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Your Garden
On June 21, we celebrate the official start of summer and our gardens will be bursting into life! The experts at Dobbies share their top tasks for the month ahead. • Fill your patio containers, hanging baskets and window boxes with vibrant bedding pl
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On Sale THURS 24 JUNE ■
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Fill It!
Complete the grid then read down the shaded squares to reveal the hidden answer. Clue: Biscuit. Answer on page 47. 7 Putrefy (2,3) 8 Demolition vehicle (9) 10 TV commercial (6) 11 Postpone work on (8) 12 Idleness (8) 13 Look lasciviously (4) 15 Despo
Pick Me Up5 min. leídosCrime & Violence
Buried Truth
Pamela Butler disappeared ‘under mysterious circumstances,’ according to the police, and the facts did read like a crime thriller. Pamela had been captured on CCTV entering her home, but she was never filmed leaving. Then she vanished. The computer t
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Animal Magic
Woofstock UK, a festival celebrating all things dog, returns to the county of Devon this August. Founded in 2014, the award-winning event welcomes families and their dogs to join in a weekend of canine-themed fun. Visitors can expect a host of exciti
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Eco Products
This week we want to show you some of our favourite sustainable products from milkandmore.co.uk This neroli-scented laundry liquid will not only keep your clothes clean and fresh but will also help you cut down on plastic – it comes in a refillable g
Pick Me Up3 min. leídosMedical
INSTANT Appointment
Q I’ve become obsessed with cleaning everything since Covid-19 began. Should I worry about catching coronavirus from surfaces? Caron, Dundee A It’s sensible to be more aware of your hygiene practices and putting in extra steps like cleaning surfaces,
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Crack It!
Work out which letter each number represents. When you’ve filled the grid, put the correct letters into the answer boxes at the bottom to spell out a word. We’ve given you five to start you off. Answer on page 47. ANSWER
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One In A Million!
From the moment my little girl could talk, she’s always been such a caring person. When she was just eight-years-old, Charlotte began raising money for charity, after her friend was taken into hospital. She’s always wanted to help and so before long,
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A Dream Farewell
Placing the freshly made liver cake packed full of goodies and a cheese frosting down in front of Kofi, my German shepherd, I forced a smile. ‘Good boy Kofi, that’s all yours!’ I said. Kofi had finished his smoked salmon and prawn cocktail starter an
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World’s smallest confession booth, £9.99, Firebox.com A place to confess all those tiny things you’ve done wrong. Kneel your fingers! Scratch map travelogue in red, £18.99, Prezzybox.com Great gift for an adventurer as travel begins to open up! Comes
Pick Me Up3 min. leídosCooking, Food & Wine
Easy Eats…
British Piccolo cherry tomatoes are a pocket-sized, perfectly-balanced, juicier and crunchier variety of tomato, grown from the highest quality seeds by talented and passionate growers. Piccolo cherry tomatoes are packed with healthy goodness, vitami
Pick Me Up3 min. leídosPsychology
Paws For thought
Germs, infections and diseases: Three things that we used to believe animals would bring into hospitals Happiness, calmness and companionship: Three things that we now understand animals can bring into hospitals and care home In recent years, medical
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Look Amazing!
It’s time to get your game face on and ‘make up’ for what you’ve missed. According to research from the L’Oréal Group, 80 per cent of us cannot wait to wear makeup again after lockdown. So, to help you get your glam on, we have just the products for
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Number Fit!
Which one of the listed numbers won’t fit in this mini grid? Answer on page 47. 1923/2931/3212/3291/9123 Number fit! 2931 ■
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www.clairepetulengro.tv Some of the favour’s others are asking of you seem to be above and beyond what you should do for them. Don’t be afraid to say no and mean no. A loved one is getting too good at manipulating you. Venus meets Cancer and brings o
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Pick Of The Week
We take a humorous look at the lives of dog owners who share their home with some of the biggest breeds around. We see the quirks and characteristics of breeds such as Great Danes and Newfoundland’s, as well as meet their dedicated owners, who will d
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Solve It In 7
Some people think it’s too soon to be thinking about retirement, or that it’s too late for you to make an impact. But, no matter what camp you’re in, it’s important to start committing to your retirement pot! Kim Uzzell is a Financial Coach, Money Me
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1 It’s something you’re born with. ■ True ■ False 2 It’s incurable. ■ True ■ False 3 It is genetic. ■ True ■ False 4 You can relapse. ■ True ■ False 5 1 in 10 have it. ■ True ■ False 1 TRUE Club foot is also known as talipes. This condition is where
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Out Of Control
As I sat up in bed, a message pinged on my phone. ‘Hello, I hope you don’t mind me reaching out, but I couldn’t resist,’ it read. I didn’t know the man who had sent it on Facebook, but I felt my cheeks flush crimson as I looked at his profile. It sai
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Your Pick Me ups
Introducing your new summer essential… teapigs kombucha! The UK kombucha market is set to grow by 33% this year, and teapigs is excited to announce that they will be the first recognised tea brand to make it! So, what is kombucha? Essentially, kombuc
Pick Me Up1 min. leídosRegional & Ethnic
Food And Drink
Homemade fish and chips have never been easier thanks to Harry Ramsdens new range at Iceland. Choose from chip shop classics, such as battered cod, breaded scampi and steak pies. Häagen-Dazs are mixing things up this summer as they bring together the
Pick Me Up1 min. leídosFashion
Your Style Pretty Pastels
Florals are the trend that never goes out of style! Shop Primark’s new collection of pretty prints and pastel shades in store now. Sure to stay in fashion forever, these pieces can be worn time and time again. Find out more about our commitment to RE
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One Small hitch
Glancing at my reflection in the mirror, I made sure my outfit looked presentable. ‘That’ll do,’ I said to myself, not wanting to look at myself for much longer. In fact, I tried to avoid mirrors at all costs – never wanting to look at the reflection
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1 Employer (4) 5 Competent (4) 6 Period of great prosperity (4) 7 Abominable snowman (4) 1 Infant (4) 2 Musical instrument (4) 3 Opening for coins (4) 4 House type (4) JUST FOR FUN Read down the shaded squares for the answer. Answer on page 47.
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Your Dilemmas…
Danielle Barnett is a NLP Master practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist, and a life coach. She has a weekly podcast: Real Therapy. (www.daniellebarnett.coach) Q My friend has asked me to be maid of honour at her wedding and she wants me to make a spee
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Ruby The Superdog!
After collapsing at a Remembrance Sunday service almost 10 years ago, at just 15-years-old, Megan Taylor was left with not only a fractured skull, but also permanent damage to her vision, hearing and balance, as well as suffering from fainting episod
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Your Brainwaves…
This week, our tip of the week will receive some great products from Addis! Creating a clean and neat space can help makeover a room with a minimal cost yet with maximum impact. This Addis sink caddy, drainer, bowl and composter is perfect for refres
Pick Me Up1 min. leídosCooking, Food & Wine
Food Fridges
Co-op and Hubbub are on a mission to feed communities up and down the country! The announced new partnership will fast-track the expansion of community fridges across the UK. Community fridges are open to everyone in communities – without any need to
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Follow It!
Solve the puzzle to spell out a term related to the picture. The arrows show you where to put your answers. The answer is spelled in the yellow squares.
… o descubre algo nuevo