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WWW.FASTBIKESMAG.COM Email: Editor: ‘Dangerous’ Bruce Wilson, Designers: Michael Baumber, Charlotte Fairman Production Editor: Pauline Hawkins Words: Steve Parrish, Tim Neave, Tom Neave, Jon Urry,
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2004-2008 BMW K1200S Fair play, you have to hand it to BMW because the way the company has transformed its motorcycle department’s image from the ‘pipe and slippers’ rider it was associated with in the late 1990s to right at the cutting edge of techn
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Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 Hipster Havoc
There’s a lot to be said for the hipster lifestyle, and those who lap it up – you know, the ones who like to spend excessive amounts of cash on things like beard oils, vapes and retro-spec clothes. As I’m sure you can tell quite easily from my barnet
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Tim Neave
This is my third year in Stock 1000, and the year I need to make it count. I’m feeling strong, I’m fired up for it andI know, for the first time on a thou, I’m hitting the ground running. The big news, and the reason I’m confident, is that I’ve signe
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We’ve always been big fans of Triumph’s Speed Triple since it came on the scene all the way back in 1994. And for 2021, it’s brand new – oh, and it’s lighter, more powerful and more aggressive than ever… When Triumph updated their Speed Triple back i
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Dear FB, here’s one from the good old days: my Fireblade with the Grimselpass and Furkapass, Switzerland, in the background. Here’s hoping for 2021. David Harrold You can win a pair of Weise Apex Gloves by simply writing the Fast Bikes Star Letter. T
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Aprilia Release Their Middleweight Tuono!
It’s not all big-capacity brutes from Aprilia though,as they’ve also dropped their new Tuono 660 for what will be the sister to the RS 660,and Aprilia’s new middleweight naked. Much like the relationship between their range-topping RSV4 and Tuono V4
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TIME ON TEST: TWO MONTHS ODOMETER MILES BHP: 40 GAIN: 0 NEXT AIM: MORE SADDLE-TIME Well, I’m not going to lie to you all; the last few months haven’t quite gone down exactly as I’d planned in terms of this baby. Originally, I’d planned to run it in g
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Andrew Dalton
PENAL SERVITUDE PREVENTER The Fast Bikes Legal Clinic is compiled by Andrew Dalton, and his bike riding barristers and solicitors at White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors. They deal with personal injury claims and their sister company, Motor Defence Tea
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Keep In Mind…
■ Chances are the loom has been cut or modified to suit track-only usage. If you’re wanting to put road fairings, lights and indicators back on, you’ll probably need a whole new loom. If the ECU has been mapped for the track, you might need a new one
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Trackin’ Back To Road
We’ve all been there, with some money burning a hole in our pockets, trawling the internet looking to blow the lot on a motorbike. Unless you’re particularly well heeled, there’s always a limit to the budget and therefore a limit to what your options
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We’ve been hearing a lot of rumours about an updated RSV4 for 2021 for yonks now, and finally, Aprilia have delivered the goods. Sure, it’s not a brand-new bike but it’s still exciting, as the runner-up to the last two years’ Ultimate Sports Bike tes
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Steve Parrish
Well 2021 hasn’t been exactly how we imagined, has it? It’s looking a lot like 2020 did so far, but just with some colder and wetter weather. But then again, it means we’re getting closer to the end of this and hopefully by summer we can have a bit o
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Second Opinion Bruce’s Bluff
A few years back I rode a Desmo. It was a memorable occasion, made all the more so by a sticking clutch, bad brakes and dodgy old tyres. Being honest, I was on eggshells the whole time, terrified of lobbing it and having to explain to my wife that we
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Win A Trackday Competition
Here at Fast Bikes magazine, we love trackdays. So much so, we wanted to give something back to you, the reader! We’ve teamed up with the lovely lot over at No Limits Trackdays to offer a free trackday every month! All you have to do is send us a pic
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It’s been a busy month for the Italian factory,as their latest release comes in the form of some little tweaks to their Tuono V4, which is set to make it a better road bike than ever before. This is because it has the new tank and seat unit from the
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Rounding Off
Temptation can be a terrible thing, and carrots don’t come much bigger or juicer than these heaven-sent homologation specials. As to which was the most worthy of the £60k-plus required to park one in your front bedroom (bikes like these don’t deserve
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Second Opinion Thompson’s Take
I really didn’t know what to expect from the MV. Sure, it looked sexier than a glamour model smeared in chocolate, but was it going to deliver on that hype, or let me down like a cheap inflatable flamingo? There was only one way to find out… once I’d
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Honda Cbr1ooorr-r Fireblade Sp
We absolutely loved Honda’s new CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP when it arrived on the scene last year, thanks to its incredible skills and track. And even though the whole Covid thing did a bit of a number on the development of the new bike last year in it
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F4, No More…
Having warmed up our world back in ‘98, MV’s F4 familia bowed out of production back in 2019 as the impacts of Euro4 legislation proved a bridge too far for this iconic motorcycle’s four-cylinder motor. If MV’s pedigree suggests anything, it’s that t
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Gary Johnson
I’m not going to lie,after the last time we spoke, I was expecting to have a bit of downtime to relax and chill out, maybe even have a few beers… but somehow I feel like I’m busier than ever! With the lockdown going on, it hasn’t been exactly excitin
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Next Month
V-TWINS VS. V-FOURS Was Ducati right to pie-off V-twins and go to V-fours? We slogged it out on a 1299 and V4 Foggy to find the answer. SMALL WHEELS, BIG KICKS Dangerous won the golden ticket to scrap it out among 90 teams in the most bonkers 125 rac
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Track Craft
For the ultimate one-to-one instruction which includes everything from initial bike checks to video playback and on/off track tuition tailored to suit all abilities from a former WSBK racer, check out Dean Ellison Rider Coaching at
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Follow The Leader
If you’ve been a naughty biker, you need some decent legal advice. Get it from Q I was riding with a group of lads the week before lockdown one. I was fairly new to the group, which organises rideouts through social media. I fo
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Christian Iddon
Well, there has been absolutely naff all occurring lately. Boris and his clan are still adamant the best course of action is to carry on locking us all up and despite the fact I worship the gods of speed, MX tracks have not yet been opened under the
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Ktm Pull The Covers Off Their 890 Duke
Fancy something a little beefier than the 790 Duke, but not as hardcore as the 890 Duke R? Well, KTM really do have you covered with their new 890 Duke, the latest addition to their line-up. Replacing the 790 Duke, and being essentially a softer, mor
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Claudio Castiglioni…
Think Italian, think Claudio. This legendary figure has played a huge role in most of the major Italian marques since the 70s, and actively formed the Cagiva Group that went on to achieve equally huge success on the race track, street and in business
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Ducati Desmosedici
Sometimes when the alarm clock hits you at stupid o’clock in the morning, it’s all too tempting to pick it up and throw it out the window in a bid for some extra beauty sleep, something which Bruce, Carl and I are in need of every precious second’s w
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You & Yours
To be in with a chance of winning this most tasteful of tops, just email us ( or post on our Facebook page with a pic of you, your bike and a few words about it, where you’ve been on it and why you rate it so highly. We’ll
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I’ve done a shedload of interviews over my time that have been both enjoyable and insightful, but I’ve got to say, this was one of the best. To hear Norton’s CEO come out and say that “this is a strategy for turning Norton into a brand that can compe
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