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Extr Terrestria
There’s something altogether contrary about designing a Fresnaye house that presides over the Atlantic Seaboard without giving a second thought to the views. But when it comes to this dazzling home, there’s no desire to follow the rules. You’ll find
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11 Back To The Future
Nando’s opened its very first store in Rosettenville in 1987. Yes, although it seems like the beloved fast-food brand has been around forever, it’s really just over 30 – a smack-in-the-middle millennial, if you like. These days it’s hard to imagine S
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We’re Still At Home.
As we speak, I’m typing away sitting at our living room table with my constant companion at the other end during these past lockdown months – my teenager – doing her matric schoolwork. That makes it the second issue of VISI done remotely … and it als
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Vision Quest
HOUSES DESIGNED BY THE MID-CENTURY ARCHITECT MICHAEL SUTTON inspire a rare devotion among Johannesburg design lovers. And so it was for Marilyn McDowell, who lives in a house that has a special place in Joburg design lore: the cluster or “compound”,
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12 Botanical Beauties
Born and raised in the rural northwestern Free State, artist and horticulturalist Chris van Niekerk has long had a deep connection with the natural world. "I was forever fascinated by the unfathomable beauty and perfection of flowers," he says. "I wo
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Contr Butors
What’s your favourite memory of the house you lived in as a child? Growing up in Tongaat, adventure never lay inside the house. We made imaginary jam from the soft red rock that contoured part of the property, dodged snakes that loved the guavadilla
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IT WAS 13 YEARS AGO, in 2007, that New Yorkers Jim Brett and Ed Gray were first enchanted by Cape Town. At the time, Jim was Head of Home at leading US retailer Anthropologie and was on a buying trip to South Africa with local design promoter and exp
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13 Taken for Planted
Horticulture major Kevin Brown founded Earthlings, an indoor plant company, in 2001 and has since gone on to establish a division called Moss Works SA. Moss Works creates moss installations, made from preserved moss imported from Europe, which are fu
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Visi English
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WHEN ROBYN AND CLINTON CAMPBELL TOOK THE PLUNGE AND BOUGHT THEIR FIRST stand-alone property in Cape Town’s Vredehoek four years ago, they settled on 235m2 with an existing house on it. Their initial plan was to keep some of the original house and go
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On the Curve
In revealing the inspiration for his striking Bodulo Bench, young designer Khosi Leteba says, “I was born and raised in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. But I'm of Sotho origin – that is where my grandparents are from. I often visit my family in Lesotho and wh
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Nothing 2 Hide
There’s an oversupply of architecture in South Africa that’s more concerned with what is on the surface than how well the space functions and how it relates to its surroundings. Overly worked and too often themed, it presents the “dream” of living in
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15 Open Season
1. Made from kooboo cane and leather, and large enough to take an afternoon snooze in, this new sleeping pod/cosy nest by Cape Town-based designer Porky Hefer is the perfect addition to any hideaway. Mud Dauber Sleeping Pod I by Porky Hefer (edition
Visi1 min. leídos GET THE LOOK
Only available from our store are beautiful and exclusive items like handcrafted cushions by Neimil, key rings by Pichulik, Pedersen + Lennard wall hooks, handy Pleeko pouches in a print created just for the VISI store, and a range of designer masks.
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Life After TV
With homes in London, Paris, Berlin and CapeTown, celebrated South African interior designer Hubert Zandberg has a fail-safe formula for decorating his homes. “Wherever I go in the world, I turn my immediate environment into a small town,” says Huber
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16 A Thread Spread
The African Jacquard story began when French-born Christine Daron first came to Africa 35 years ago. After 11 years in Gabon and travels through the Congo, Angola and Burkina Faso, Christine decided to make South Africa her home in 1997. While she ha
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The iconic TOGO seating range was designed in 1973 by Michel Ducaroy and remains one of LIGNE ROSET’s best-sellers to this day. This timeless collection is now available in PEARL ALCANTARA fabric. ■
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1 Press Gang
Tom Dixon has already produced several designs that genuinely merit the adjective “iconic” – quite an impressive achievement for someone with no formal design training who started out welding one-off furniture pieces to make ends meet while playing i
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Park Life
As an architectural photographer, I always appreciate a project that encourages a symbiotic relationship between a built structure and its surrounding environment. This oscillation between permanence and impermanence reaffirms my belief that we can s
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Fade To White
1. CASSINA takes its inspiration from the genius of Le Corbusier for a collection of three trays in pure, unglazed porcelain. These trays borrow some of the bas-relief symbols chosen for the walls of the buildings of Chandigarh, the city designed in
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2 Design Journey
Although Megan joined Andrea at Anatomy Design in 2010, Andrea had already designed their first piece, the Lab Light, in 2009. This design was chosen by Design Indaba as the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa in 2010, which gave us wonderful recog
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18 Shop Style
“Modern Provisions For Modern Hippies” proclaims the glass frontage across this diminutive grocery store in Amsterdam’s trendy Haarlemmerdijk. Klein the Grocer sells only plant-based food, and there are few mainstream brands on the shelves. Instead,
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Design Deconstruction MINIMALISM
Any discussion about Minimalism as a design movement would have to start in the East. Traditional Japanese design, with its concepts of ikebana (precise floral arrangement), wabisabi (authenticity in natural imperfection) and ma (spatial intervals),
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3 Situation Scapes
Pebofatso Mokoena's practice isn’t one that's based in a moment, he says. “It's more like in situation-scapes that merge, mingle, collide, slice, become miniaturised and expand at different moments of making work.” And that making includes sometimes
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19 Simply Electric
When it comes to design, electric vehicles (EVs) present something of a dilemma for established car brands. Should they look suitably futuristic to match all that clever tech under the bonnet – like the BMW i3 – or should you rather play it safe and
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Take Five
Johannesburg-based illustrator and multimedia artist Seth Pimentel (aka African Ginger) uses childhood, relationships, mental illness, personal experiences and current affairs to inspire his mixed-media works. Instagram: @african_ginger Andrea Lian
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4 Heritage of Luxe
Valoyi’s locally handmade handbags showcase a curated range of traditional textiles that celebrate West Africa, South Africa, Mali and the Democratic Republic of Congo. “I want to do my part in the redefining of the African narrative, my part in rais
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20 Flip It
Samsung may have gotten it wrong by rushing to market with the Galaxy Fold, but the company’s second attempt at a folding device has proved that feedback is important. The new phone is the dinky foldable Galaxy Z Flip, reminiscent of the iconic Motor
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Once travel restrictions are lifted, I am looking forward to the sensorial experience of seeing physical artwork. I want to have lengthy conversations with artists and smell wet oil paint, clay, resin or other materials in their studios again. I want
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