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What Might Have Been…
There is no doubt the classic world has seen an explosion of interest since those far off days when a few oddball enthusiasts started celebrating their love for old motorcycles and the sports they competed in, by hosting dedicated, or adding a classi
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Mega Choice
Raking through the archive at Mortons for background on Maico for this feature brought to light some interesting revelations which maybe some people will know and maybe others won’t. In the mid-Fifties for instance the FIM proposed a championship for
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A Little Bit Of History
From inauspicious beginnings an engineer named Maisch started producing engines in the 1920s under the Maisch & Co brand, with 98cc and 123cc units keeping the company going until the Second World War. Postwar the company branched out and made comple
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Some Weights And Measures
In the trials world weight is a moot point, a bike which can feel heavy may well be lighter than one which is actually heavy and vice versa. It all depends where the weight is. Don Morley managed to tease a few ‘works’ weights from normally cagey fac
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OSSA Stuff and Vintco
If any indication was needed on the health of the classic dirt bike world, then the announcement by Gary Warr of OSSA Stuff that he’s taken on the supply of Vintco parts for the UK is a positive one. Says Gary: “As a racer of OSSA Phantoms I’ve dealt
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Same Place Different Year
In 1960 Gordon Jackson was certainly one of the top trials riders in the sport, his factory AJS registered VYW 659 was a superb machine and this was to be his third win of the SSDT – so far so good Creeping up the 1960 leaderboard as the week wore on
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Date Time
As things stand for 2021, championship meetings include: April 25: Bath Classic @ Yatton Keynell, near Chippenham, Wilts. May 23: Westmorland MCC @ Crooklands, near Kendal, Cumbria June 13: Acorns MCC @ Butterton, near Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffo
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Sammy Miller Museum
In the picturesque New Forest area of Hampshire, Belfast man Sammy Miller has made his home and as well as his business activities it is also the home of his collection of classic motorcycles. Naturally the trials world features highly but not exclus
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SSDT and Pre-65 Scottish Trial cancelled
The following press release from Edinburgh DMC about the SSDT and Pre-65 Scottish Trial is reproduced here in full: "Due to the current coronavirus restrictions still being in place, the Edinburgh & District Motor Club Board of Directors has taken th
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If You Have…
…either a Greeves or a unit Beezer single then these two books ought to be on your bookshelf. The Greeves story by Rob Carrick and Mick Walker covers pretty much everything Greeves – on and off-road – and is a fascinating history of the company and i
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A Glance At… ISDT Gold
Relying on something technically obsolete to showcase a company clinging onto its existence on the international stage doesn’t sound like a recipe for success does it? Yet for the 1973 ISDT, Triumph did just such a thing and it very nearly worked for
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Highland Classic Two-Day – Edition Fantic
One of the ‘must do’ events in the classic trials calendar is Inverness and DMCC’s Highland Classic Two-Day on the Alvie estate near Aviemore. This all off-road event boasts all the traditional trials terrain a rider could want and then some, and w
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New Series Name And Sponsor
Almost since its launch the popular National Twinshock Championship trials series has been supported by Kia Motors, thanks to the efforts of Kia dealer David Dench. The relationship has worked well, however Kia’s focus has moved to electric vehicle
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As Different As Chalk And Cheese Part 2
In classic sport, choosing what to ride is often less about what’s winning and more about what you fancy riding. There will be those who need to win and therefore will carefully pick out a particular machine because it already has the attributes need
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Times Gone By
From an enthusiast's point of view I was still mulling the sad passing of motocross aces Bryan 'Badger' Goss and Joel Robert when news reached me that Spanish trials legend Manuel Soler had died. I had briefly met both Badger and Joel at various Telf
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Dirt Products
With supplies of ex-wd boots all but dried up, the classic enthusiast has to look elsewhere for stout footwear. Enter Gaerne who have been putting the boot in since 1960 so are fairly classic themselves. Imported in the UK by Malcolm Rathmell Sport,
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Drumlanrig Grand National
If ever a setting for a scramble could be described as awe-inspiring, then the Galloway MCC Ltd’s Scottish Classic Grand National, in the grounds of Drumlanrig Castle, has to be up there with the best. Galloway MCC Ltd has a great heritage stretching
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Anniversary Plus One
We all know what happened in 2020 as far as off-road sport was concerned – virtually nothing, writes Dave Gittins. Although one or two clubs managed a couple of practise meetings with no spectators and the Llanthony and Bath clubs pooled their resour
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Classic British MX series
As you will see elsewhere in this issue, the popular MX championship run by Dave Gittins through the AMCA, hopes to run a programme of events in 2021. There’s more in the feature on p60 and naturally all things depend on Government pandemic restricti
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Works Trials Bikes Owners' Group
At the Ventoux Trial Classic last October, the WTB (Works Trials Bikes owners' group, recently formed to preserve historical trials motorcycles), was displaying for the first time four exceptional machines, some of them previously hidden from public
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A Favour Repaid
Ian Cheetham and I have known each other a long time, we’ve been in the same trials club since the Seventies when we rode modern trials and now seem to have gravitated to the pre-65 and twinshock thing together too. This pandemic has caused all sorts
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Classic Dirt Bike
Editor: Tim Britton 07739 615605 Columnists: John Dickinson Contributors: Tim Britton Media Ltd Photographers: Fiona Watson, Nick Nicholls Collection at Mortons Archive Production editor: Sarah Wilkinson Art Editor: Kelvi
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R.E.H Forks
R.E.H Forks, Britain's answer to competition forks for pre-65 trials and pre-74 motocross, has developed a new Booster Spring for its Classic Moto-X Forks. The Booster fits inside the main MX spring, to selectively stiffen the front suspension. "
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In The Workshop
With events having been cancelled or postponed it’s provided plenty of time to sort out those jobs which have built up. It even got to the stage where attention could be paid to our IT465 Yamaha – but before we revisit this awesome machine it is sens
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The Classic Dirt Bike Show
It was almost duty bound to happen, once there was a classic sporting scene, along came a show to cater for it. There’d been a few attempts to build things up and all of the classic shows such as the Classic Motorcycle Show and the Classic Motorcycle
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Kev Smith
Like many racers, Kev had a bit of a break from competing while the work bit took priority. The 55-year-old gas fitter said: “I stopped racing in 1994 and while always interested in the scene didn’t come back to competing until 2015.” Any particular
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Smile Please
Birthdays and anniversaries, Christmas and new year are all occasions which we love to celebrate, in normal times with our friends and family – then there are other occasions, those smaller events which also require a celebration. While national succ
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Remembering Those Who Have Passed
One of the saddest parts of reporting on the subject we’re passionate about is recording those stars of our scene who are no longer with us. They may well have been super star riders or people who did their bit to help make not only our sport a nicer
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CDB Show: Pandemic Forces Change Of Date And Venue
The Hagon Shocks supported Classic Dirt Bike Show is as much at the mercy of this global pandemic and official attempts to deal with the virus as everyone else is. So, for 2021 only, the best classic off-road show in the world will decamp from Telfor
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Super Swede
In the world of competition motorcycles success is never guaranteed, it can’t be, there are too many variables. On a MX GP startline there isn’t a rider who doesn’t think they can win – the simple fact they’re on the startline means they are focussed
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