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Water-cooled V4 DOHC, 16 valves 1198cc 76 x 66mm 7.5:1 201bhp @ 9150rpm 5-speed, shaft final drive Tubular steel 43mm Egli Twin Koni shocks, adjustments for preload 4-piston Brembo calipers, 320mm discs 4-piston Brembo caliper, 320mm disc 110/80 x 18
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Show us Yours
These are a few shots of my current collection that your readers might find of interest. They include a 1981 Honda CX500, a 1984 Honda XL250 and, last but not least, my work in progress, a 1973 Suzuki GT550. The Hondas didn’t need much apart from som
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We make no apologies for this story – we do know it’s got four wheels, but ask any child of the 1980s what names like the Hornet, the Lunchbox, the Grasshopper and the Wild One mean and we bet they’d be thinking ‘Tamiya’. Yes, our sponsors of ‘The Wa
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The V Four Back Story – Losers And Winners
The V-Max’s motor has an interesting, if poorly documented history yet, ironically, shares its layout, if not its design, with numerous Hondas of the period. The concept of a V four engine in a motorcycle makes a lot of sense, mass centralisation bei
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Pre-order Your Cmm!
In these difficult times, it’s often the case that people of our age may not be outside, shopping or buying our favourite magazines – so we’ve got just the thing for you: pre-order. Simply scan the fuzzy square thing with your smartphone (c’mon, we’v
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Changing Vrooms!
Last issue left-off with a largely built Mille, alive and kicking thanks to the helping hands at Aprilia Performance, so why does it look like it’s been stripped by a breaker for parts? Well, because despite the temptation to bolt on a set of tidy fa
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Restless Native!
If you’re of a certain age and even from a certain part of this glorious Union of ours, you’ll recognise the two characters lovingly emblazoned on this Suzuki GP 125. Yes, these are the characters Clown and Wolf-Man, also known as Ronnie and Will,
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That’s Rich!
Things have been a bit slow again this month with my bike projects as I’ve been waiting for parts to arrive and the chrome plating, the tank, etc., to return for my Z1B Super Six. Mrs M. then hinted that the house could do with a bit of a spruce up,
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I STILL Love The GSX-R1100G!
About my letter published in the May issue. Thinking back, I managed to get the spindles the wrong way round; the Bandit had solid ones and the GSX hollow! Considering the knowledge base of your readership and contributors, I thought I’d better ’fess
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Max-imum Impact!
One short blast was sufficient to be reminded of just what earned the big bad V-Max its reputation. When the traffic briefly cleared on a wide A-road somewhere in Surrey, I wound back the throttle and the V4 engine went to work, revving hard to send
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Water-cooled V4 DOHC, 16 valves 1680cc 90 x 66mm 13.6:1 198bhp @ 8950rpm 5-speed, chain final drive Tubular steel and aluminium plate 41mm WP usd, fully adjustable Twin TechnoFlex shocks, fully adjustable 6-piston PVM calipers, 320mm discs twin-pist
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The Way We Were…
Linda Wallace says: “Figured I’d send some old but gold pictures courtesy of my partner who doesn’t have email! Great memories!” Volkhard Schulz says: “Hi CMM, from Germany! I’ve attached two pics with my beloved Elsie called ‘Galadriel’ (the bike
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Assault And Battery
Covid-19 has meant many of us are riding fewer miles, so bikes are laid up for longer: batteries lose power over time, so what should we do? Lead Acid batteries will be labelled with reference numbers starting with the letters YB, CB or GB (e.g. YB14
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Prize Winner
Hello from The Engineering Shed! I’ve just finished the latest mag which yet again does not disappoint... especially at the moment. I felt I needed to spring to your defence after recent comments on content. So, going back a bit, the features on ‘Bet
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Purple Patch!
This month is the final part of the varied tales of woe on this subject of the worst bike buy I have ever made. I have sufficient photographs to keep this particular misery going on for years, but I am sure you are as fed up with reading my moaning
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Launched in the US; popular despite high price Officially sold in France, detuned to 100bhp New colours, seat and front wheel 100bhp model sold in UK; mods to ignition and starter motor Updated with thicker forks, bigger front discs and new caliper
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I thoroughly enjoyed your supplement about finding parts for older motorcycles. It’s a shame there are not any Garelli dealers left for me to ask about my Tiger Cross. I particularly enjoyed the article about the armies of NOS (infantry); I wonder ho
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What To Buy And How Much To Pay
Some markets had their models restricted to 95bhp and if you’re after a V-Max you’re surely after the power that goes with it? Check out the V-Max forum for all the details. If a vendor claims their restricted bike no longer is, check what they say a
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What’s the right sort of money to be spending on a project? I ask simply because there are so many opinions on what now seems to be a highly emotive subject within the classic world. Although I warn others not to buy project bikes in boxes, I’ve do
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Four-stroke, liquid -ooled, DOHC, 4 valve, V4 1198cc 76.0 x 66.0mm 10.5:1 145bhp @ 9000rpm 89.6ft-lb @ 7500rpm 4 x Mikuni BDS35 with V Boost 1590mm/65.6 inches 254kg /560lb 274kg/604lb 2300mm /90.6 inches 795mm /31.3 inches 1160mm/45.7 inches 765mm/3
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Cover Story!
I know it could be some time before you read this, as I’m well ahead, but as I’m tapping away at this it’s late Jan and down in Kent we are in Lockdown and in tier 5. Sadly, in December I heard the terrible news that Denis Curtis of CMR had passed aw
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Jim Lindsay 1954-2021
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics is sad to announce the passing of Jim Lindsay, one of our most valued contributors. Editor Bertie Simmonds writes: Jim had only been a friend for the last decade or so, but he’d been a good one. Getting him on board CMM a
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Piston Broke!
The sad reality is that many bikers don’t seem to notice a deterioration in the performance of their life-saving stoppers, nor feel any great urge to change the brake fluid as sanity dictates. Given that these simple, but essential components are sav
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Win Bridgestone Kit
Every month, we’re giving away a Bridgestone Oxford Products Oximiser 3X to the winner of our Star Letter! No cash alternatives, before you ask! Simply get in touch by sending emails to: or direct to the editor at BSimmon
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Original OGRI!
Remember our story on Ogri and its equally legendary creator, Paul Sample, from August last year? Well, why not pop along to The BlackShed Gallery, off the A21 (near the Route 1066 Café) to see some original artworks as part of a display. From May 21
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YAMAHA Vmax (1985)
Water-cooled 72-degree V4 DOHC, 16 valves 1198cc (76 x 66mm) 7.5:1 35mm Mikuni downdraft 143bhp @ 8000rpm 5-speed 40mm telescopic Twin dampers, adjustments for preload 2, opposed-piston calipers, 298mm discs Single-piston caliper, 298mm disc 18in; ca
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Gaskets For Nowt!
After failing to cop the correct gaskets for my S32 Suzuki... twice over, I decided I’d knock them up myself. I had a roll of good-uality gasket sealing paper that I’d got at the Stafford Show a couple of years back. It’s readily available in vario
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Creating the Mighty Max!
The V-Max was developed in and for the States, but the man who did most to create it was Japanese. In the early 1980s Akira Araki, who later became General Manager of Yamaha’s motorcycle operation in Japan, was the leader of a development team that h
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Rocket Men!
Ron Haslam is a living legend. Not only did he have his own very successful racing career, but he helped many young riders in his time and also inspired many more with the Honda Ron Haslam Race School. What’s more, his son Leon followed in dad’s foot
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Very Maximum!
It was only a ‘cruiser’, so what could go wrong? This was the line going through my head when I saddled up a Yamaha V-Max for the very first time way back in 1995. Hell, I’d ridden a Honda CBR900RR FireBlade by this point, Suzuki’s GSX-R1100 and many
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