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Inside The New Crop Of 'Raunchy As Hell' Christmas Movies Shaking Up TV
As the holidays rev into high gear, families everywhere will gather to wrap presents, trim trees, sip eggnog and bathe in the glow of the gift that never stops giving — the made-for-cable Christmas movie. The annual downpour of peppermint-scented tal
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Fishing In Orange County Resumes After Southern California Oil Spill
LOS ANGELES — Fishing can resume along the Orange County coast Tuesday afternoon, after the California Department of Fish and Wildlife determined it is safe to eat seafood taken from the waters after a massive oil spill in early October. An estimated
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Tami Roman Swore Off Reality TV. Until 'The Real World' Let Her Finish What She Started
LOS ANGELES — Tami Roman swore she was done with reality TV. In 1993, the 22-year-old aspiring singer was cast in the second season of "The Real World" and was central to its most memorable moments — including an abortion documented by MTV cameras an
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What To Listen For As Supreme Court Weighs The Right To Abortion And Roe Vs. Wade
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court's new conservative majority on Wednesday will weigh the fate of a famous liberal precedent: the Roe vs. Wade decision and the right of pregnant women to choose abortion. Lawyers for Mississippi will defend a law that ba
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BTS Brings Boy-band Precision, And Bedlam, To SoFi Stadium
LOS ANGELES — At 7:30 p.m. on the dot Sunday, the seven members of BTS appeared onstage at SoFi Stadium, each dressed in white to open the sold-out second show of the K-pop group's four-night stand in Inglewood with an elaborate jail-break sequence s
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How Bad Will Omicron Be? Scientists Won't Really Know For Months
In a virus that has already killed 5.2 million people across the globe, 50 or so new mutations sound like a nightmare for humanity. But in the age-old battle between microbes and mankind, that many genetic changes can turn the tide in any direction
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Judge Orders Google To Hand Over Anti-union Strategy Documents In Retaliation Hearing
Google will have to turn over documents outlining its anti-union strategy in response to a National Labor Relations Board complaint against the online search giant, according to an order issued Friday. The board first filed its complaint against Goo
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Commentary: Surging Overdose Deaths Are A Tragic Racial Justice Issue
Drug overdoses, which gained attention in recent years as a “white problem,” are now more common among Black Americans. In 2020, drug overdose death rates among Black Americans overtook those of white Americans for the first time since the 1990s, acc
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'Encanto' Is Disney's First Latino Musical. How The Filmmakers Got Colombia Right
Everyone born into the Madrigal family is fantastical and magical. Well, almost everyone. Directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard, Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Encanto," which topped the Thanksgiving weekend box office in its theatrical exclusive
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Nicholas Goldberg: Are The School Districts That ‘Defunded The Police’ Already Regretting It?
The idea of “abolishing” or “defunding” the police has always struck me as risky, to say the least, and not very well thought through. It has the potential to cause at least as many problems as it solves. So when some school districts actually decide
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Editorial: Please Supreme Court, Do Not Take Abortion Rights Away From Any Women, Anywhere
Consider the array of civil and human rights protected by Supreme Court landmark rulings in the last century: Public schools cannot be racially segregated. A person of one race has the right to marry someone of another race. A person has the right to
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Gucci Family, Tom Ford Slam 'House Of Gucci' As 'Insult' To Brand's Legacy
In the name of the designer, the family and the House of Gucci: The real Gucci family is "a bit disconcerted" with how it's portrayed in "House of Gucci," echoing designer Tom Ford's critical assessment of Ridley Scott's new film. In a statement publ
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Bill Plaschke: L.A. Approves Lincoln Riley, Asks How Soon Can He Restore USC To National Prominence
LOS ANGELES — The identity of the person most shocked by the shocking USC hire of Lincoln Riley has officially been revealed. It's, well, Lincoln Riley. "This a surreal moment, to be honest," he said. The Trojans rolled out the cardinal-and-gold carp
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Comcast, Disney Reach New Distribution Agreement For Disney Channels
Two television goliaths — Walt Disney Co. and Comcast Corp. — have reached a new multiyear distribution agreement that will keep Disney's television channels, including ESPN, available to Comcast's Xfinity TV cable customers. As part of the deal, Co
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2 Children, Ages 12 And 13, Are Arrested In Connection With Carjacking Of Pizza Delivery Driver
Two children, ages 12 and 13, were arrested over the weekend in connection with a carjacking in the San Francisco Bay Area city of San Leandro, police said. The case started the day after Thanksgiving, when the victim of the carjacking was delivering
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US Appeals Court Upholds California's Ban On Large-capacity Firearms Magazines
SAN FRANCISCO — A federal appeals court decided Tuesday to uphold California's ban on large-scale ammunition magazines in a ruling that is likely to lead to the court's approval of the state's ban on assault weapons. In an en banc decision, the U.S.
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Director Adam McKay Explains How His LA Lakers Project Led To A Split With Will Ferrell
When director Adam McKay and his former creative partner Will Ferrell broke up their production company in 2019, their longtime friendship ended too — because McKay erred on the side of “making the right casting choice over a lifelong friendship.” Th
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The Confessions Of A Prolific Serial Killer Have Left LA Detectives Chasing Ghosts
LOS ANGELES — As Sam Little spilled details of the 93 murders he claimed to have committed across the U.S., the toll in Los Angeles mounted. In hundreds of hours of interviews with investigators, the former boxer admitted to killing dozens of women,
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Consumer Confidential: Soaring Insulin Prices Reveal Clout, And Greed, Of Healthcare Middlemen
Politicians for years have been making a show of wringing their hands over sky-high prescription drug prices. And no drug has drawn more scrutiny, or calls for action, than insulin. Insulin was discovered 100 years ago by a trio of Canadian scientist
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Here’s What Happens To Dr. Oz’s Talk Show Now That He’s Running For Senate
Dr. Mehmet Oz’s announcement that he is running for the Republican nomination for Pennsylvania’s open U.S. Senate seat means his talk show will be off the air in several major TV markets. A representative for Fox Television Stations said Tuesday that
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Paul Thomas Anderson’s Hilarious And Intimate ‘Licorice Pizza’ Tour Of The Valley
LOS ANGELES — Paul Thomas Anderson is behind the wheel and we're headed north on Balboa Boulevard to the Van Nuys Golf Course, a nice little pitch-and-putt that the filmmaker knows, like just about every nook and cranny in the San Fernando Valley, qu
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Sam Little Said He Killed 20 People In LA Area. Here Are 16 Victims Police Haven’t Identified
LOS ANGELES — Before he died, Sam Little, one of the nation’s most prolific known serial killers, admitted to murdering 93 people. The revelation left authorities scrambling to match his confessions to victims in unsolved murders around the U.S. Inve
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Slot Machines And Tearjerkers: Adele Is Heading To Las Vegas For A Residency
Adele is chasing pavements no more: She will be taking up residency at Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino for three months starting next year. “Weekends With Adele” will see the 33-year-old singer playing Saturdays and Sundays at Caesars’ Colo
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LA City Council Votes To Ban 'Ghost Guns'
LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to ban so-called ghost guns, joining other big California cities in cracking down on the untraceable, generally homemade firearms that police say have proliferated in the city in re
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Commentary: Latino Communities Can Redefine American Generosity
Generosity connects human beings. It is a powerful core value we share across ideologies and identities. It’s how we relate to our community, family and intrinsic sense of belonging. My wife, Luz, and I have taught it to our kids, Lin-Manuel, Luz and
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Failures Of California's First Plan To Stop Offshore Oil Drilling Cast Shadow Over New Efforts
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Offshore oil derricks dotting the California coastline continue pumping despite a history of catastrophic spills and vows from generations of politicians to send them to the scrapheap. They've even survived a modest attempt by st
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Did The Trevor Bauer Uncertainty Lead To Max Scherzer Signing With The Mets?
The Dodgers acquired Max Scherzer at the trade deadline in July knowing the partnership could last just three months. The future Hall of Famer was an impending free agent. He promised to attract several suitors, even beyond his 37th birthday. He was
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Europe, Already Beset By Delta Surges, Now Confronts Omicron
PARIS — Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic nearly two years ago, Europe has notched up plenty of unhappy distinctions. The continent saw the world’s first massive wave of COVID-19 fatalities in the early months of the outbreak. The European
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Pie Fights Amid The Holiday Lights. The Pending MLB Lockout Explained.
LOS ANGELES — The New York Mets committed $130 million to pitcher Max Scherzer, who will be 40 when his new contract ends. The Tampa Bay Rays committed $182 million to shortstop Wander Franco, who is 20 and has played 70 major league games. The Angel
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Michael Hiltzik: Raking In Profits, Moderna Denies Government Scientists Credit For The COVID Vaccine
While much of the world was sent into a panic by the sudden emergence of the Omicron variant of the COVID virus, Moderna Inc. weathered the shock pretty well. Indeed, its shares have gained more than 25% in value since the World Health Organization l
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