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WIN A $8,000 CANYON ENTER AT OVERALL RATING: FIT RANGE: RIDE COMFORT: VALUE: BASICS: Trickle-down tech lets triathletes on a budget use the same aerodynamic design as the high-end Canyon models that won Kona from 2015 to 20
Triathlete2 min. leídosScience & Mathematics
Swim Goggles
RATING: BASICS: Simple but highly functional goggles, with a sleek, low-profile, snug eye socket fit, and anti-fog lenses ▶ Top marks for comfort, reliability, and fit ▶ Best value for the price tag ▶ Good for beginners through to elites ▶ Good field
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Anchorage Locals Take Overall Titles At Winter Triathlon National Championships
USA Triathlon’s 2021 National Championships season kicked off in January at the USA Triathlon Winter Triathlon National Championships, hosted by the Alaska Triathlon Club as part of the Tri-Flake Winter Triathlon at Kincaid Park. Alaskans dominated t
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Elevation Vacation
It’s no secret that when top endurance athletes want to lower their times, they get, well, high. High above sea level, that is. Countless studies have shown you can reap plenty of benefits by training at elevations of 5,000-8,000 feet—including incre
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Twitter Poll
@TriathleteMag This year I’m looking to buy a new… 17.3% Wetsuit 42.9% Bike 9.8% Smartwatch 30% Office chair for WFH Join the conversation at Follow us on Twitter: @TriathleteMag Get inspired on Instagram: @triathletem
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A Modest Proposal
At around mile 10 of the bike leg on her first sprint triathlon, Khadijah Diggs began to question her choices. More specifically, her choice of bike—an $89 fixed gear, or “fixie,” purchased at Walmart the week before the race. “Needing gears never cr
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Test Pattern
On the first weekend of 2021, Russia’s top junior biathletes gathered in the city of Izhevsk for a nationwide competition. The night before the races began, anti-doping officials from RUSADA—Russia’s heavily scrutinized anti-doping agency—descended o
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Bikes Clip-on Aerobars
RATING: BASICS: A fit-focused bar with a wide range of adjustability ▶ S-bend design provides a comfortable grip ▶ Highly adjustable ▶ Includes angled shims for pad angle adjustment ▶ Low price ▶ Torx hardware requires specific tools WEIGHT: 545g PRI
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The Beginner
I can spend… WHY: Not only will a wetsuit keep you warm—increasing your comfort factor and conserving valuable energy—but it’ll help make you more buoyant and faster. WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Fit is key. The neck should feel very snug, and there should be n
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First Wave
BACK AT IT: Charlotte McShane and Emma Hogan charge to the front of Race 1 of the 2XU Triathlon Series in January at St. Kilda Beach, Melbourne, Australia—where some racing has resumed. McShane won the sprint-distance race, Hogan was second, and Grac
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Run Race Kits
RATING: BASICS: Created specifically for hotter races with strategically-placed ice sponge pockets and high-end aerodynamic fabrics ▶ Zones for maximum aerodynamics and cooling ▶ Extremely comfy yet minimal chamois ▶ Amazing fit ▶ Plenty of storage (
Triathlete1 min. leídosSports & Recreation
Bikes Cycling Shoes
RATING: BASICS: An asymmetrical heel loop and one strap for fast transitions; holes for drainage and breathability ▶ Updated classic ▶ Good value ▶ Snug fit provides solid connection ▶ Inflexible and heavy strap ▶ Thick, soft inner material could ret
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We’re Thrilled With This New Partnership
It’s a new day for USA Triathlon Magazine. As you’ve discovered by now, USA Triathlon, the sport’s National Governing Body, and Pocket Outdoor Media, the sport’s largest media company and the publishers of Triathlete, have teamed up to bring you a ne
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The Veteran
WHY: Today’s superbikes are aerodynamically superior, allow you to store nutrition and hydration in an integrated way, and their setups tend to allow for an easier bike fit. WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Something that fits (get a professional fit!); a superbike
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We Hope To See You This Summer!
We missed the excitement and fun of hosting USA Triathlon Youth & Junior Nationals in Ohio last year and can’t wait until this summer when Youth & Junior Nationals is scheduled to return to West Chester, Ohio’s Voice of America Park on July 31 and Au
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FAVORITE ITEM OF GEAR YOU TESTED FOR THE BUYERS' GUIDE? Editor-in-Chief Kelly O'Mara Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch Senior Editor Chris Foster Zoot Wiki Wiki 2.0 wetsuit Senior Digital Editor Liz Hichens Zone3 Aeroforce-X tri suit Managing Editor Em
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The Baby-Faced Assassin
It’s just before 6 a.m. on a Wednesday morning and Matt Wilpers is sitting in an empty studio atop a sleek black stationary bike. He fiddles with the mic propped by his cheek, does a quick scan of the screen in front of him, then looks directly into
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Ask a Coach
How can I make my transition faster? The first step is to only have the essentials in your transition area — lots of extra stuff makes it hard to find the things we need to race. The second step is to practice! Run through your transitions before rac
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How Watkinson Fuels
4:45 a.m. Toast with coconut oil, peanut butter, and jam always hits the spot, plus coffee. “I look forward to breakfast when I wake up, and can’t start the day without it.” 9 a.m. My first workout of the day is usually followed by a big protein smoo
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I love music. All music. From punk to pop, EDM to emo, Gregorian chants to hip-hop. I spent the first decade of my career in the music industry, so music was my life for many years, encompassing all of my waking hours. Though music is no longer my ca
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It’s Called Progress
A BRIEF COMPLAINT FROM A SALTY TRIATHLETE This year, I got two fancy new bikes—a road bike and a TT bike. And because they are fancy and new, and because of all the exciting innovative innovation in cycling the last few years, nothing on the two new
Triathlete1 min. leídosAutomotive
Bikes Wheels
RATING: BASICS: Rim brake wheels with an aluminum rim and a carbon aero fairing ▶ Great stopping power ▶ Optimized for wider tires ▶ Robust ▶ Reinforced fairing to aid in tubeless installation and improve longevity ▶ Good value ▶ Braking surface is s
Triathlete4 min. leídos
Balancing Training & Parenthood
Becoming a parent is an amazing, life-changing experience that can put even the most dedicated athlete into a bit of a tailspin. All of a sudden your time is no longer your own and … oh yeah, what is sleep?! After a while, we emerge from the fog and
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Swim Women’s Wetsuits
RATING: BASICS: A mid-level wetsuit that's affordable, warm, buoyant, comfortable, and flexible ▶ 4mm and 5mm neoprene in the torso and legs provide ultimate buoyancy ▶ Slim fit for long and slender body types ▶ The thickest and warmest suit we teste
Triathlete2 min. leídosMedical
ChEAT Sheet
$25 for pack of 16 sachets We feel reasonably confident in saying we’ve tested almost every electrolyte drink out there—and then a few more—so it’s not often we find ourselves getting excited about a hydration mix. Liquid IV is no ordin
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The Seasoned Multisporter
WHY: Triathletes train a lot. We get hurt (or get close to it) a lot. One of the best at-home tools for both recovery and injury prevention is arguably a foam roller. WHAT TO LOOK FOR: A roller you’ll actually use often and hits the spots you need (l
Triathlete2 min. leídosMedical
Know Before You Go
Races and events are slowly returning to the calendar, and while we’re all thrilled to get back out there, it’s going to be a while before we return to a world of travel without COVID-19 concerns. Realistically, summer and fall triathlons will requir
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RATING: BASICS: Intelligently designed percussive massage gun with six changeable heads that target different body parts ▶ Quietest massage gun we’ve tested ▶ Six different speeds ▶ Noticeably loosens tight muscles ▶ Lightweight for travel ▶ Good bat
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Run Running Shoes
FIT: CUSHION: PERFORMANCE: BASICS: More cushion and stability than its predecessor, with all the original groundbreaking technology ▶ Very fast ▶ Improved traction for wet surfaces ▶ Sharp cornering can be sketchy ▶ Somewhat bouncy, awkward ride ▶ Hi
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Last Shot
There's no such thing as too much mud for pro Linsey Corbin, who put her own gear to the test with some grimy winter miles. ■
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