
Sally Hall, 55, from Romney Marsh, Kent Hopping into the passenger seat of the lorry, I turned to my granddaughter, Phoebe, 11, sitting behind me and smiled. ‘Are you excited?’ I asked her. It was October 2020, and my husband Colin, 57, was driving
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Saving Face
Lynne Donnelly, 65, Cambridgeshire. Putting my sunglasses on, I tried my best to cover ‘Can up. see it now?’ I you asked my husband, Mick, back in December 2015. ‘Not at all,’ he reassured me. That morning, on holiday with some friends in North Wale
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However, almost immediately after he moved in, things began to change between us. Damion was quite controlling and wanted to be with me at all hours of the day. I’d always been quite an independent woman, so it was suffocating me. ‘We don’t need to b
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Hot Right Now!
Emma Holt has been happily married, for many years, to the gardener of the local Quaker school, in a small rural Yorkshire town. Headmaster Philip Manners, on the other hand, has been unhappily married to the Bishop’s daughter for equally as long. Wh
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This summer we are all about the bright colours and bold prints. Elevate your everyday outfit with Kaleidoscope’s latest collection of women’s clothing – perfect for outdoor barbeques and pub drinks. Go to to pick up your favourite
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Emily Moorhead, 41, London Popping down to M&S, I headed to the eggs. They’ll do, I thought, as I popped two packs of quail’s eggs into my basket. During lockdown, I needed a way to keep my kids, Ray, seven, and Pearl, four, entertained. I’d seen o
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