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Stop Being A Perfectionist
Women are more likely than men to be perfectionists, and it’s holding us back. ‘Perfectionism is a real reason for procrastination – people think, “I haven’t got all the time I need to get it done, I’m not going to be able to do it perfectly, so I wo
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When my landline rang one Saturday last August, I should have been at my daughter’s wedding in France. We all know why I wasn’t. I could see it was a local code so I answered and a woman’s voice said, ‘If you do not recognise a recent Amazon transact
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Cold Creams
Avène Cold Cream, £11, lookfantastic.com Thanks to temperature fluctuations associated with winter, more and more of us experience redness, inflammation and tightness. Avène’s cold cream is a moisturiser that provides immediate relief from flushing
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If You Do One Thing This Month
Choose various jars with narrow necks so bulbs don’t sit in water. Fill with water, stopping just short of the rim, then dry around the rim. Place bulbs on the rims of jars, pointed end upwards. If the roots have started to sprout, tuck them into the
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4 OF THE BEST Literary reads
A BURNING by Megha Majumdar (Simon & Schuster) Jivan, Lovely and PT Sir dream of a better future in contemporary India. But a devastating terrorist attack changes everything. THE CHARMED WIFE by Olga Grushin (Hodder & Stoughton) Things have gone wr
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Make Your Workout MINDFUL
Mindfulness can benefit us mentally and emotionally – and by mastering what’s known as ‘mindful exercise’, the practice can enhance our physical health too. ‘By bringing mindfulness into all your workouts, you are bringing greater awareness and focu
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What The Banks Say
✢ Santander, which refunded Jess’s money after an investigation, runs scam awareness events online (santanderevents.co.uk). A spokesperson said, ‘If you’ve been contacted by a scammer, you think you have responded to a scam email or text, or you’ve g
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If You Try One Thing This Month
Louise Chunn, founder of therapy platform Welldoing Ltd (welldoing.org), says: ‘The key thing to remember if you are wrestling with getting your life back under control is that you can’t actually do that right now. But that doesn’t mean you should gi
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Create A Home WITH HEART
Devices, electronics and gadgets are all part of modern life, but it’s good to have a break from them, which is easier if screens are stored in cupboards or behind doors. Try concealing the television behind beautiful bespoke doors constructed from a
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What Are You Reading?
We’d love to hear about the books you’re enjoying, so get in touch and let us know. You can email zoe.west@futurenet. com, drop a tweet at @zoeannewest or message on our w&h Book Club Facebook page. ■
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MENOPAUSE? It’s exciting
It dawned on me that something wasn’t ‘right’ around the time I was 46. My confidence crashed, I was depressed, anxious, my brain was foggy. I hardly recognised myself. Then came the sweats – hot flushes roaring in during the day, sweats waking me th
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Been Targeted?
Citizens Advice warn alarm bells should ring if: ✢ Something seems too good to be true. ✢ Someone you don’t know contacts you unexpectedly. ✢ You suspect it’s not a real company – is there a postal address? ✢ You’re asked to transfer money quickly.
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Best Ways To STAY WELL
With every new year comes a new set of trends, and if last year taught us anything, it’s that our health and wellbeing is a top priority. Here’s what to look out for in 2021: Online therapy has boomed during lockdown, making this new way of accessin
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Natural Beauty
Returning to the UK after living in Cyprus, Georgina and Gareth Fulton found themselves living amid a dramatically different landscape. The countryside that beckoned them back was the windswept scenery of the Isle of Sheppey, which had once been unde
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With film rights already snapped up and praise pouring in from other authors, Abigail Dean’s debut novel, Girl A, about Lex – a child escaping a ‘house of horrors’ and freeing her six siblings – looks set for success. Abigail grew up in the Peak Dist
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The best-ever ROMANCES
In Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, dramatic events mark the relationship between governess Jane and gruff Edward Rochester. They do marry, but only after facing a series of challenges that include a hidden wife locked in an attic, a devastating fire i
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Covid Crooks
Lockdown created the perfect opportunity for scams and for criminals to tempt us with stay-at-home treats such as hot tubs and even puppies. Age UK’s charity director Caroline Abrahams says, ‘Criminals are also sending phishing emails and texts claim
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Looking past THE GYM
If last year taught us anything, it was the importance of health; mental and physical. Looking out for (never mind looking after) those close to us became top of our agenda, and the words ‘neighbourhood watch’ took on a new meaning. One fantastic leg
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How To Get The Look
✢ Choose heritage paint colours in rich tones to suit the age and character of a historic property. ✢ Go for heavy drapes in plush velvets and damasks to keep out the chill. ✢ Complement original beams and brickwork with lived-in pieces. ✢ Add impact
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Brimming with caustic wit, desire and quiet desperation, Luster is New York writer and artist Raven Leilani’s highly anticipated debut. It’s a coming-of-age novel following the chaotic life of Edie, a young black painter who’s failing in her dead-end
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‘I’m Only Just BEGINNING’
Charlotte Hawkins has been open in the past about her and her husband Mark Herbert’s struggles to conceive before she fell pregnant with their five-year-old daughter, Ella Rose. And it’s clear to see how grateful the GMB presenter, 45, is for her fam
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Know The Latest Scams
GREEN HOMES Beware offers of help to access the new £5,000 government grant for energy-efficient improvements. Applications must be made via gov.uk PENSIONS Treat pension pot review offers cautiously and check the Financial Services Register to make
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Boost Yours BONES
From day to day you probably don’t give your bones much thought – why would you? It’s not until something happens, such as a break or fracture, that we tend to think about them at all. But keeping your skeleton strong and healthy is essential. Roug
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Timeless Classics
‘When it comes to choosing a wallpaper that you’ll want for years, start by finding a few designs that you really love, or feel comfortable living with. The right one will please your eyes and mind every time you look at it. Florals, birds and stripe
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The Bystander
His voice is quiet. Honey sweet and soft. And his words are violent as they brutally assault the woman sitting opposite him. I’m not the only one sitting near their table on this intercity train, watching as their relationship dynamic unfolds. But am
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Older, wiser & IN LOVE
Belinda Tompkins, 53, is a health and safety executive. She lives in Milton Keynes with husband Bob, 53, a retail warehouse operative, and their son Max, 12. Bob also has three children aged 17, 21 and 24 from his previous relationships. A few years
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Hanging Out With My HEROES
I was free. I was 23 years old and this was my first time in America, my first night in New York City and my first (and last!) cuddle with Bruce Springsteen. A couple of years earlier I had been working a 12-hour night shift in Gordon’s Gin factory d
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Getting Help
✢ If you’re worried about osteoporosis, speak to your GP, who’ll carry out a risk assessment. ✢ If you’re at a low risk you will simply be given lifestyle advice. ✢ If your risk is moderate you may be sent for a bone scan, known as a DEXA scan. ‘This
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GREEN Made Easy
Decluttering? Ensure your items don’t end up in landfill. Reuse is always the best option and many charities have made it easier to get donations to them without having to lug heavy bags to their stores. Request a freepost label from the British Hear
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The Date
See you at seven. Looking forward to it. The number of times Nell had typed and then deleted the second sentence. Added a kiss. Removed a kiss. Then closed her eyes as she pressed ‘send’, praying she hadn’t come across as too eager. She’d spent the n
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