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Manhattan Transfer
Though not very tall by New York City standards, the narrow, 12-story Pell Building juts several floors above its even more diminutive neighbors. Thanks to this good fortune and a low-lying electrical substation across the street, the seventh-floor a
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Modern World
KIRSTIE VAN NOORT & XANDRA VAN DER EIJK Eindhoven & Utrecht‚ The Netherlands “We see a future in which we collectively treat resources differently. What’s in our backyards will become more important than what’s in the ground.” Dutch designers Kirstie
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Peter Zumthor
Peter Zumthor is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading architects, having been awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2009. But despite the admiration of his peers, Zumthor, 75, is hardly a household name. This may be because his work often refl
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At $6,099, the 36-inch GE Monogram refrigerator with a bottom freezer was the most expensive item in the appliance budget. The built-in piece blends flawlessly with the ample storage. The white oak casework, which goes from floor to ceiling throughou
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Stream On
Having high-speed Internet throughout your home is key to cutting the cord. A mesh network system like Samsung’s SmartThings WiFi can spread connectivity to all your rooms with equal strength. Plug one puck-shaped device into the back of your modem t
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The Medium Is the Message
Standing in Fernando Mastrangelo’s studio in an industrial section of Brooklyn, the last thing you’d expect to see is a man in a business suit from Dallas turning up to buy a bowl. The visitor, for his part, looks a little astonished at the cavernous
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Enchanted Forest
Nearly 500 miles from the high-rise apartment that Ralph Weigand and Maurício Uhle share in São Paulo sits a modest, prefabricated cabin, nestled deep in one of southern Brazil’s verdant forests. The structure is simple—a one-story rectangular box of
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The house was a “fall-down,” the lot long neglected. But as soon as Paul and Melonie Brophy saw the towering old oak out front and the tangle of overgrown plantings inside the fence, they imagined a green sanctuary just a few blocks from Palo Alto’s
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Dome Improvement
When Sam Friedman sold his parking app, ParkMe, in 2016, he found himself at a creative crossroads. As the Los Angeles tech developer pondered his next venture, a friend told him about a unique property near Joshua Tree that had just come on the mark
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Many city dwellers with a child on the way think about decamping to the suburbs, but for Romain and Aurélie Fliedel, who were living in Boulogne-Billancourt, a town west of Paris, it was just the opposite. When Aurélie became pregnant with their firs
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Little Big House
After 30 years in the Melbourne suburb where she’d raised her three daughters, Fleur Glenn was itching for a change. Her neighborhood, a leafy area called Clifton Hill, had much to offer—close friends, a nearby park, and, when the weather was good, a
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Like Old, But New
Doing a major renovation doesn’t always mean wiping the slate clean. When John Powers, a sculptor, and Jennifer Bostic, creative director of the graphic design firm Paper Plane Studio, bought a Depressionera cottage on a lake in Putnam Valley, New Yo
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Inspiring Innovation
The difference between telling an architect that you want a 10-by-15-foot deck made of wood off your kitchen and simply saying that you’d like to eat outside can be the difference between an inspiring project and a wood deck. When construction is com
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David Lebovitz’s observation that stainless steel counters are supposed to be scratched is spot on [“Modern World,” January/February]. The first thing we did with our new stainless steel counters was take an orbital sander and Scotch-Brite pad to the
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Prairie Song
David and Kathy Dowell had been looking for a weekend home for many years but had never considered the tallgrass prairie region in the Flint Hills of eastern Kansas, less than two hours from their Kansas City, Missouri, home. Then, in 2004, they went
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Designed Well
Minimalist bars of LED lighting, staggered and hanging in abstract form, the Pix Sticks series from PureEdge Lighting allows you to build your dream fixture. Choose from wood, metal, 3 lights, 5 lights, lights, Warm Dim technology and more. Scale it
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What’s Your Biggest Renovation Regret?
I installed floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, toward our next-door neighbors. We’re basically animals in a zoo to them now.@vedel78 on Instagram I redid two bathrooms with all high-end chrome fixtures. L.A. water is too hard, and they’re i
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Matthew Malin & Andrew Goetz
Andrew Goetz: We bought our apartment more than 20 years ago. It’s in a 1938 Art Moderne building in Chelsea by Horace Ginsbern. I’m usually more of a minimalist‚ and like things more white‚ so this very peachy bathroom did take some getting used to.
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Welcome to Your Forever Home
Healthcare professionals refer to five “activities of daily living,” or basic self-care tasks, to assess whether individuals can live independently or may need extra help: walking and getting around, meal prep and eating, dressing and grooming, bathi
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Fjord Explorer
It was a dark and stormy night when architect Guillermo Acuña first glimpsed a narrow strip of land while looking for a place to dock his sailboat in Chile’s Chiloé Archipelago. When he got a closer look the next morning, he was intrigued by the chan
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Ground Rules
Embedded in the side of a valley in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, facing out over pristine Lake Wanaka, stands a new home meant to look as though it is part of the land around it. “It resembles the large schist rocks you see all over this region that
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Bold Perspectives
The Roman architect and engineer Vitruvius asserted that society should look to nature to create things that are firmitas, utilitas, venustas—solid, useful, beautiful. Nearly two thousand years later, in 1896, Chicago School affiliate and pioneer of
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A Smarter Home That Keeps Learning
Samsung’s SmartThings Wifi is a wholehome Wi-Fi solution that blasts a powerful signal to every corner of your home – in an elegant, compact package. Flexible and expandable, one device covers up to 1,500 square feet, with three devices covering up t
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