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Inside Story
“I once walked the fence line of Ruth Lilly’s property, hoping to catch a glimpse of the reclusive billionaire’s home. Her private security officer promptly told me to get lost.” —DANIEL COMISKEY, DEPUTY EDITOR “I don’t stalk specific houses, but I c
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Summer Cruisin’
CANDY-COLORED runabouts with tail fins and lots of shiny chrome are the newest way to cruise the Kalamazoo River as it flows through Saugatuck, an upscale resort town in southwest Michigan. The floating equivalent of the red 1959 Chevy Impala convert
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Howling Hundred Megaphone
VINTAGE: 1903 Resides at IU’s Herman B Wells Library IF THE HOWLING HUNDRED were around to celebrate Indiana University’s 200th anniversary this year, it’s a safe bet they would be cheering loudly. The student group gathered at football games in the
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Alicia Garceau When freelance writer Alicia Garceau was in school, access to technology meant being able to play Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? on the class computer. Now, especially at home, it’s essential. Garceau examines how IPS plans to
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Pep Squad
BACK IN SPRING, when many restaurants were bracing for COVID closures, one Fountain Square institution was putting the final touches on an expansion. No surprise that restaurant was Peppy Grill. For more than half a century, the diner has fed wee-hou
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Matt Gonzales’s May story on IU’s investigation of professor Eric Rasmusen inspired a lot of free speech. HOW SHOULD COLLEGES DEAL WITH PROFESSORS WHO EXPRESS OFFENSIVE BELIEFS? LOOK FOR OUR NEXT POLL ON TWITTER. FOLLOW US @INDYMONTHLY FOR DETAILS. O
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Cold Rush
For most java fans, the name Tinker Coffee Co. is synonymous with single-origin coffees from Ethiopia or Brazil. Lately, the boutique bean roaster responsible for so many luxe morning buzzes has been offering a somewhat more calming brew. Oat-based w
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Crash Course
IPS WAS E-FAILING. At the start of the last school year, Indianapolis Public Schools had just one internet-ready device for every three students. Statewide for the same period, 64 percent of Indiana’s traditional districts were 1:1 schools, which are
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Schmear Genius
IF YOU’VE MANAGED to get your hands on a dozen bagels from the home-delivery service Sidedoor Bagel, you’re one of the lucky ones. Josh Greeson originally planned to sell his sourdough bagels, the perfect combination of chewy interior and crusty exte
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Paddling the White River
Renting? White River Canoe Company in Noblesville is the only full-service outfitter around here. Book a weekend trip by Wednesday. Broad Ripple Park is a good launch spot for rookies and paddle-boarders. The river is wide and slow-moving there and o
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Small but Mighty
ON THE SAME driftless weekday in March that I desperately rigged a homemade Baby Björn out of an old sweatshirt to calm my Chihuahua-mix coworker during Zoom meetings, Lil Dumplings took to social media to reassure the gloomy quarantined masses that
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Germ Warfare
Q: ARE CLEANING PERSONNEL GETTING ANY KIND OF NEW TRAINING IN THE AGE OF COVID-19? A: Being a custodian has always been tough. And now folks in that dirty, low-paying job (about $12.73 an hour in Indiana) are frontline soldiers in the battle to suppr
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Drunken Deviled Egg
4601 N. College Ave., 317-602-8672, Your dining bucket list begins on page 127, with IM’s exclusive Restaurant Guide ■
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End Of An ERA
ONE HUNDRED years ago this month, women in the U.S. were officially granted the right to vote. It was a huge stride, and plenty of Hoosiers stepped up to make it a reality. Fifty years later, women were still pounding the pavement, holding a Strike f
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Randal Taylor IMPD Chief
YOU HAD ONLY BEEN CHIEF FOR A FEW MONTHS WHEN THE BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTESTS BEGAN THIS SPRING. HOW ARE YOU ADDRESSING THE ISSUE WITH YOUR OFFICERS? It starts with making sure officers understand why people feel the way they do. In my 33 years of la
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What I’m Working On
Author of 15 Western and mystery novels What he’s working on: A memoir “When COVID-19 hit and the publishing world ground to a halt, I found I had more time on my hands than usual. My June release, The Return of the Wolf, had been moved out to Decemb
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Sick to Death
TWENTY-SOME years ago, on a late spring evening, the phone on our kitchen wall rang. It was Dick Givan, the former chief justice of the Indiana Supreme Court, calling to ask if I would be interested in pastoring the Quaker meeting he attended, Fairfi
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Snap To It
Shards of glass from the shattered windows of downtown Indianapolis storefronts are finding new life in a Krista Bermeo Studio jewelry collection. The pieces sourced from June’s protests-turned-riots are symbolic of a broken system, says the artist.
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Burned Out
WHEN TIM ABRAMS is up at night, sitting at the kitchen table of his rural Sullivan County home fretting about the future of Indiana’s coal industry, he’s not worried so much about his own job. The 56-year-old was 22 when he landed a position at the c
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Scene Stealer
TWO CHICKS AND A HAMMER, the renovation dream team behind HGTV’s Good Bones, is actually four chicks, and all of them know how to feather a nest beautifully. Family members Kelsy Gray, Alexa Howell, and Good Bones co-hosts Mina Starsiak Hawk and Kare
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Our Favorite Houses
BEFORE EVANS Woollen designed some of Indy’s best midcentury-modern homes, he experimented with round, pointy-roof huts called “trulli” houses in the Puglia region of Italy. His young clients, Joan and Jordan Leibman, knew they wanted a Woollen creat
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Patrick Bouquett, Marketing Executive
YOU’RE KNOWN AS “THE FABULOUS MR. PATRICK.” WHAT OTHER WORDS DESCRIBE YOU? Fantastic, flamboyant, and finesse! YOU FORGOT ONE—PHILANTHROPIC. Before I started emceeing the Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration fashion show, I volunteered as a teen bac
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The Cult Of Avriel
ON MOTHER’S DAY 2018, we found ourselves gleefully homeless. A friend of a friend texted an offer to buy our (off-market) midcentury-modern home for a “we’ll-get-out-tomorrow-for-this-figure” price. That night, my wife and I sat on the couch with a l
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Family Tree
FOR LORAN BOHALL, death and taxes aren’t life’s only constants. There’s woodworking, too. As a child in Columbus, the fourth-generation furniture maker was surrounded by sawdust. “Everybody had a woodshop,” he says. “My aunts were woodcarvers, and my
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Selling America’s Ugliest House
THE SPRAWLING, garish home at 4923 Kessler Boulevard East Drive is to local Realtors what Moby Dick represented to Captain Ahab and his crew: an elusive beast that couldn’t be slain. At 29,500 square feet, it approaches the Taj Mahal in size and near
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Need a mid-day break from the hustle and bustle? Relax at the publicly accessible Cummins Distribution Headquarters plaza (1). This lush urban greenspace has plenty of native plants and semi-secluded seating open to anyone. There’s also a laptop-frie
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Green With Envy
ADAM AND AMBRE CROCKETT get a lot of questions about their modern, eco-friendly home. “Is that a house?” wins the popularity contest. “It’s the question I get more than anything else,” says Adam. “Delivery drivers, the UPS guy—they all say they’ve ne
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Good Vibrations
WHAT IF YOU COULD reduce tension, depression symptoms, fatigue, and anger simply by taking a bath? Better yet, what if that “bath” was made of soothing sounds? Sound baths are emerging around Central Indiana, and people are lining up to lie down and
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Mr. Right
has been thinking a lot about loneliness lately. The Purdue University president celebrated his 71st birthday this past April standing at the door of his Carmel home, in the gated Laurelwood community. Outside, in the cul-de-sac 20 feet away, his fou
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