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We live in a time when advances in hoof-care technology are providing us with ever more options for correcting problems and enhancing foot health. One thing that hasn’t changed? The importance of your hoof-care professional. For anything that’s naile
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Lessons with Longears
Dogs and horses may be the typical stars of most animal-assisted therapy programs, but at the Latham Centers residential program for adults with disabilities, it’s donkeys who are changing lives. The Massachusetts-based organization provides care and
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Riding during the winter season can be fun—snowy scenery, frosted hair coats, and, most importantly, no bugs. However, staying warm while riding can be a challenge. Whether you’re riding or doing chores around the barn, a good pair of waterproof glov
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Ration Balancers
Ration balancers—everyone’s heard of them, but have you fully considered whether one might be the right option for your horse? They’re a different kind of commercial feed, useful in ways that standard formulations can’t match, especially for horses t
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 1. Go beyond fashion with boots perfect for your little one. Shea Baby Boots have leather soles that aren’t only asthetically pleasing, they allow your little buckaroo’s foot to move comfortably while acting as a protective barrier. For a little co
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Move His Feet
IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU do with your horse, being able to move his feet willingly is a skill that you should have in your toolbox. Having control over each foot can help you avoid trailering problems, and it can also allow your horse to get more c
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Herd Work Basics
Learn a little more about herd work from world champion trainer Brad Barkemeyer. In a reined cow horse competition, there are three components a horse and rider must compete in. The herd work, reined work, and fence work. The basic fundamentals of he
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Half-Halt for Your Western Horse
The half-halt, while most commonly used in dressage training, is also a great tool for your Western horse to have. It can help with self-carriage and movement and can even be used to help with collection. The purpose behind a half-halt is to redistri
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Prevent Bad Habits From the Start
It’s easier to nip bad habits in the bud before they turn into a lifetime of struggles in the saddle. Kids are easier than adults to teach, because they don’t really have any bad habits yet. They catch on easier, and they take more direction. They do
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‘She’ll Find Her Feet’
Here in Northern Colorado, I spend most of my time in the saddle in a well-groomed arena, working on perfect circles, collection, softness, and a good stop. I do my best to get out of the arena as much as I can, but for the most part, that’s relegate
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Try the ‘Old Man Walk’
Improve your horse’s walk, his overall balance, and your cueing finesse with this fun and interesting exercise. I’m going to share a simple little exercise that can bring big benefits to you and your horse. I call it the “Old Man Walk” because it inv
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A Virtual Pleasure
SETTING GOALS is a lifelong obsession of mine. There’s always been the next horse show to look forward to. Then March 2020 happened. Immediately after the biggest Arizona Quarter Horse Association Sun Circuit on record, our world shut down. Every eve
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Reining Geldings
Evaluate and place these prospective reining geldings. Then see how your choices compare to our expert judge’s. AS A JUDGE, UNDERSTANDING A horse’s balance and structure—and how they relate to performance—is critical. The conformation ideal is suppos
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You Should Know
Despite the pandemic this year, the annual Legacy Ranch Horse Sale on September 19 in Prescott, Arizona, attracted record crowds. The highest sale was a 4-year-old palomino roan that sold to Straight A Cattle for $27,500. The second highest sale was
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Bounce Back After a BOTCH
Horse events are a lot of fun. You’re showing off what you and your horse can do, reaping the benefits of all your hard work, and spending time with like-minded enthusiasts. What’s not to love? Botching a class or a run, that’s what. When you turn in
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When a wildfire broke out near Boulder, Colorado, the editors of Horse&Rider stopped what they were doing to come together to evacuate 48 horses and get them out of danger. Read about it online this month. For gorgeous trail riding in country steeped
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Destination Dubois
Whether you plan to bring your own horses and your living quarters to explore mountains and wilderness on your own or prefer to be pampered at a local guest ranch where you can enjoy a variety of horse-related activities, there’s something for everyo
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Socially Speaking
Follow us on Instagram (@horseand ridermag) and check out our “highlights” for behind-the-scenes action with familiar faces at world-class events. From the Arizona Fall Championship to the AQHYA World Show, we have coverage at events that you don’t w
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Colic Surgery: Yes or No?
Your gelding started acting a little bit uncomfortable just over an hour ago. By the time your vet arrived, the poor horse was in a full-blown sweat, pawing violently and throwing himself down in the barn aisle no matter how hard you tried to keep hi
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Join the Herd
HorseandRider@ 5720 Flatiron Pkwy, Boulder, CO 80301 HorseandRiderMag @Horse_and_Rider HrsRdrMag We love hearing from you! Send all high-resolution images for Conformation Clinic; horse-related questions; and a
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Because stallions are usually kept only for breeding purposes, many horse owners have no experience with them or their sex-linked behaviors. And we certainly don’t expect male displays from our geldings, having had them castrated in large part to eli
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Fiddler’s in Florida
TRAVEL Florida WHERE Altoona WHAT Warm-Weather Getaway WHEN Year-Round Avoid the colder temperatures and head south for the winter to stay at Fiddler’s Green RV Ranch. Choose to stay in one the villas or take advantage of the ranch’s 26 full-hookup s
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A Gift Horse Named GEORGE
April Freeland’s show career was just beginning, but before she could get a true taste for competition it quickly came to an end. As she was going into the show pen at her second horse show, she felt something was off with her horse Gota Rolex On Mpu
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The Facts
25 The number of years that Fiddler’s Green Ranch was the primary U.S. Training Center for the Mounted Police in the United States and Europe. Walk the quaint, lakeside town of 1. Mt. Dora, home of the famous Renninger's Antiques Center. Or head to O
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Forever Home
Well, it was bound to happen. After many years of rescuing horses and finding them homes, I’ve finally fallen in love with and adopted one of my rescues. My name is Teri Allen, founder of Terolyn Horse Rescue in Elizabeth, Colorado. Before starting t
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4 Things Amateur Riders Don’t Do—But Should
Trainers who work with amateurs have insights into the predictable problem areas of non-pro competitors. Such a trainer is Arizona’s Crystal McNutt, a National Reining Horse Association top-20 professional. Perhaps the Arabian world’s most successful
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Colic: Dos and Don’ts
Colic is the number-one killer of horses. Knowing exactly what to do from the moment you first notice colicky behavior can speed your horse’s recovery and spare you a lot of anxiety. Colic isn’t a specific diagnosis; it’s an umbrella term for abdomin
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Fashion for Fall
Step into the cooler seasons with a new fall-inspired outfit. Denim is a fashion staple that is both functional and fashionable. Whether you’re wearing this outfit to the barn or for date night, these Kelsea mid-rise trousers ($79.95; are
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Labored breathing can be a sign of recurrent airway obstruction (RAO), or heaves. Know what to look for, as early treatment is the key to managing this chronic lung condition. Horse heaves is chronic and can threaten your horse’s long-term health and
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