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Camera Club Competition
Help your camera club accumulate points when you enter APOY by choosing it from the dropdown menu when you upload your images. Whatever points you are awarded are added to your club’s overall tally. That’s what Charles Ashton of Kempsey Camera Club d
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This Week In 1938
A female saxophone band, known as The Silver Sax Six, take advantage of the open air by rehearsing on the beach while on a tour of the south coast in April 1938. The tour included locations such as Margate. The leader of the group, seen on the left,
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Best Kit
This nifty little spirit level clips into the hot shoe and allows you to instantly see if your camera alignment›is both vertically and horizontally›correct. Vinyl backgrounds are easy to store because they roll up, and they easily wipe clean for tho
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Lighting For Photography And Video
As a rule, there are three main types of light for photographers. Studio flash normally means either a self-contained unit known as a monobloc, or a flash head with a separate power pack that’s connected via a cable. These flashes are mainly used in
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How To Use The Neural Filter
With your image open in Photoshop go to Filter>Neural Filters, and click on Skin Smoothing. The first time you use it you’ll be prompted to download the Filter which will install automatically. Once active, simply drag the Blur slider to the right un
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From The Archive
The YMCA Snapshot from Home League was a scheme in which homesick soldiers could write in to request a photo of the family back home, and the YMCA would send the closest of its 11,000 volunteer amateur photographers to that soldier’s house and take t
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Round One Winner, Young Amateur Photographer Of The Year
What a great picture! The tonal range is exquisite, with the silhouetted figures and tree in the foreground a deep black, the next line of trees a mid grey and, further back, a tree line of light grey. The figures are perfectly positioned in the fram
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Kit List
Graphics tablets are much more comfortable to use than a mouse, especially over long periods of time, plus they provide finer control over editing tasks such as retouching. Using them takes a little getting used to, but it doesn’t take long. Using a
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How To Use The Skin Controls
Load your images into the Catalog before selecting one to edit. When you click on the Templates tab, Luminar AI will suggest the Templates it thinks are most suitable based on the content of the image, or you can apply any of the other options below.
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Each week we choose our favourite picture on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or Twitter using #appicoftheweek. PermaJet proudly supports the online picture of the week winner, who will receive a top-quality print of their image on the finest PermaJet pap
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Lighting Accessories For Use Indoors All Around The Home
● £549 ● If you’re after a portable, continuous light source that’s great for light painting or adding extra illumination to subjects, the Ice Light 2 comes highly recommended. It has simple controls, provides daylight-balanced lig
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Shoot Fur The Best
From furry to scaly and everything in between, Rhiannon loves capturing the unique personalities of pets. Based in the studio, she uses a variety of lighting styles to capture fun moments. rhiannonbuckle., @rhiannonbuckle_petphotography. A por
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Effortlessly Perfect Portraits
If you shoot portraits, it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll need to retouch them in one way or another. We’re not talking about plastic-looking skin which is still common in the advertising world, but rather it may simply be gentle skin smoothi
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More Stacking
In my previous article, I discussed Sony’s stacked sensor technology and promised another article about how it’s used it in the new Alpha 1 camera. In the meantime, Nikon has issued a press release on its own stacked sensor technology, so I thought i
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Buying Guide
Interchangeable lenses come in a huge array of types for shooting different kinds of subjects IN GENERAL, the easiest way to expand the kinds of pictures you can take is by buying different types of lenses. For example, telephoto lenses let you zoom
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7 Days
After over a year in and out of lockdowns we are now gradually easing our way back to normality, but it will be a slow and careful journey and we’re still going to be spending a lot of our time at home for the foreseeable future. It’s lucky there is
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Mood Lighting
Many of us have spent the past year wrestling with an overwhelming sense of isolation. But for some, feelings of isolation and disconnection were familiar, long before the pandemic of 2020. It’s not uncommon for people who are naturally reserved to t
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Sony Reveals Three Compact G-series Primes
SONY has had a busy start to the year expanding its lens lineup, and has now announced a set of affordable ultra-compact primes. The Sony FE 24mm F2.8 G, FE 40mm F2.5 G and FE 50mm F2.5 G all feature a design philosophy that bears a certain resemblan
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Best Kit
My go-to lens for still-life photography is a Canon 50mm f/1.8 prime, as it doesn’t distort my composition in any way. It also gives me a good f-stop range, which enables me to experiment more with depth of field for creativity. If I want to control
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Getting The Look
As a starting point, I always shoot with quite an extreme colour temperature. And because I shoot long exposures, the warm, orange tones are exaggerated even more. I don’t like to do too much work in post. My subjects have to stay extremely still be
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How To Tweak Adjustments
Open PortraitPro, click on Open Single Image and select your image for editing which will open up with the face, facial features and gender of the model automatically identified. Hover the mouse pointer over the face so the guides show up and make su
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My weekly issue of Amateur Photographer has been a welcome gift during lockdown. In recent years, and in retirement, I decided to return to photography as a hobby. My initial thoughts were Canon or Nikon but my elder son introduced me to Fujifilm. No
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Twelve South StayGo USB-C Hub
● £99.99 ● COMPUTER makers are continually striving to make their high-performance laptops ever thinner and lighter. This is great for photographers who need to process their images while on the move, but the catch is that their s
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A Samsung 64GB EVO Plus microSDXC with SD adapter Class 10 UHS-1 Grade U3 memory card supports 4K UHD. Offering R/W speeds of up to 100MB/s /20MB/s and a 10-year limited warranty.
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Nikon launched the D610 a year after the D600, in an effort to overcome the bad press that was associated with the D600’s well-documented issue of dust and oil spots appearing in the upper-left portion of the frame after around 3,000 shots. It shares
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New Yorkers is a book that couldn’t be shot today, due to multiple Covid restrictions. For this reason, it feels almost strangely intimate to be getting a professionally captured look into people’s homes. Street photographer Sally Davies has been doc
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Reader Portfolio
Nigel is a tour manager, sound engineer and photographer. Portraiture and night street photography. Through music, I’m very accustomed to working with people and creating, and this transfers well to portraiture. My job meant I never had the time to
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Jessops Calls In The Administrators Again
JESSOPS could become the latest high-street victim of the pandemic. The company has filed for administration after its sales were badly hit by the impact of the lockdowns and increased online competition, and has hired insolvency specialists FRP. Jes
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Hole-y Cow!
The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) collaboration, which produced the first image of a black hole, has revealed a new view of the massive object at the centre of the M87 galaxy: how it looks in polarised light. This is the first time astronomers have b
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Final Analysis
Saul Leiter (American, 1923–2013) has been described as one of the most important early colour photographers of the 20th century. His images of New York’s hustle and bustle are, on the face of it, not about anything very much but are paradoxically al
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