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$5-trillion: From Ambition to Action
AS THE FASTEST GROWING MAJOR ECONOMY, India is slated to drive global growth. The poise with which India managed the pandemic impact and navigated from a negative growth in the first two quarters of FY21 to positive growth in the next four consecutiv
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India Next—Charting the Growth Story
THE INDIAN ECONOMY IS ANTICIPATED TO BE ONE OF THE FASTEST GROWING ECONOMIES IN THE WORLD (IMF estimates India’s GDP to grow at 9.6 per cent in CY22). This is a positive step towards realising our ambition of becoming a $5-trillion economy in the nex
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The Monetisation Gamble
MID THE DOOM and gloom of the pandemic in 2021, two instances showed the government a way forward, financially speaking. In April, Power Grid Corporation of India became the first PSU to go public by floating an infrastructure investment trust (InvIT
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The 2022 Ces Wish List
The Freestyle is a one-ofa-kind portable projector. Unlike traditional box-shaped projectors, the cradle of the Freestyle allows rotation of up to 180 degrees, to project up to a 100-inch high-quality video almost anywhere—tables, floors, walls or ev
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The Record Collector
Afew weeks ago, Mirae Asset Investment Managers (India) saw its assets under management (AUM) cross the ₹1-lakh crore mark. That makes Swarup Mohanty, the CEO of the mutual fund house, a very busy man. But that has not stopped Mohanty from focussing
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The Jab Report
Data as of January 18, 2022 Source:, media reports Number of vaccine doses administered in India so far The percentage of adults fully vaccinated in India Number of teens in the 15-18 age group that have received their first dose Percent
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Business Today
Chairman & Editor-in-Chief: Aroon Purie Vice Chairperson: Kalli Purie Group Chief Executive Officer: Dinesh Bhatia Executive Director: Rahul Kanwal Chief Revenue Officer: Alok Nair Editor: Sourav Majumdar Group Creative Editor: Nilanjan Das Group Pho
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‘Control The Controllables And Keep The Noise Out’
What was the problem you were grappling with? At Ageas Federal, we have gone through a relatively challenging time in the past six to seven years. The first few years were because of uncertainty in the company shareholding and the past couple of year
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The Resource Mobilisation Challenge
WITH THE UNION BUDGET SET TO be announced shortly, the Finance Minister is faced with the challenge of determining additional avenues for mobilisation of financial resources to support the government’s ambitious infrastructure development and growth
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What Union Budget 2022 2023 Needs Now
Hassle-free credit, clarity on taxes, higher exemptions Legislation, tax sops, infra support, policies, duties A distressed MSME sector hopes for some relief in the Budget THE ONGOING third wave of Covid-19 has battered the already distressed MSME se
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The Budget Tightrope Walk
In the best of times, preparing a Budget that pleases the majority of the population is a very difficult task. But when a finance minister has to do that in a completely unpredictable environment, it becomes several times more so. That’s what Finance
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Potential Stars
The current calendar year promises to be as exciting—if not more—than the last one as far as the primary market goes. Reason: There are enough IPOs in the pipeline to keep investors busy and the eclectic mix is only going to get better. There are ove
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Secret Superstars
THE YEAR 2021 was a breakout one for start-ups. The long-awaited market debuts of Paytm-parent One 97 Communications, food delivery company Zomato, and beauty products e-tailer Nykaa captured the imagination and headlines alike. But savvy investors w
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Notes From Underwater
The skies are covered for recruitment firm Randstad India’s MD & CEO P.S. Viswanath. “We spend so much time flying because of work, either travelling internationally or to the corners of India.” Land is taken care of, too, because he lives on Planet
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BCI dips sharply in Q3 after a 10-quarter high in Q2 Source: BT-C Fore Business Confidence Survey While heavy and light industries dipped in confidence, services rose on the back of Q3 performance On a scale of 100 Source: BT-C Fore Business Confiden
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Cometh The Hour…
IT IS A TIME OF SHOCK. Of worry. Of change. As the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic rages, the relief is that it has had significantly lower impact than the second. At least for now. But the country is on edge. What’s the path ahead? For, make no
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BEPS 2.0: How it Impacts MNCs
AS WE WITNESS CHANGE IN ALL SPHERES OF THE ECONOMY, the world of taxes is not far behind. The changes particularly impacting multinational companies began when Lehman Brothers happened and countries started staring at falling tax revenues. Two facts
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The Buzz — Spotlight
MAHINDRA AND Mahindra (M&M)-owned SsangYong Motor has been acquired by a consortium led by South Korean electric bus and truck maker Edison Motors for $254.56 million. In 2010, M&M had acquired a controlling 75 per cent stake in debt-ridden SsangYong
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The Third Wave
THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC is not dying down anytime soon. That much is clear from the electric pace of spread of the Omicron variant of the SARS CoV2 virus. Aside from the tragedy of it all, this has also thrown open an opportunity for revenue growth for
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The Rocky Path To Privatisation
TWENTY YEARS is a long time. That’s what it took to execute the privatisation of Air India. The process was set in motion in year 2000, albeit the idea for selling it was first proposed in 1988, following the successful selloff of British Airways and
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‘The Richest Learning Comes From A Diversity Of Experiences’
On a good day for technology stocks, Roshni Nadar Malhotra is India’s wealthiest woman. She has inherited not only the genes of her father Shiv Nadar, a pioneer of the Indian tech boom, but also his keen sense of philanthropy. In a freewheeling chat
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The Best A Man Can Get
IT’S OFFICIAL. Men are paying more attention to personal grooming. Gone are the days when they used the same creams and shampoos that were being used by the rest of the family. There are now a host of products that cater to men specifically keeping i
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A Budget for ‘Shubhkruta’
RADICAL UNCERTAINTY MAKES DECISION-MAKING REQUIRE NEW PARADIGMS, where data, probabilistic analysis and similar tools provide limited support, say Mervyn King, former Governor of the Bank of England, and John Kay in their book Radical Uncertainty: De
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Building Infra in an Investment Boom
AS THE DECKS ARE CLEARED for Budget 2022-23 in the long shadow of the pandemic, budgetary allocations on infrastructure will impact the pace of economic activity and renewed growth. It goes beyond academic interest, therefore, to understand how the g
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The Buzz — Briefings
The country’s realtors are gaining some pricing power. Demand for homes surged 51 per cent in 2021 over 2020 following pandemic-induced disruptions, continuation of work from home, and low interest rates on home loans. Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bengalu
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Challenges Ahead
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‘Always Have A People-first Approach’
What was the problem you were grappling with? The pandemic led to an inevitable and unforeseen halt in production in 2020. The business suffered and we were unable to remedy the situation because of the restrictions. Our numbers dwindled and many of
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What’s Hot, What Will Be
Elevated global fuel and commodity prices have shrunk profit margins of the manufacturing industry, with most unable to pass on the entire impact of expensive raw materials to consumers amid muted demand. The core consumer price index inflation, whic
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The scent Of Me
IMAGINE HAVING AN UTTERLY unique fragrance composed just for you. Designed keeping in mind your loves, your nature and even how well it sits on your skin—it is the smell of you. Welcome to the world of bespoke perfumes, the ultimate in luxury. Smells
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