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Made With Love
During my quiet time I love to sit and knit my own creations, and I have always used your pages for inspiration. Throughout lockdown, I have spent many evenings sitting in my chair and knitting these own-pattern designs. I made a baby doll with a sle
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Grow Your Own
Hedges aren’t just for farms and meadows; they are a wildlife-friendly alternative to fences in your own garden too. Choose a mix of native trees and shrubs, such as hawthorn, hazel, holly, wild privet and dog rose to add variety and provide year-rou
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4 Fixes For… Gastroenteritis
Or high alcohol intakes, which can reduce the efficacy of natural gut microbiomes, which help our immunity. Eat food within use-by dates, don’t risk food with damaged covering or that smells odd. Don’t refreeze foods and always ensure thorough cooki
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Pre-eclampsia Genetic Risk
The genetic risk of pre-eclampsia is related to blood pressure and body mass index, according to a large-scale meta-analysis of maternal pre-eclampsia, alongside the findings of an international pregnancy genetics study led by UK researchers. By unde
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Finding life IN MUSIC
We all know how the right music can help to improve our mood – and this is backed up by science. When we listen to happy music we like, our brain releases the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine. It’s is also a powerful medium for forging emotional c
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What you’re WEARING
I like a smart/casual look. I’m petite so I have to look around to find the right fit. Jigsaw is my favourite place to shop and these jeans are from there. I bought my aviator jacket from Celtic Sheepskin. It’s an investment piece that I’ll love for
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Our heavenly HEDGEROWS
Nothing sums up spring better than a lush hedgerow dotted with flowers, buzzing with insects and chirruping with birdsong. As well as hosting a rich and varied mix of flora and fauna, hedgerows provide a life-support system for an abundance of diff
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True Or False?
True. A long-term study – GAIT – compared the combination of glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin, celecoxib and a placebo in knee osteoarthritis. The first phase found the combination of glucosamine and chondroitin didn’t offer significant reli
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3 Jobs To Do In The Garden
Start germinating basil seeds indoors, sowing a few more seeds than you need. Water lightly and place in a propagator or on a bright windowsill. Sow broad beans, like ‘Aquadulce Claudia’, outdoors in southern, sheltered areas. Put directly in well-d
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Malaria Drug Safety Alert
The safety committee of the European Medicines Agency has issued an alert on psychiatric disorders and suicidal behaviour risk with chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine. The link was noted after the Spanish Agency of Medicines studied patients with COVI
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‘I’ve Lowered My Standards – And It’s Cheered Me Right Up’
“Television has kept me going over the past year. I’ve binge-watched hours, whizzing through entire box sets in days. At one point I was in danger of completing Netflix. My lockdown’s probably been longer than yours, though of course it’s not a compe
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Richard Abbott pulled my ponytail at school and made me cry. When we were at secondary school, he kissed me, and I blushed. Many years later, when he became my boss, I realised he had forgotten our schooldays. I mean, he obviously knew we had been t
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Woman’s Weekly LOVES
The follow-up to Laura’s award-winning debut Blood & Sugar, this enthralling novel sweeps us back to the late eighteenth century, and into a world of pleasure gardens, brothels and masquerade balls. When Caroline ‘Caro’ Corsham finds a well-dressed w
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Good to SHARE
I wanted to make something that my grandchildren would enjoy and that would also be educational. I found this old WW pattern for an alphabet blanket (which can also be hung on the wall), and I’m delighted with the result. I put the knitted toys that
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Get In Touch
Woman’s Weekly, 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9AP. P.S. It really helps when you put your details in capitals. We do not return photos (apart from You Wore It Well) so please do not send originals.  womansweeklypostbag @futurenet.com Tell us your fu
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You Wore It Well
My husband Alan and I were married in Stowmarket. Considering it was half a century ago, the style is still quite relevant compared with today. ✣ We’d love to see how great you looked in any era up to and including the 1980s. Please send a good-qual
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Your Stars
Take time out to enjoy the smaller pleasures in life. You can become too caught up in fulfilling your ‘to do’ list. This week is a wonderful time for developing your ideas into a new project, or as the basis for launching a business. An important rel
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To fit ages 6-12 (12-18) (18-24) months. Actual measurements 53 (56) (59) cm/ 21 (22) (23¼) in. Side seam 16 (18.5) (20) cm/6¼ (7¼) (8) in. Length to back neck 27 (30) (33) cm/10½ (11¾) (13) in. Sleeve seam (with cuff turned back) 17 (19) (21) cm
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Book Club
Holly Hepburn whisks us off to the Orkney Islands, where her latest novel is set. Merina Wilde thought she had it all – a writing career and the love of a childhood sweetheart – until it was all taken away. To rediscover her passion for writing she h
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Looking For Inspiration?
A Sing Along CD is available from Alzheimer’s Society’s online shop for £10.49, and contains 21 well-loved songs, including: ✣ John Brown’s Body ✣ My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean ✣ I Love a Lassie ✣ Men of Harlech ✣ The White Cliffs of Dover ✣ Auld La
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3 Of The Best... Wild Flowers
With a beautiful scent and buttery-yellow blooms, this little beauty heralds the start of spring from our hedgerows. A later spring delight, the white or purple-streaked flowers peek out prettily from near to the ground in ancient woodland. Otherwi
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The Other ME
THE STORY SO FAR: When Anna and Jessica, who share the same birthday, are mistaken for each other, Anna wonders if they are twins. After all, Anna is adopted. But Jessica is sure she isn’t adopted, until she asks her mother, Evelyn, who reluctantly c
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My Funny Old Week
WHERE I’VE BEEN Nowhere! But I’ve sat in my pink car outside my flat to charge the battery, as it hasn’t moved since you know what. WHO I’VE MET Nobody. Well, I shouted to Tony our postman through the letter box yesterday, which was a highlight. WH
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Good to SHARE
From March to July, the dawn chorus fills the air with a symphony of birdsong, announcing the breeding season for many British birds. Listen out for the song thrush, mistle thrush, blackbird, robin and dunnock (pictured), as they call out in search o
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An across-the-ages FRIENDSHIP
Madeleine Slater-Vaughan, 68, is a specialist mentor at Birmingham City University and lives in Worcestershire. Steff’s first words to me were, ‘Sit there and take notes.’ It wasn’t a warm welcome, but as an experienced teacher and support assistant
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Treatments Options
✢ Your specialist will discuss the treatment that is best for your cancer type, stage and grade, usually a combination of surgery and cycles of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. ✢ Some cancer types respond to targeted therapies olaparib and niraparib – m
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All hands ON DECK!
“Mr Dear could not have looked more shifty if he’d been spotted outside a jeweller’s shop at midnight in a Sid James mask, a striped top, and carrying a large sack marked with the word ÔSwag’. And it was such a simple question too. ‘Hello, dear,’ I’
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Your daily BREAD
Your essential starter. ✣ 100g (3½oz) strong white bread flour✣ 100ml (3½fl oz) warm water✣ 20g (¾oz) honey Mix all the ingredients together in a large plastic container, cover with a freezer bag, and leave, undisturbed, in a warm place for 24–36
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15 Ways To Banish BACKACHE
‘The advice is no longer bed rest for a bad back,’ says physio Neil Velleman. ‘Generally the advice used to be to lie down and rest until the pain went. But now we like to keep people moving – in the right way.’ There are guidelines about the best ex
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It is said that you can roughly date a British hedgerow by the amount of woody plants to be found in a 30m length – generally speaking, a new species is added every 100 years – and it seems many of our field boundaries are truly ancient. It’s soberin
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