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iGolf Takes Over Golf Tips
It's an honor and privilege to announce that on March 6, 2020, iGolf Sports Network fully acquired Golf Tips Magazine. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Ted Odorico, founder and CEO of iGolf Sports Network LLC. I'm excite
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Moving From The Range To The First Tee
This is one of the many challenges faced by all levels of golfers, who continue to be frustrated by this transition. The answer to this question involves several possible mistakes golfers often make. With a little tweaking, you can make a successful
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Playing The Brain Game
Most golfers use the strokes they take on the golf course to assess whether they are improving. Utilizing handicap strokes and seeing the trend of the handicap is another assessment. But scoring your mental game is an effective way to assess how well
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Audio Visual Kinesthetic
One of the best things you can do for yourself is to find out what type of learning style you respond best to. While the validity of learning styles has long been debated by neuroscientists, many great educators feel they are not only valid but inval
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Powering Up With Fast Eddie!
Make sure the distance between left knee and right hip remains constant in the backswing. When right hip turns, left knee moves in conjunction. Pretend there is a rope tied from right hip to left knee and move in sync. The distance between right hip
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The Decision
As our country rebounds from the COVID-19 crisis, the safety of the world, along with the success of the global markets, will eventually come down to our world leaders and one decision: How and when to reopen the economy? Decisions made during crisis
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Golf Milestones 2020 Part 3
You started the 2020 golf season strong. Well done! But you’ve run into a few stumbling blocks along the way. It’s time to tweak the plan to meet and surpass your milestone scoring goals to ensure a greater chance that you consistently meet the chall
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The Illusion Of Control
It is paradoxical not only in golf but also in much of our everyday lives how much emotional energy we waste trying to control conditions outside our control. Traffic, the weather, world events and what gets reported in the news, caring what others t
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The Mountain
One of the biggest mistakes I see many golf teachers make during lessons is simple—they spend too much time focusing on the problem. In a typical one-hour lesson, I spend no more than 15 minutes showing students their swing issues on video or giving
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My Agony, My Ecstasy
Most Americans either play golf or know someone who plays golf. After all, according to the National Golf Foundation (NGF), almost 35 million Americans played golf in 2018. Lots of golfers, lots of stories, lots of excuses, lots of frustrations. I ha
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My Dear Friend Arnold
LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE ARNOLD PALMER YOU DON’T KNOW, THE ONE AWAY FROM THE “WHOA ARNIE,” “Go Arnie” and “Oh Arnie.” Arnold and I became friends in October of 1994 at his home in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, a few months before the Golf Channel went on t
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The Great Dunes
Golfers have come to anticipate extraordinary golf experiences at the highly ranked Northern Michigan retreat Forest Dunes, and soon there will be a new visually stunning and fun-focused golfing attraction there to greet resort guests. Situated on a
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Cool California
Today, I’m walking in the steps of Tiger Woods. And not “Chill Dad Tiger” or “Over-40 Underdog Tiger,” either. I’m talking Dominant, Smack You Down and Put You in Your Place Tiger. Our foursome just walked onto the 16th tee at Omni La Costa Resort &
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From The Back Nine To The Boardroom
Welcome to the first installment of From the Back Nine to the Boardroom! I am thrilled to bring this column to you. Let’s get to know each other a little. My name is Cindy Miller. I am from Buffalo, New York (the golf capital of the world), and still
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The Great Golf Ball Search
With so many golf balls overloading the marketplace, it’s difficult if not confusing to figure out what golf ball best fits your golf game. Here’s a sensible game plan to help you logically conduct and conquer The Great Golf Ball Search. First, ask y
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Don’t Leave Putts Short!
Clearly, when it comes to putting from 20 feet or less, we have one goal. Hole it! Make the putt! From 50 feet, getting it close and two putting is fine. Well done. BUT if you are not trying to make every putt inside 25 feet, you will lose to someone
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Keeping The Major Faith
So, where do we get off featuring Jordan Spieth on the cover of this issue? After all, he didn’t notch a PGA Tour win in 2019, dropping him to 44th in the World Rankings. As the season wore on, his vaunted putting stroke went into hiding and he could
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Avoid The Hip Slide
One of the most prevalent issues that I see with my students is sliding the left hip (right-handed golfer) too far toward the target in the downswing. Most of us, when we first started playing the game, were told to hit against a firm left side. When
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Gear Up For These Cool New Clubs
By the time you read this, the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show will have played out, putting this year’s menu of new golf clubs, from companies large and small, in full focus. But based on what Golf Tips editors have seen and heard as 2020 was born, here a
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The Pre-shot Routine
If you polled a combined group of PGA Tour Players and a deep list of the very best golf instructors, asking them to list the top 30 Golf Swings from 1970 to present, the great Jack Nicklaus might not make their list. Poll the same two groups as to t
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Golf Milestones 2020 Part 2
The 2020 Golf Season is right around the corner. With courses in many parts of the country opening soon, you need to be on top of your game now. Reaching your milestones early in the season is possible and requires just a little effort as your course
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Are you struggling with those shots around the green, whether to hit it high or low, make it stop quickly or skid and roll? Here’s my prescription for making the shot selection and execution process as simple as possible. In fact, what I love about t
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The Promise of Spotputting
There are many factors to consider while putting on the greens. Is my putt uphill or downhill? How fast are the greens? How much slope is there? Is the slope to the left or to the right? Is there a double break? Is there wind or grain present that wi
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Eliminating the BIG MISS
One of the biggest disappointments in golf is to look up and see your ball heading not just off-line, but way off-line! It can ruin your round, not to mention your day. In fact, hitting the driver off the planet on every hole far exceeds the aggravat
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On The PGA Tour with TrackMan
Most golfers these days have heard of TrackMan. We’ve seen and heard it mentioned on TV countless times. What is TrackMan? It is a Doppler radar device that tracks the golf ball, the club and the clubhead. TrackMan provides 26 data parameters on club
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The Lift Promises Golfers Back Pain Relief
There’s one inarguably necessary aspect of the golf swing: To do it halfway well, you’ve got to put your back into it. Most modern instructors would, in fact, argue that point, instead dubbing the “core” the golf swing’s true engine. OK, fine. So let
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Great American Golf Destinations
By the time the Masters rolls around every April, most avid golfers are roaring to get out there, shake off the off-season cobwebs and Take The Game Seriously Again. Emphasis on “out there.” America is a big place with big golf, of every flavor and s
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Reach Your Golf Milestones
In October I reached a personal golf milestone, based on a dream shared by millions of fellow players worldwide. I played the Old Course at St. Andrews. Three years earlier, during a 10-day Scotland jag with three other golf writers, I’d walked some
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Take The Right (Spine) Angle
One of the most difficult things for golfers to do is turn properly in the golf swing. Players tend to move either laterally (side to side) or vertically (away or toward the golf ball) as they swing the club. This additional movement in the swing cre
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