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Rupert Skelton
Rupert Skelton is an illustrator and animator currently based in Bath, UK. Working mostly from imagination, his highly distinctive style draws inspiration from the weird and wonderful with eclectic themes including architecture, people, nightlife and
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Grow Your Own
Have you ever grown your own food? Sometimes we become so used to buying our groceries from the supermarket that we forget how they came to be there in the first place. Today we import our food from all over the world, from South American avocados to
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West Bourne House School
What is the best thing about your school? The best things about our school are playtime, drama, food tech, languages, maths and boarder’s Friday night swimming as well as being with the friends we missed during lockdown. The teachers are super kind
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Meet Scoop Super Fan ROMY
Can you tell us about your life and interests? My name is Romy and I’m ten. I love dance (I want to be a dancer when I’m older), art, rollerskating, interior design (I just did up my bedroom) and make-up art. I have two younger brothers and I’m goin
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‘The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams.’
What is the future? In purely practical terms it is tomorrow, next week, next year and onwards. It is the time yet to arrive and it is a time that we can imagine and dream about. The present has been a challenge for us all this year but, fortunately,
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London UK
Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Flora. I am nine years old and my favourite animal is a tortoise. Where do you live? I live in East London. What is your family like? My family are crazy, especially my brother Clem. He is four and he
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Future Timeline
Drones are already everywhere. Soon they will be making deliveries to your door, from books to pizza! We already know that what is a healthy meal for one person might not be healthy for another. Your doctor will be able to take a sample of your bloo
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Debate Robots Are Dangerous And Are Becoming Too Intelligent: We Should Stop Production Of Robots Immediately
Imagine your children’s lives endangered by the screen they stare at every day. Robots have the capability to replicate human speech. This means that when on the phone you may be talking to a human or a robot. The reality of this is scary as it means
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Moon Landings
Fifty years ago, we knew what the future would be. Back then, children for the first time saw images sent from beyond the Earth. They saw Russian cosmonauts space walking and American astronauts walking on the moon. They looked up and saw daring men
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Scoop Club
One late afternoon, Angela was walking her dog, Dumpling, through the park. They walked past swings and slides and continued on into the woods, with its tall, towering trees. Angela spotted some of her friends in the distance, so she went over to tal
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Six Sheroes Who Shaped The Future
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Our Hopes For The Future
In the future I hope that we will live in a world of peace, and there will be nothing that can hurt the earth. I picture compostable plastic, endangered species repopulating and sea levels at a reasonable height. I also imagine vehicles that don’t pr
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Fortune Telling Through Time
When drinking loose-leaf tea, some of the leaves inevitably stick to the bottom and sides of the cup. Tasseography involves ‘reading’ the shapes formed by these leaves to predict the tea drinker’s future – an angel, for example, means good news is on
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Gareth’s Joke Battles
First up, weighing in at thirty-five books including the bestselling World of Norm series, JONATHAN MERES. What equipment will you need to go camping in the year 3000? Future tents I wrote a joke about the future. No one laughed. But they will …
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Ghost Month In Taiwan
In Taiwan and many parts of East Asia, ‘Ghost Month’ is a month-long celebration for people in the afterlife. People of Chinese heritage who follow Buddhism and Taoism believe that life continues after death, so it is important to look after their lo
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Dear Reading Doctor, Last week at school, we had to imagine what the world might be like in 100 years. Loads of people drew pictures of robots and floating cities and other stuff like that. It was really cool. I drew a picture of a time machine becau
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A Very Long Walk Home
Tell us a bit about yourself. I grew up in London, in Hackney, and really loved it. When I was nine, my Italian mum and English dad wanted a change so we all moved to Palermo in Sicily. It is a small city on the sea and really chaotic and fun and I
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READER Reviews
by Laura Dockrill and illustrated by Gwen Millward Piccadilly Press, £9.99 Review by Esmeralda, age eight This story is called Butterfly Brain. It is written in verse, and it is about a little boy called Asparagus – or Gus for short – who always
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Tuesday’s Children
Mrs Grimes hesitated in the doorway. She glanced nervously at the man in the dark suit, then at Andrew Caufield, who was one of her Year 6 students. He looked at her imploringly. ‘We wouldn’t usually leave a pupil alone in these circumstances, Mr Ste
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Guy Bass, Herbie Brennan, Joe Cowley, Rachel Delahaye, Tom Easton, The Etherington Brothers and David Follett, Philippa Forrester, Allen Fatimaharan, Tiffany Francis-Baker, Joe Haddow, Beatrix Hatcher, Jenny Jacoby, Gareth P Jones, Jonathan Meres, Sa
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Life Beyond Zoom
T B really H. It’s bleak. Life. Lockdown. London. The view. Zoom. I stare out of the window, while I listen to the teacher. OK, it’s a great view – if you like concrete, canals, shopping trolleys and railway lines … even the graffiti is boring: same
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The Scoop Podcast
A Very Special Announcement! The Scoop (our shiny new podcast) A listening treat for Scoop readers all about our favourite authors and books. Our first episode is hosted by Radio 2 DJ JOE HADDOW and features guests LIZ PICHON (of Tom Gates fame
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Smog Filled Skies And Poison Cars
Smog filled skies and poison cars And natures beauty behind bars Can we do what is right Before day turns to night Before it all ends Can we make amends After all said Will it be dead But we can turn it around And clean up the ground Fix what we’ve d
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Ch-ch-ch- Ch-changes
Most of this year has been a bit rubbish, hasn’t it? I’m talking about Coronavirus of course – Covid-19 – which has really impacted our lives in ways no one could have imagined. But, as we sit here in December, looking back on 2020, I think it’s impo
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Weird Future
I can tell you exactly how the future will unfold. There will be wars, earthquakes, pestilence, famine and floods. Friendly nations will become enemies and enemies will become friends. The current Pope will be the last of his line. Old men will compl
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Dear Scoopsters,
All the pupils at Westbourne House School have loved editing this issue about the future and you’ll never guess what … our Year Eights have been so inspired by the creative process that they are going to create their own school magazine. Every pupil
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Are You Wild About Wildness?
Millions of noisy tourists no longer drove through America’s huge national parks. Their wild animals, from bears to bobcats, emerged from their hiding places and roamed freely. Thousands of rare pink dolphins returned to play in the usually busy wate
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Dear Scoop readers,
I’m so thrilled to be the guest editor of your Black History Month issue. Its pages are bursting with wonderment and brilliance from Black people living in Britain today. I hope you love reading it as much as I loved being part of it. Black History M
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To The Grenadines
vegetables here like watermelons, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, okra, corn and string beans. We also went to see where they filmed the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which was awesome. We liked learning about the history in our homeschool and Mum let
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John Blanke
John Blanke, featured on our front cover, was a musician in the court of Henry VIII Scoop . He is one of the first recorded Black people in Britain, at least since the Roman times. Read all about his story in the cartoon on pages 18-19. ■
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