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The French styling of the stunning La Provence on Belmore Road in Melbourne, Victoria, is sure to capture the hearts of new-home buyers with its steep mansard roofs, double casement windows and elegant symmetry. La Provence wears its own heart in sig
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Antics In The Attic
The attic isn’t a place usually ascribed the badge of beauty, but this contemporary Milan roof space holds more than dusty boxes and forgotten family treasures. Instead, it is the canvas for the owners’ vast collection of paintings and precious objec
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The Hill of Deep Stillness, Milmila, is a serene yoga studio designed for the training of yoga leaders by Yoga Kula Master Sei Kim. Using concrete and wood to fashion a peaceful spot in the middle of Seoul, the studio “reflects the physical propertie
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Joyful Moments
Few places in the world are as charming as Sydney’s Palm Beach. It is a little corner — or should we say peninsula — at the northernmost point of Australia’s largest east-coast city and it shines bright with some of the things that make Sydney one of
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Modern Family
This kitchen was designed with a modern family in mind. The space is the perfect mix of modern style, clean lines and, above all, the kind of practicality that suits a family that loves to entertain. This kitchen is a study in clean lines, with a min
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Uncover The Secrets Of Lift-slide Sliding Doors
With the weather warming up in the southern states, we look forward to outdoor entertaining. Alfresco dining is especially popular in the summer months and to delineate the space between indoors and outdoors, wide opening doors are on the wish-list f
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Dream Home
This 556sqm double-storey home (60 squares) captures the essence and intelligence of exceptional contemporary design expressed through the simplicity of strong, clean lines executed with exquisite precision. The Kooyong’s design showcases style and s
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Best Of The Best
WINNER OF RESIDENTIAL DESIGN AWARD | WINNER OF RESIDENTIAL DECORATION AWARD AUSTRALIAN INTERIOR DESIGN AWARDS 2020 A daring venture into an almost eclectic curation of design, objects and furnishings, Budge Over Dover elevates an otherwise unremarkab
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Infrared Intelligence
Infrared is in vogue and Crossray are on the right wavelength with their range of super-smart barbecues. A decade of technical innovation and development has resulted in an unparalleled barbecue experience thanks to Crossray’s patented infrared cooki
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Tetris Transformation
This project was a daring re-work of an uninspiring ‘60s residence which, with help from Coy Yiontis Architects, transformed into an intriguing collection of spaces. When this family of five purchased an elevated, semi-sunken home built around 60 yea
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Curves In The Kitchen
This year’s KBDi Designer Awards program saw some stunning curvaceous creations. The industry group is sharing five of its favourites here. 01 There’s so much to love about this teal delight designed by Sydney’s Cate Liedtke (Catherine de Meur Interi
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Home Design
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Wish Upon A Starr
Journey to Bexley North in Sydney’s south and join us as we pick the brains of Nino Sanzari and Jon Vithoulka, managing directors of Starr Constructions, the builders responsible for this functional and stylish four-bedroom family home. Replacing an
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Keeping Your Cool
An unimpressed motoring journalist once compared the cooling abilities of the air-conditioning unit in the Alfa Romeo 156 as similar to that of an “asthmatic budgie gently blowing upon you”. If you’ve ever huddled in a west-facing home or apartment o
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5 Of The Best… Staircases
Sage green and meant to be seen, this Nature Humaine-designed staircase is one of three defining green elements within a renovated family home in Montreal (the other two being a cantilevered box attached to the rear facade and a balcony at the front)
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Industrial Viewfinder
What used to be an industrial site just south of Melbourne in Williamstown is now a highly sought-after place to live. Part of this is thanks to Elenberg Fraser’s new residential build, named Gem, which sits within the larger Waterline Place developm
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Outdoor Entertaining
Dip your toe into summer and enjoy the great Australian backyard with an outdoor entertaining area that will knock your thongs off. John Storch, landscape architect and principal at A Total Concept Landscape Architects, believes “the most important c
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Welcome to another fantastic issue of Home Design. I’m really pumped to be back from maternity leave and immersing myself in the wonderful world of homes and interior decoration again. It’s such an exciting and dynamic industry to be a part of. If yo
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Home Of The Future
Ever wondered what architecture of the future looks like? If Uber Contemporary Estate from Tweaq Group is anything to go by, we’re in for a wild ride. Future driven, but very much catering to the here and now, the home was conceptualised inside the c
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The Perfect Balance
Finding the balance between form and function is one of the biggest hurdles when creating a space. No one wants to sacrifice low maintenance for good looks, or vice versa! This breathtaking, open-plan kitchen by Kassis Kitchens hits the nail on the h
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Cheetah Plains is the new luxury safari lodge in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve furnished with statement pieces from OKHA and designed by ARRCC (architects and interior designers) and Stefan Antoni of SAOTA. The reserve has three independent dwellings, e
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Monochrome Mastery
“I believe that the freer a person is internally — the more self-sufficient and confident he is — the fewer external attributes he needs,” explains Victoria Yakusha, lead designer and founder of Yakusha Design. “The more restrained a person’s clothes
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Beyond Borders
Design is one of the simplest ways to showcase our likes and interests, to tell our stories. Time and again we’ve seen Australians utilising garden design as a tool to connect with and reflect on their European sensibilities. Grand Grecian residences
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Get ready to unleash your own creativity with a modular pendant lamp that lets you choose the configuration. It is composed of one to five geometric elements with three magnetised sides, so you can choose the shape and position of the lights to provi
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Modern Looks Heating Up
Burning wood and heating with gas isn’t for everyone. Electric fireplaces are an easy alternative and great for instantly creating the warming aura of a real fire in your living space. As electric fireplaces don’t require a flue, the design possibili
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Kitchen Living
A kitchen is a place in which to nurture, to congregate, and to work and play. It’s a place where memories are made, friends can gather, and where families share special moments. Let’s explore some of the key elements that make up a stylish and funct
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Nickolas Gurtler
Nickolas Gurtler is the creative director at NGID, a boutique Melbourne firm providing interior architecture, interior design and interior decoration services across residential, multi-residential, hospitality, retail and wellness industries. Whether
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Creative Selection
1/ As an artist, Lindy says she’s constantly learning. Drawing on her bedroom wall was her first foray into art at age three. Luckily her talented sister who taught her to draw emphasised the need to use paper instead of walls. She used a couple of g
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Product Spotlight
overeign Interiors is expanding and it has some great new stock available. With the Sydney showroom now doubled in size, there are more displays and new stock available to order now. Sovereign Interiors has a range of pieces for all rooms of the home
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Book Club
ERIN CAYLESS, BONNIE HINDMARSH & LANA TAYLOR MURDOCH BOOKS | $39.99 What makes Three Birds Renovations so appealing is the genuine joy and easy-going, accessible style that radiates from the pages. From the three besties beginning as rookie renovator
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