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Just Genius
When I have leftover wool, I knit small lengths and sew them together to make chains. They look lovely for Christmas or birthday celebrations and can be used again and again. Lenora Heath, Mansfield Every Christmas, we chop down a real tree, but to m
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Little One
Q Novelist George Orwell wrote the majority of the classic book Nineteen Eighty-Four – first published in 1949 – while staying on which island? Solve the crossword, then read down the shaded squares to spell out the prize answer. 1 Slightly open (4)
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This Week’s TV
NETFLIX Featuring 14 original songs by country icon Dolly, this festive feel-good musical stars Mamm Mia’s Christine Baranski as the Scrooge-like Regina Fuller, who’s determined to sell her father’s land to a mall developer, even if it means having p
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A Letter To... The Lady Who Saved Me
To my donor, One thing you should know about me is that I love Christmas. My wifeJanice, 55, and I usually host the whole family. Drinking and eating until we’re stuffed, playing games. And for the last 10 years or so, I’ve dressed up as Father Chris
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We’ll Keep A Candle Burning
Stephanie Curry, 33, Liverpool Leaving the hospital, I reached for my husband Adam’s hand. It was July 2017 and we’d just been and had our 20-week pregnancy scan. It should’ve been one of the happiest days of being an expectant mum. Only, the consult
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Elf OFF The Shelf!
Alison Campbell, 58, Belfast Watching my lovely grandkids run around in fits of laughter, I was waiting for them to spot it. Finally... ‘There it is!’ one called, pointing up at the ceiling. It was December 2015, and my daughter Clare, then 32, and h
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21 March-20 April A fresh start will pave the way for the future. The dreams you’re pursuing will lead to success and a new sense of enthusiasm will permeate through your life. • Call 0905 817 0690* for more 21 April-21 May Usually quiet, you’re star
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Seasonal Style
Wear with ankle boots and tights when the temperature drops. Stand out in sheer, sequins or sparkle. Avoid ruffles if you have a large chest. For a festive feel, go for gold! Go luxe with faux fur. To dress up any outfit instantly, just add statement
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Save 20% On Fresh Flowers From
This Christmas, surprise your loved one with a beautiful bouquet of Christmas flowers from eflorist, with this exclusive 20% discount. Whether you’re looking for flowers for a colleague, your best friend or a family member, you’ll find the perfect bo
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Coming Soon…
This six-part comedy stars Greg Davies as cleaner Paul ‘Wicky’ Wickstead, who’s employed to clean up crime scenes after the police have concluded their detective work. But as he carries out his duties, it often brings him into contact with some very
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Spot The Difference
WIN 5x £30 Puzzle 4 Look closely at these two pics – there’s a difference in five squares. The five grid references (eg, 1A, 2B, 3B, 3C, 4D) is your prize puzzle answer. Your answer: TO ENTER Turn to page 88 for details ■
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From Stranger, To Hero, To Friend
Caroline Jackson, 49, Widnes Flicking through the TV channels, I got comfy on the sofawith my husband Steve, then 54. It was 2 January 2020 and after a busy Christmas with family visiting, we were glad of the chance to put our feet up. ‘Let’s watch a
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Festive Favourites
Luxury Truffle Butter Turkey Crown, 1.9kg, £16, Iceland Say goodbye to the usual bland, dry turkey. Iceland is adding a touch of luxury to your Christmas dinner this year with its truffle butter turkey crown – worthy of even the fanciest of feasts. T
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Just Call Me Jammy Jolene!
Jolene Stanley, 34, Colchester With one hand gently caressing my bump, I began scrolling through Facebook with my other. It was 2011 and I was three months pregnant with my first baby, Stanley. With not long to go, I couldn’t wait for his arrival. Lo
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In The Yuletide Spirit?
Tales of the unexplainted Colonel Thomas Sidney lived at Ranworth Hall, in Norfolk, in the 1770s. He was known to locals as ‘the wicked colonel’, and many feared him. One Christmas Eve, he invited the local gentry to join him with the hounds for a mi
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Giving Back
Dr Vidhya Kumaranayakam, 36, London Stroking an elephant calf, I couldn’t believe my luck. ‘They’re so beautiful,’ I cooed to my mum Bhavani. It was Boxing Day 2004 and we were on a dream family holiday to our nativeSri Lanka. The elephant sanctuary
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The Biggie
What connects the actors Sandra Bullock and Kim Cattrall? To find out, solve the crossword and then read down the shaded squares to find the prize puzzle answer. 1 Secret store (5) 4 Former PM, _ Major (4) 6/28 1963 war film starring Steve McQueen (3
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Win! £200 cash!
Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet opens with a street scuffle that leads to a duel between Benvolio and which member of the Capulet family? Solve the puzzle by following the arrows and writing in your answers. Then read down the letters in the shaded sq
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Christmas Puuzzles
In which year did these artists score a Christmas No.1 in the charts? 1) Leona Lewis: A Moment Like This 2) Girls Aloud: Sound of the Underground 3) East 17: Stay Another Day 4) Pet Shop Boys: Always on My Mind Can you arrange the letter tiles to spe
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Her Dirty Little Secret
It was three days before Christmas 2014 when 24-year-old Angela Alexie gave birth to her fourth child. For some families, it could have been a wonderful gift at such a special time of year. Not for Angela. Her other three children were already in fos
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ASK Aunty Nelly
Q I’m dreading Christmas. We usually go to my sister-in-law’s, but I worry about my kids being there. I know she hates us and only lets us come because she loves her brother, my husband. She says she prefers for the TV to be quieter, and for the kids
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Happy Howlidays!
Juliana Maksimova, 39, Birmingham Fastening the red, green and gold sparkly bow tie around my little doggy’s neck, I stood back to admire her. ‘Very festive!’ I smiled, as Dashi, a 2-year-old dachshund, cocked her head to one side. Just then, my othe
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WHAT’S THE VERDICT? As the jury forewoman stood to read the verdict, she told the court little thought had been given to reducing the charges. ‘She didn’t have any sympathy,’ she said of the defendant Angela Alexie. The jury couldn’t understand why A
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Win! £600 cash!
What book series does Canadian activist Naomi Klein say would be her Mastermind specialist subject? To find out, solve the puzzle... Fill in the grid. Each letter of the alphabet has been replaced by a number from 1 to 26. When you’ve completed the g
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Go Home To Die
Sharon-Ann Phillips, 57, Croydon, south London Looking into the consultant’s eyes, I tried to predict what he was poised to tell me as I perched on the edge of the hospital bed. Her expression was full of sorrow. ‘I’m so sorry Sharon, but I’d estimat
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Remeber The Year When...
A few years ago, when my kids were 8 and 10, I had everything prepared on Christmas Eve. But there was one pressie I didn’t put under the tree. Silky lingerie and nipple tassels – something to surprise my husband with when we had peace and quiet. Sit
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Blue Christmas
Katy Gibbons, 27, Ludlow Sitting opposite the midwife, I felt desperate for answers. ‘Am I too big?’ I asked, hopelessly looking down at my bump. ‘Why do you keep asking that? You’re fine,’ she said. It was June 2018 and I had been diagnosed with pre
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Win! £500 cash!
The answers to all but one of these questions can be found hidden in this wordsearch, reading forwards, backwards, up, down or diagonally. To help you, we’ll tell you that the answers are in alphabetical order in each section. However, one answer can
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Carols Every Day…
Agata Wrona, 43, Doncaster Clutching my husband’s hand, I pushed for the final time. I strained my ears for the cries of our newborn daughter Zuzanna. Only, there was silence. Doctors rushed around her grey, lifeless body. ‘Is she OK?’ I asked my hus
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My Sparkle Is Back!
Over the next week, I couldn’t avoid the festive multi-packs of sweets and tubs of chocolate. I was using food to numb the pain I felt. It wasn’t doing me any good. I swore to myself that by Christmas next year, Louie would have a happy and healthy m
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