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Tributes To OSTAR Record Holder
Original Single-handed Transatlantic Race (OSTAR) and Round Britain and Ireland (RB&I) veteran Mary Falk has died aged 74. She competed in every major UK short-handed long-distance race, including three OSTARs, three Azores and Back Races (AZABs), on
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360 Degrees Of Horizon
It was movie night on board Heaven 47. Simon had rigged the fairy lights, a rom-com was playing on the tablet, and Rachel and Sam were in their dressing gowns, nails freshly painted, tucking into popcorn. “It was the most amazing thing ever,” recalls
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A Nutty Solution
I was installing a radar tower on top of my Merry Fisher 855 and all of the bolts were down a narrow gap between the top of the inner lining and the cabin roof, so putting nuts on them was proving difficult. I tried sticking nuts to my fingers with s
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Lack Of COLREGS Training Cited After Irish Sea Collision
Ireland’s Marine Casualty Investigation Board (MCIB) is recommending that sailors should have ‘appropriate training’ on the international regulations on prevention of collisions at sea (COLREGS) after a yacht was left extensively damaged in a collisi
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What Happened Next?
After leaving St Lucia, we headed south for St Vincent and the Grenadines. We had an incredible time and the Caribbean really did live up to expectations, both in terms of natural beauty and wildlife, excellent trade wind sailing and very friendly lo
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A Comfy Inflatable
Fed up with balancing uncomfortably on the tube of my inflatable when driving the outboard, I designed a removable seat. I cut ply to the width of a comfortable seat and the length equal to the gap between the two sponsons, then chamfered the ends to
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Alert And Track Added To SafeTrx
A new Alert and Track feature has been added to the safety app RYA SafeTrx. It will allow the app to transmit a location update every five minutes instead of just one singular position following the activation of an emergency call It is hoped that th
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Skipper’s Diary
The start was manic – nearly 200 boats jostling for position… not that it really matters on a 2,700 mile course but I admired the principle and gleefully joined in the pointless battle of skill, nerve, and who had packed the least baked beans. Such w
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Outboard Engine Hoist On A Hunter Duette
Got a question? Email Here’s just a selection of the latest questions from PBO readers. Email or write to the address on page 5 and our experts will answer your queries QTogether with a sailing partner I sail a Hunter Duette moored
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Boat Licence T&Cs Proposals
The Canal & River Trust is consulting boaters on proposals to change some of the terms and conditions of its private boat licence. Most will remain the same, but in a number of areas ‘they have been made clearer or strengthened to protect both boat o
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Top Tender Tips
From getting on and off the yacht to collecting supplies, visiting friends or simply going fishing, tenders play an important role in a boat owner’s life. Here are some of the things I’ve learned over the years: On a mooring or at anchor, getting abo
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GUEST EXPERT Kate Fortnam, The Green Blue campaign manager
I have been involved in The Green Blue, a joint environmental programme between the RYA and British Marine, since 2014 and a question I get asked quite often is: Is it illegal to discharge black water from my vessel into UK waters? The short answer i
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Diary Dates
■ Cruising Association AGM, 18 November, at CA House in London, ■ RYA Affiliated Clubs Conference, 21 November, online between 10am-3pm, with associated workshops streaming beginning 23 November, ■ Fernhurst Books Draycote Das
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How To Scull
Single oar sculling is the art of propelling a boat with an oar over the stern. It’s a useful way of moving a loaded dinghy that’s too laden for you to use both oars. Another usage is when coming alongside in an inflatable dinghy. This works especial
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Old Autolube Outboard Options
QI have a rather old Suzuki DT15 autolube outboard which starts and runs very well considering it’s age. However, with time all the oil delivery pipes have become brittle and leaky. As I’m having some difficulty sourcing new ones is it possible to re
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Boats Sunk In Avon Canal Sluice Gate Breach
The Environment Agency (EA) has said it will compensate boat owners whose vessels sunk when a sluice gate on the River Avon failed. Water levels dropped by about 1.8m (5.9ft) between Weston Lock and Bath Bottom after the fault at Twerton sluice gate.
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Life In A Boatyard
When my wife, Avery, and I took ownership of our Ericson 38-200, Walden in August 2018, we placed her in the yard to undergo an extensive refit (see PBOs May and June 2020). She’d been struck by lightning and needed all new instruments. Being 32 year
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Fuel Tank Gauge Calibration
QI have a Beneteau Oceanis 343 and would like to calibrate the fuel tank level sender. When the tank is full it reads over-range; half full is indicated by ‘full’ and empty – though I’ve never let it run dry – I suspect reads about 3⁄4 full. Mike Mac
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Caledonian Bookings Online
Scottish Canals has launched a new online booking system to make it easier and safer for boaters to buy digital transit licences for the Caledonian Canal. It follows a successful pilot of the new system on the Crinan Canal in August. Visit scottishca
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Christmas Gifts
You can never have enough drybags and Zhik’s high quality kit always makes good gifts at Christmas or any other time. The new 30lt dry backpack is made from a heavy duty 100% waterproof fabric with welded seams. Features include an internal zipped po
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The Pbo Experts
To ask a question email and include your address. Tony Davies has been building and repairing boats for more than 40 years Stuart Carruthers is the RYA Cruising Manager and has sailed extensively Duncan Kent tests yachts and equipme
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Plea To Save The Harwich Harbour Ferry
A £20,000 fundraising campaign has been launched to save the Harwich Harbour ferry after it was severely damaged during storm force winds in September. The former SS Canberra lifeboat, which takes passengers between Harwich, Shotley and Felixstowe, w
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New Books
Glorious Brest, the world’s largest maritime festival in photographs by Nigel Pert and Dan Houston, foreword by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston This dual-language celebration of the four-yearly Brest Maritime Festival really gives a flavour of the events and
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Dinghy Cruising In The Bristol Channel
Readers’ cruising destinations, near and far We pay for your published cruising stories and harbour updates. Email or write to the address at the top of page 5 For around 15 years I have been dinghy cruising up and down the Bristol
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Waiting For The Tide
with the editor To receive the editor’s monthly email newsletter, go to our website: As we arrive at the end of my third year as editor I give thanks for the bounteous inboxes, the PBO addresses (electronic or otherwise) that continue t
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Next Month
Practical powerboating •Jake Kavanagh on how to buy and run a small motorboat, new or used, on a tight budget Hurricane preparation •How one reader prepared his boat against one of the Atlantic Ocean's biggest threates Lock-hopping in France •Getting
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Splice With Confidence
When I see a boat with braided eye splices it impresses me more than any amount of brightwork or varnish. A professionally executed reverse-tuck eye splice on modern braided line adds an air of expertise and seamanship. The finished art (and I use th
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What Other Sailors Think Of The Severn
Sue Llewellyn sailed in wayfarer Nelly with Kirsty Abraham. “I love exploring the river wilderness on my doorstep,” says Sue. “But I don’t like it when something ‘pings’ ominously in the dark, when you’re sailing!” James Fergusson sailed with Annabel
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Long Term UK Cruisers In Europe Face Paying VAT Twice On Boats
Email news editor Katy Stickland at, tel: 0330 390 6738 UK sailors who have cruised continually in Europe for over three years without returning to the UK have until the end of 2021 to bring their vessels home or face paying VAT and
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