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Good For You, Denise
Back in the 90s, Denise Van Outen was one of the original beer-swilling, attitude-giving ladettes. As well as being a fixture on the telly, she was a regular on the front covers of all the lads mags like Loadedand FHM with minimal clothes, maximum sa
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Bliss In Bali
Travelling solo and want to feel safe while you see the sights? In need of some R&R and quality time with a girlfriend? Want to see the best of Bali? Well, Bliss Sanctuary For Women offers all of the above and so much more. You can focus on yoga, foo
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Still staring at the ceiling after 30 minutes of trying? Then get up and do something for half an hour, before attempting to go back to sleep. ‘Staying in bed and forcing sleep is counterproductive,’ says sleep expert James Wilson (thesleepgeek.co.uk
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Time To Check Your Labels
Do you check what’s in the food that you buy? Food labels show us the nutrients in products and help us to decipher ingredients in packaged foods, so it’s easier to make healthy choices. We’ve decoded what you might see on food labels in the supermar
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Through The Keyhole
Ruth and Eamonn, both 61, live in a stunning Surrey six-bed house with their 19-year-old son Jack, who is currently at university. Their home includes two lounges – one of which has a fireplace that their dog, Maggie, loves snuggling up next to. Eamo
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Mistress Uproar
Fascinating development on my column the other week about the lovely Jennifer Arcuri – you know, the ‘businesswoman’ who wrote at huge length about her sordid romps with the then very married Boris Johnson on the sofa of his marital home. This spar
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Balance Patterns
jungle-inspired foliage prints are key to this look, but use them carefully so they don’t look busy and overpowering. Lush leafy patterns work best as just one element, like your bed linen or one feature wall, then balance the rest of the space by us
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You Can Help
Sign the petition to scrap the motive clause at change.org/ myimagemychoice. For more information, go to the Intimate Image Abuse Report on the Law Commission website (lawcom.gov.uk). ✽ For more information, search ‘Stolen naked images traded in cit
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According to Dr Cantopher, this is one of the biggest causes of insomnia so reducing your stress levels will undoubtedly improve sleep quality. ‘Exercise is an effective stress reliever so long as it is used moderately,’ he says. ‘Exercise regularly,
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A Message Through Time
Genevieve watched the shifting layers of cloud and mountain. The muted palette of blue-greys and peaty greens was soothing, but still she was distracted. ‘You OK, love?’ Christopher, her husband, asked as he turned their old Land Rover off the mount
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The Rise Of Revenge Porn
With smart phones, computers and tablets providing instant access to the internet, sharing messages, photos and videos with anyone in the world has never been easier. And, while this unprecedented level of interactivity is one of the internet’s great
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Paint A Feature Wall
Instead of using wallpaper, get creative and paint simple geometric shapes on one wall to create an impact in your room. Stick to two or three colours for maximum impact and minimal effort. And use masking tape to ensure your lines are crisp and smud
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Judi Reveals Heartbreak
Judi Love broke the sad news that her father had passed away, telling her social media followers, ‘I feel empty and heartbroken.’ The Loose Women panellist shared a photo of them together and added, ‘These last few weeks I tried to make you comfortab
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Celebs Go Dating!
While things couldn’t be going better for Alison Hammond when it comes to work, she’s never been the luckiest in love. Having experienced heartache after meeting her last boyfriend, Jamie Savage, on an app, Alison, 46, has sworn off them for good! Sh
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Your garden DILEMMAS
Q My husband’s a barbecue fanatic but I’m worried it’s bad for the environment – is this true? A Charcoal is carbon neutral, as it releases carbon tied up in the tree it was made from. For a greener alternative to disposable barbecues, look at the
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Step Into Spring
Jungle animals are a big part of this look and are an easy way to inject some fun. Look for table lamps, ornaments and wall art featuring parrots, leopards, monkeys and toucans. Don’t be afraid to go wild with your houseplants, too, for a truly tropi
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‘Our new build CHANGED MY LIFE’
Before it was even built, I felt certain that I’d love my new house. The design is virtually identical to the home I grew up in, so I knew it would feel comfortable and familiar, and the space would flow well. We were keen on a new build because I th
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4 Outfits Under £50
Florals and spring are a winning combination. Opt for a printed midi dress with subtle ruffles, and pair with chunky sandals to toughen up the look. Choose a hip-length denim jacket to elongate your torso. Jacket, £12, sizes 8-22, Pep&Co at Pound
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Tips For Staying Safe Online
✽ Think carefully before you share any private images with anyone – even with those closest to you. ✽ Keep any private pictures in a password-protected folder on your device. Never share passwords with anyone. ✽ Keep social-media profiles private a
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Stone and ORDER
When space is at a premium, consider transforming an alcove into a home office. Simply add free-standing or built-in shelves and organise paperwork using magazine files and storage boxes. For a seamlessly stylish look, choose colours and materials th
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Receiving recognition for your professional or public contributions will be very gratifying. Don’t chase the person you’re drawn to. Sending numerous texts could work against you. Let them come to you. Treat yourself to something nice, maybe from the
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What To Watch For
‘For an item to be “reduced fat” or “light”, it needs to have 30% less fat than the normal version of the product,’ says Sian. This doesn’t mean it’s low-fat overall, just a slightly better choice than the high-fat version. One UK study found that 10
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Anita Naik A Problem Shared
Q My brothers and I are close and meet often, usually at our older brother’s house. The problem is his wife. When she drinks, she becomes aggressive and abusive. She upsets us and even badmouths our late mother. My brother always sticks up for her, s
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Food Labels Decoded
Nutrition information is shown per 100g, or sometimes per portion size too. This helps you to see what’s healthy and what to avoid while you’re shopping. Eating too much fat will lead to weight gain – but some fats are ‘good’, with healthy benefits
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Beauty Expert It’s All About The Base
Group Beauty Director  Group Beauty Director  Senior Beauty Editor  Deputy Beauty Editor foundations and dry complexions don’t tend to mix, but KVD Beauty Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation Balm, , , exception . For a cake-free finish, bounc
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You Liked...
The three-part drama set in the 1960s and 1970s told the real-life story of how Liberal MP and party leader Jeremy Thorpe (Hugh Grant) allegedly hired a hitman to kill his ex-lover Norman Scott (Ben Whishaw). ■
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Dementia Can You Cut Your Risk?
Shockingly, there are almost one million people living with dementia in the UK. Right now, one in every 14 people over the age of 65 has the condition. And this figure is expected to double to two million in the next 30 years. The reason? It’s main
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Chasing Zzzs
Struggling to fall asleep can become the norm and chronic insomnia can lead to exhaustion, mental health problems and may increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and dementia. ‘Sleep improves over time through doing the right things, not by grit
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‘I Became Highly Cynical About Everyone Around Me’
Ruby, 28 On my way home from a walk one summer’s day in 2020, I felt my phone vibrate in my bag. When I checked my messages, I stopped in my tracks. The message was from a friend. ‘Your private pictures are on a public site. Did you know?’ There was
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People Used To Laugh At Me But Not Any More
Pounding up the stairs, I crept into my room and closed my door quietly, checking for any sounds of my parents on the landing. Slowly zipping open my school bag and pulling out a multipack of crisps and two chocolate bars, I pulled up my mattress and
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