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Stunning Summer Sale
Bonhams’ August sale (what earlier this year we were calling ‘April Stafford’) is set to be immense... despite being a few months behind original schedule! It will feature a vast array of machines, including the amazing Morbidelli Collection plus myr
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Split Singles
The attraction of the split single appealed to numerous firms throughout the first half of the 20th century because of its ability to offer better management of the induction and exhaust phases of the humble two-stroke. Unlike a conventional set up
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The neatly-styled engine gave few clues to the unconventional layout within. Aluminium, vertically split crankcases have a right side roller-bearing main, with a single ball bearing on the left, the drive side. These support a 64.5mm throw iron crank
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Billy McCosh
One of Ireland’s leading racers of the 1950s and 1960s, Billy McCosh has died aged 81. A native of Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Billy’s first race was in 1956. During the 1960s and 70s, he was a regular at the TT, winning many replicas and finishing sixth
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The Story Of A Greeves
Most Pre-67 trials bikes in current use bear little resemblance to how they left the factory, so when I found a rare example of one that was still virtually standard, I set about making it competitive in today’s events with minimum compromise to its
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New 350 And More
As 1923 dawned, over 20 British makers – including Brough Superior, Coventry Eagle and Morgan – fitted JAP engines to some/all of the machines they made. JAPs were also employed by makers of four-wheel cyclecars, and overseas makers. Add to this that
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The Way We Were In September
Now it its third year (1914, 1919 and 1920) the Scott Trial was already famous, with this year’s Yorkshire-based trial attracting 132 entries, of which just under half completed the tough event, described humorously in the programme as: ‘Not a race,
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Trying Times
OUR worlds have shrunk, significantly. Since the UK entered lockdown in March most things have stopped: no live events; no shows; no spectating and no socialising. Indeed; the only change in scenery I’ve experienced is the walk from my kitchen to the
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Trip to Byland Abbey
AJS of Wolverhampton made its first V-twin before the First World War, in the form of the 1912 5hp, 631cc Model D, equipped with two-speed gearbox, which was a scaled up version of the same found on the firm’s 292cc single cylinder offerings. Conceiv
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Book Review
“Colin Seeley 1936-2020” The machines – the magic – the man Celebrating an industry great Written and edited by: James Robinson Available from: Mortons Media Group, Media Centre, Morton Way, Horncastle, Lincs LN9 6JR Tel: (01507) 529529 Hardback,
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Dictionaries and internet searches inform the usual spelling of the noun is ‘accessory’ – though it may be spelled ‘accessary’ – and the plural noun is ‘accessories’. And in brief definition: “It is a product which may be added to another item to mak
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Special Brew
The Classic MotorCycle is brought to you by...
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Recommended Reads
This beautifully put together and presented hardback book came to my notice via a review in, I believe, the journal of the VMCC. The price inclusive of postage of £40 from the Velocette Owners’ Club seemed a bit pricey for a book on a make much admir
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For such a tiny island, Guernsey has quite a thriving motor scene which includes not only motorcycles but cars too. The island relies heavily on tourism of all sorts and has been hit quite badly by the effects of the pandemic. Barry tells us the isla
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Pongy Perton
I very much enjoyed the piece on old airfield circuits in the July issue. Does anyone remember Perton? It was a disused airfield not far from Wolverhampton, which for a brief period during the 1950s/60s was used for club events. I was pleased to lear
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A Brief Chat With... Barry Brown
Trying to pinpoint a date when motorcycle sport began is likely impossible, but the comment ‘when the first two motorcyclists met’ isn’t so wide of the mark. What is known is the history of some early events and Kop Hill hillclimb was right there at
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This Month’s Star Letter Wins
The writer of this month’s Star Letter wins a pair of Weise Union gloves worth £69.99. Retro style meets modern protection in this smart summer design. Full grain leather, TPU knuckle armour and touchscreen compatible. Find out more at thekeycollecti
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Kop Hill climb
The Kop Hill revival in 2009 was originally promoted by the local town council of Princes Risborough, supported by the Bean Car Club, and intended as a one-off. However, with an estimated 5000 enthusiasts turning up, clearly there was enthusiasm fo
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Readers’ Letters
As an occasional reader of The Classic MotorCycle (for which I apologise) and Douglas enthusiast, I am usually attracted by the cover picture, this time the classic Thunderbird on the August 2020 issue doing the trick. Having read the articles, I t
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How are you surviving the lockdown here in the UK? Hopefully quite nicely… however, it has played hob with the traditional way those of us building bikes acquire their bits and pieces. With this Triumph project at a stage where the easy stuff is done
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Old Red
The Model 99 was added to the Norton range in 1956 for those buyers looking for more power and speed than the Model 88 could muster. Pretty much identical to the 88, it ran the same parallel twin engine – the capacity hike from 500 to 600cc achieved
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A Lesson Or Two
Glass fibre and the materials used in it are not the nicest of things and can cause health issues if misused, so wear safety equipment such as eye protection, latex gloves and a breathing mask when doing this work. If you’re a novice or first time us
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Norton Dominator Model 99
ENGINE: Air-cooled, ohv, parallel twin CAPACITY: 596cc BORE AND STROKE: 68x82mm COMPRESSION: 7.4:1 POWER: 34bhp@6500rpm LUBRICATION: Dry sump CARBURETTOR: 1 1/16in Amal 376 STARTING: Kick ELECTRICS: 6v Lucas Alternator GEARBOX: Four-speed P
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Glass Fibre
Glass fibre has been used to make bits and pieces of motorcycles and other things for a long time. The material got a bad press when rip-off merchants cashed in on the café racer craze and produced petrol tanks which were so badly made they were dang
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Editor’s Welcome
Welcome to another edition, somewhat incredibly lockdown number four. At least we’re a ‘little bit’ more normal now – I even managed my first pint in a pub since March 22, when we had a ride over to a ‘classics on the green’ event at a pub 15-odd mil
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Store Cupboard Special
Welcome to part two of our project. To recap – we’ve the basis of a Velocette Viper, the idea being to use as many parts as possible, without spending a fortune, simply. Of course, people’s choices are regulated by a number of factors and with this p
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Misunderstood Motorcycles
If there was a Society for the Defence of Unjustly Maligned Bikes (so, DUMB?), I reckon I’d be a shoo-in for its presidency. Admittedly, I haven’t had spectacular success suggesting that Harley-Davidsons aren’t all unwieldy monsters, or that modern m
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Bickers Reigns Supreme
Though the big news in the UK during July 1961 was the appearance in Manchester and London of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space earlier that year, Suffolk boy Dave Bickers was high-flying in another way, as he powered his Greeves to wins in both r
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Resurrection Man
As Healey only ever made 12 of its Ariel-powered motorcycles – or 10 if you discount the two prototypes which were rather different from the (limited) production run – spare parts are not exactly thick on the ground, and as the starting point was a b
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