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Committed To Innovation
Hello, martial artists, school owners, and instructors! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Blake Wientge, and I am the National Sales Manager for Century Mat Solutions. Never heard of it? That’s because it’s new – and I get to be the one to sha
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Camp Safe!
This summer like every summer, the masses will gear up and head into the great outdoors with virtually no thought given to the subject of personal safety even though there likely will be nothing between them and the world except a thin layer of nylon
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Combat Conditioning: Are You Training For Weakness?
Good strikers know that having good power means having optimal posture and structural alignment in the middle of striking and that feinting or baiting poor alignment in your opponent can steal his or her power. The wise combatant trains assiduously f
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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sho Kosugi And The Ninja
The year was 2006, and it was my first visit to Hollywood. Whom did I choose to meet first on that day? The foremost name in ninja movies: Sho Kosugi. There I was, standing in Kosugi’s office in the heart of Tinseltown, having just wrapped an hourlon
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“Reality Is Cruel And Unpredictable!”
If you ask 100 different martial artists what kind of training is most important, you’ll get 100 different answers. You’ll get 200 if you come back a year later and ask them again. Moni Aizik has trained in multiple martial arts genres — in the class
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Jutte: Traditional Weapon Helped Keep The Peace
After unifying Japan’s many feudal domains, Tokugawa Ieyasu (1542-1616) based his government in Edo, the site of present-day Tokyo. The new center of Japanese authority quickly attracted residents of all classes. In addition to laborers, craftsmen an
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Editor’s Choice
Backstory: During the past five decades, probably millions of martial artists have jonesed for a pair of these gloves, ever since Bruce Lee wore something similar in Enter the Dragon in the scene in which he armbarred a young Sammo Hung. I’m not asha
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3 Ways To Spread The Word About What Your School Offers
SIGNAGE: Like the song says, “Signs, signs, everywhere are signs.” While having signs everywhere isn’t practical, your goal should be to have them where potential students are. If you already have enough signs, they probably could stand to be freshen
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Caveat Emptor
Many people think the sole job of a magazine editor is fixing typos — essentially, serving as a human spell-checker. What they don’t know is that we spend much of our time curating. In other words, we wade through submissions, weeding out historical
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eno_erif: Da Mo because there’s no school like ye olde school. Thomasine: Only Bruce of course. He focused on not just body but spiritually as well The Truth: Rickson Gracie hands down. As a student of #JiuJitsu and #mindfullness I believe he would o
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Remembering The Lady Wrestlers, Part 2
Chris and I talked about the incredible athleticism and training that you all had. Your publicity shot shows you flexing your guns! Wimbley: (laughs) Babs [Wingo] was the very first, then her sister Ethel [Johnson] came in. Ethel was so agile and pro
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The Last Resort Of Proactive Self-defense, Part 1
Until now, this column has focused on the prerequisite elements and first two realms of my Core-4 Self-Defense Battle Plan, namely threat recognition and situational control. Now I will delve into the third realm, which is physical engagement. First,
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Survival Of the Fittest
The trial and conviction of Derek Chauvin for the 2020 death of George Floyd brought closure to the most recent and infamous case of police violence in America — but not a solution to the problem it’s come to epitomize. The issue of excessive force i
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How A Foreigner Can Become An Expert In Japanese Weaponry
The first question is, What on earth are you doing in Japan? Jessica Gerrity: If you mean what am I doing for a living, let me go down the list. I’m a tourism and PR ambassador for Saitama, the prefecture I live in. My job is to find interesting loca
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When we think of ancient Japanese fighting implements, we usually consider the archer’s bow, the sword, the naginata (halberd) and the yari (spear), as well as a few others that also were created as weapons of war. However, some Japanese weapons were
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Renew Your Martial Arts Motivation With A Reflective Sojourn!
But Peacock has an enduring love for nature and a strong connection with it. After the war, he realized that he needed to get closer to nature to heal. He started going on life-changing solo adventures in the most remote areas of the United States. H
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Read The Air
There probably has never been a civilization that has as much homogeneity as that of Japan. In contrast, there probably has never been a society as heterogeneous as that of the United States. Think about it: No Japanese person ever says to another, “
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Kung Fu Pioneer Leo Fong Passes Away
▸ Leo Fong — martial arts film star, author and pioneer of Chinese martial arts in America — passed away February 18, 2022, at age 93. Born in China, Fong relocated to America as a child, settling in Arkansas. Initially an amateur boxer, he took up j
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From The Archives Vol. 19, No.6, $1.95
• In his editorial, John Stewart writes, “No magazine can be perfect from the very start, and looking back, there are a few things we wish we had been able to do differently. There were pressure groups we might have resisted more effectively and cove
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A Short Course On The Short Sword
It’s a fair generalization to say that martial artists favor the long sword and neglect the short sword. It’s easy to see why. The katana is long enough to impress, powerful enough to deliver success in test-cutting and familiar enough to foster an i
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Russia Vs. Ukraine!
Artem Priymenko had a bright future ahead of him in the martial arts. Having been described as one of the most promising young martial artists in Ukraine, Priymenko captured the country’s 16-and-under championship in sambo in 2021, then went on to qu
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Dojo Listings
1570 E Northern Ave., Suite B Kingman, AZ 86409 (928) 607-0021 2955 McMurry Drive Anderson, CA 96007 9501 Flushing Quail Bakersfeild, CA 93312 (661) 345-4371 311 Professional
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Shou Bo: A Hybrid Of San Da And Shuai Chia
Later, I asked a professor about shou bo, and he said, “It’s like san da, but you’re wearing a jacket.” Shou bo literally means “hand fight.” The definition, combined with the two descriptions, evoked images of the hockey brawls I knew so well. Furth
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When Art Meets Science
Early in his personal research on pressure-point fighting methods, Black Belt Hall of Famer George Dillman was invited by one of his longtime students, who was in medical school at the time, to examine cadavers and trace the nerves of the human body.
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Featured Product
Ever since the first punch was thrown, fighters have dropped their guard — and quickly discovered why this is a problem. An improper guard leads to poor punches and even worse defense. The Onguard Training Belt keeps your elbows positioned in front o
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The Fence And Verbal De-escalation
As I noted in my previous column, when you can’t avoid or escape a volatile situation through threat recognition via situational awareness, the fence is the basis from which to proactively control, de-escalate and, if that fails, physically respond.
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A Deep Dive With Ernie Reyes Sr.
Sister Street Fighter: This cult classic from 1974 stars Etsuko Shihomi — a real-life practitioner of karate, kenjutsu and Shorinji kempo who occasionally went by the Americanized name Sue Shihomi. It co-stars Sonny Chiba, who is billed as Shin’ichi
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A Proven Program For Rank Advancement
You probably also know that for many who train at your dojo, earning rank is important. For that reason, you need a good rank-advancement program. Many people fail in this area, and that can be a key reason for low retention rates and even the collap
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Harinder Singh, who was featured on the cover of the February/March 2020 issue of Black Belt, has partnered with the magazine to launch The Black Belt Podcast. “We are going to bridge the gaps between sport, tradition and reality,” Singh said. “I sit
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