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Wanted: A Return Policy
The national argument about the movement of migrant workers during the lockdown is fuelling a twin crisis. Some state governments want migrants to be allowed to return home, while others would rather the ‘virus carriers’ stay put where they are. On o
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A Window For Art
In one of the new rabbit holes created by the lockdown, I stumbled upon the excellent series of videos made by Corey D’Augustine of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, where he makes pictures while following the painting processes of different artist
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Whose Line Is It Anyway?
In the end, it took a phone call from the prime minister’s office for Union minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda to self-quarantine for the mandated seven days for passengers flying into Karnataka from Delhi. Until then, Gowda had insisted he was exempt fro
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A Forgotten Chapter
Establish social security boards for unorganised workers with simple registration methods like self-registration through mobile SMS. Digitise records for portability of protection and benefits Allow portability of Public Distribution System benefits
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The Art Of Slaying It
Nearly 15 years ago, Viineet Kumar was initiated into horror with the role of a ghost in a TV show. Today, he has returned to the genre as a zombie slayer in the Netflix series, Betaal. The show, which sees him as a gun-toting action hero, is a depar
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Think Relief, Not Just Reform
The announcements relating to fundamental reforms in India’s agricultural markets were a particular highlight of Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s recent stimulus-cum-reforms package, delivered in five instalments. Most commentators have re
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The Silent Shrines
With the country in the grip of the coronavirus and a lockdown extended thrice, even the gods are feeling a little deprived. In Tirumala, easily India’s most popular religious shrine, with some 80,000 pilgrims visiting it daily before the lockdown, t
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A number of the world’s biggest international music acts, especially those who still manage to sell substantial amounts of CDs, such as Alicia Keys and Sam Smith, have postponed their upcoming albums owing to the ongoing global lockdown. But several
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The Dravidian Connect
In Journey of a Civilization, retired bureaucrat R. Balakrishnan poses the ‘Indus riddle’: a profusion of archaeological remains from the Harappan civilisation, but without known literature that evokes it. And the ‘Tamil riddle’: a rich body of class
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Limping Back To Life
On the afternoon of May 20, Cyclone Amphan made landfall in West Bengal. By 5.30 pm, it was 70 kilometres south of Kolkata. By the time it crossed over into Bangladesh that night, it had carved a trail of destruction through the south and north-easte
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Home Sounds
Mumbai-based Ape Echoes’ album and New Delhi-headquartered Inalab’s EP defy genre-lisation. Their releases combine elements of electronic music, funk, hip-hop, jazz, pop, rock and soul (and in the case of Inalab, even Indian and western classical mus
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Background Score
With videos becoming the preferred mode of communication during the lockdown, people’s virtual backgrounds—bookshelves and wall hangings—have come under intense scrutiny. What’s in the frame has become as important as who is in the frame. Maharashtra
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1 MILLION houses damaged 58,000 HECTARES of fisheries damaged 300 bridges/ culverts damaged and 160 km of embankments breached 1 MILLION hectares of farm land flooded 5,000 KILOMETRES of roads damaged 110,000 schools damaged, as well as 4,000 IC
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The Man Who Knew Too Much
Like with any great tragedy, we know the end. Henry VIII will turn on his beloved advisor, Thomas Cromwell, and have him beheaded. But the gory spectacles of history are not what preoccupy Hilary Mantel, whose acclaimed historical trilogy has finally
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Political Distancing
Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent two hours with West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on May 22 while on his tour of the state to survey the aftermath of Cyclone Amphan, and the pictures from this meeting are anything but convivial. They were
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200,000 housed in shelter camps ₹100 CRORE sanctioned for repair of tubewells and supply of drinking water ₹20,000 ex-gratia to those whose homes were damaged 1.1 MILLION Kisan Credit Cards are to be distributed Source: Chief Minister’s press conf
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The Mourning After
Colum McCann’s novel Apeirogon follows the careers of two men, each grieving the loss of a child to the violence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. From their anger, they converge toward a longing for peace. The novel is structured in numbered sect
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Temper Tantrum
Karnataka’s law and parliamentary affairs minister J.C. Madhuswamy was recently pulled up by chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa after he was caught abusing a woman farmer on camera during his visit to Kolar district. The minister was heard abusing the w
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Ladakh On The Edge
While previous flashpoints over ‘differing perceptions of the LAC’ have been settled on an average in three weeks, the scale of the current incursions suggests this needn’t always be the case PLA troops intrude and occupy areas near the lake. Indian
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The Show Goes On
Q. During the lockdown, you’ve been putting finishing touches to the Netflix film Serious Men and the second season of Hostages for Hotstar. How hard has it been? For people like us who have grown up in another time, it’s hard, but, thankfully, I’m
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Family Takeover
Kalvakuntla Kavitha of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi filed her nomination papers in March for the Legislative Council from Nizamabad. Daughter of state chief minister and TRS president K. Chandrashekar Rao, Kavitha had lost the Nizamabad Lok Sabha se
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Standing Up To A Stand-off
There is a macabre reassurance when soldiers of two nuclear-armed countries choose to clash with clubs and stones. It darkly echoes a quote often misattributed to Albert Einstein about how the fourth world war would be fought. Disagreements on where
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The Secular Straitjacket
The main thesis of Abhinav Chandrachud’s Republic of Religion is that the structure of Indian secularism was built by a hypocritical, imperial British state which separated itself from Indian religions more from revulsion than principle. While Englan
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Previous Incursions
On April 15, 2013, 40 PLA soldiers intruded into Indian territory for about 20 km in Daulat Beg Oldie. It led to flag meetings between local commanders; Indian envoy in Beijing involved in de-escalation. Resolution time: Three weeks Hours after pulli
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The Migrant MESS
You will find them everywhere in our cities—hanging from the scaffoldings of buildings, carting heavy loads in factories, guarding our homes, fixing our plumbing, doing our domestic chores or selling fruits and vegetables. Yet they remain invisible,
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Easing the Border Lockdown
MOST ANALYSTS OF THE 1962 India-China conflict agree that Beijing chose its moment well as the attention of the then superpowers, the United States and erstwhile Soviet Union, was riveted on their rivalry around the Cuban missile crisis. As summer 20
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The Migrant Economy
Domestic remittances were estimated to be Rs 50,000 crore in 2007-08 60% domestic remittance was interstate transfers and 80% reached rural households Domestic remittances financed over 30% of household consumption expenditure 70% of domestic remit
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A Ready Reckoner For A Rainy Day
The COVID-19 outbreak and the national lockdown that has followed have inflicted deep financial wounds on people. Scores have lost their jobs and equally high numbers of workers have had to take pay cuts. Entrepreneurs have suffered heavy losses or s
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Poor Safety Net
#To protect the interest of migrants, India has State Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment and Condition of Service) Act, 1979. The Central Industrial Relations Machinery is entrusted with the responsibility to enforce these provisions. Between
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