Al-Monitor3 min. leídosPolitics
State Department Legally Skirted Congress Freeze On Saudi Arms Sales, Inquiry Finds
An inspector general's report redacted by the State Department says that while the department found ways to legally bypass congressional restrictions on arms sales to Saudi Arabia, measures that Congress had called for were not taken.
Al-Monitor4 min. leídosPolitics
Is Israel Ready For A Religious Prime Minister?
Israel never had a religious prime minister, but popular Yamina leader Naftali Bennett is adamant in trying to get hold of the job.
Al-Monitor2 min. leídosPolitics
Netanyahu Leverages International Support Against Hezbollah After Beirut Blast
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called French President Emmanuel Macron to praise him for his leadership after the Beirut blast and to campaign against Hezbollah in Lebanon.
Al-Monitor4 min. leídosSociety
Islamic State's ‘Beatles’ Could Finally Face Justice For Alleged Role In Beheading Americans
Following a phone call with Attorney General William Barr, the parents of Americans killed by the Islamic State (IS) are hopeful two IS detainees will face justice.
Al-Monitor3 min. leídosPolitics
Intel: Syria To Build Hagia Sophia Replica With Russian Backing
With support from Russian officials and the Orthodox Church, Syria will begin construction on a small-scale replica of the Hagia Sophia that will serve as an Orthodox cathedral.
Al-Monitor4 min. leídos
Lebanon's Chernobyl moment
On the evening of Aug. 4, Beirut witnessed an unprecedented explosion that ruined a large part of the city, injuring thousands and killing many.
Al-Monitor4 min. leídos
Libya Score-settling Moves Closer To Turkey’s Borders
Turkey’s intervention in the Libyan war is driving its adversaries to retaliate beyond Libya in conflict zones along Turkey’s own borders.
Al-Monitor5 min. leídosSociety
Moroccan Activist Calls For Revolution Of Ideas
While female entrepreneurship is steadily increasing in Morocco, cultural barriers stand in the way of women achieving their full economic potential.
Al-Monitor2 min. leídos
Intel: Turkish Defense Minister Asks Congress To Halt Bill Sanctioning Ankara
Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar asked US lawmakers today to abandon legislation that would sanction Ankara over its purchase of the Russian S-400 missile defense system that the House passed last week.
Al-Monitor4 min. leídos
Is Turkey Headed For Compromise Or Fresh Fighting In Idlib?
Turkey’s military buildup and efforts to collaborate with the dominant rebel group in Idlib appear to be the harbinger of a fresh war in the region, yet rebel forces suspect that Turkey is willing to concede to Russia.
Al-Monitor5 min. leídos
Turkey Untroubled By Conflict With Egypt, UAE In Libya
Ankara believes a large-scale Egyptian ground operation is highly unlikely in Libya, considering the likely dynamics of power struggles in the skies of Sirte and al-Jufra, between tribes in southern Libya and on air and naval logistical routes betwee
Al-Monitor2 min. leídosPolitics
Fighting Breaks Out On Israel-Lebanon Border
Tensions keep escalating on the Israel-Lebanon border, with IDF and Hezbollah exchanging heavy fire.
Al-Monitor4 min. leídosPolitics
Conversion Therapy Vote Marks Beginning Of End For Israel's Unity Government
The vote to ban conversion therapy in Israel has exposed the depth of the crisis between the Likud and Blue and White.
Al-Monitor3 min. leídos
Turkey, Russia Agree To Work For Truce In Libya As Regional Rivalry Heats Up
Despite backing opposing sides, Moscow and Russia have pledged to work toward a cease-fire in the North African country in a conflict that is fueling a complex maze of rivalries across the region.
Al-Monitor4 min. leídos
Five Years On, No Justice For Victims Of IS Suicide Bombing Spree In Turkey
Families of the 33 victims of the devastating Suruc attack by an Islamic State suicide bomber commemorated the massacre today, reminding Turkey and the world that justice has yet to be served.
Al-Monitor4 min. leídos
Turkish Defense Minister Vows To 'Avenge' Azerbaijanis Killed In Armenian Attacks
As clashes fare between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Ankara has warned Yerevan that Turkey will not let aggression against its ethnic Turkic kin go unpunished.
Al-Monitor3 min. leídosPolitics
Israel Compiles List Of Officials Who Could Be Targeted By ICC
Israel has compiled a list of 200 to 300 names of officials who might be targeted in the future by the International Criminal Court in The Hague.
Al-Monitor2 min. leídos
Conflicting Reports Emerge On Ethiopia Filling Nile Dam Sans Agreement With Egypt, Sudan
The latest talks between the three countries ended yesterday with no deal, though Egypt and Sudan have made it clear they are strongly opposed to the unilateral filling of the GERD without an agreement.
Al-Monitor5 min. leídos
Why Women’s Shelters In Turkey No Longer Provide Safety
The high-profile domestic abuse case of a popular actor shows violence against women is accepted, and even defended when it comes to powerful men.
Al-Monitor4 min. leídosPolitics
Is Proxy War Turning To Conventional Confrontation In Libya?
Tension in the Libyan battlefield over the country’s oil-rich Sirte province and strategic al-Jufra air base has further escalated after the military command of the internationally recognized government declared three areas near Sirte as a military z
Al-Monitor4 min. leídosPolitics
Netanyahu's Annexation Plan Turning Into Fiasco
With the Americans losing interest and on the backdrop of the coronavirus crisis, the West Bank annexation plan of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is likely to turn into his greatest diplomatic fiasco.
Al-Monitor2 min. leídosPolitics
Israeli Airline Reaches Bailout Deal With Government
Israel’s flag carrier El Al and the government reached a bailout plan, which would mean huge layoffs and sizing down flights.
Al-Monitor4 min. leídos
Turkey’s ‘Peg-legged’ Foreign Currency Reserves
Turkey’s central bank appears increasingly fragile, with more than 60% of its reserves secured through swap deals.
Al-Monitor4 min. leídos
Humanitarian Aid To Syria Meets Russian Resistance At The UN Security Council
Russia isn't budging from its resistance to deny crucial humanitarian aid to northwest Syria.
Al-Monitor1 min. leídosSociety
Qatar Coronavirus Cases Top 100,000 As Restrictions Ease
The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Qatar has passed 100,000, the Health Ministry said Monday as the country continues with its gradual reopening.   The Ministry of Public Health announced 546 new cases and five more deaths from the virus, br
Al-Monitor4 min. leídos
Why Hasn't The EU Lifted Travel Ban On Turkey?
The European Union decision to exclude Turkey from the list of travel-friendly countries seems to have more to do with political disagreements rather than public health concerns.
Al-Monitor2 min. leídos
Italian Police Confiscate $1 Billion Worth Of ‘Islamic State-made’ Drugs
The 84 million Captagon tablets were stashed inside three containers investigators discovered at the Salerno port.
Al-Monitor3 min. leídosTech
Erdogan Vows To Tighten Social Media Controls After Insults On Family
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he will to introduce new measures to hold social media platforms accountable after his family members were insulted online.
Al-Monitor4 min. leídos
Is Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham Doing Turkey’s Job In Idlib?
Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the rebel group dominating Idlib, is turning up pressure on radical jihadis, facing accusations of acting at the behest of Turkey.
Al-Monitor4 min. leídosSociety
Gender Dysphoria During War: A Transgender Yemeni Man Speaks Out
After fleeing Yemen to escape the civil war, Yahyia al-Zandani, a 23-year-old Yemeni transgender male, has faced challenges due to prejudices from family and society.
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