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Troubleshooting Tips For Using An Old IMac As An External Display For A Thunderbolt 3 Mac
Because of the decreasing value of older computers and the reality that sometimes children depart the nest and leave their old computers behind, you could wind up with an older iMac that no longer meets your day-to-day needs but that you could transf
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Does A Time Machine Drive Need To Be Always Turned On With A Mac?
Time Machine is designed to back up your selected volumes every hour, writing any changes you’ve made into a new snapshot that captures only the differences between the current and previous backup. (Apple software, like Pages and Numbers, and a lot o
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Why The Next IPad Pro Will Be Closer Than Ever To A Mac
It’s officially spring now, which is when the internet’s fancy turns to rumors of 2021’s first Apple announcements. Over the last few years, Apple has generally released at least some of its new products in early spring, and there’s no reason to thin
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JBL L82 Classic: This Retro Ride Will Knock Your Socks Off With Its Amazing Sound
JBL is on a retro kick. The speaker manufacturer introduced the $4,000-per-pair L100 Classic loudspeaker at CES in 2018. Those were a nod to JBL’s best-selling speaker of all time: the iconic L100. The company now has a downsized and more affordable
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How To Consolidate Mail From Multiple Macs Using Apple Mail
The passage of time can mean the accumulation of Macs and email accounts. Many of us have been online now for long enough to have stacked up digital detritus around us that’s sometimes split across old and new computers and offline drives. It may be
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Mac 911
Spinning disks are slow and solid-state drives (SSDs) used to cost a digital arm and a leg. That led many people to stick with hard drives or purchase Macs with low-capacity SSDs—like 250GB or 500GB—because the next increment up added many hundreds o
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As The Apple Car Project Seemingly Revs Up, Its Launch Is Further Down The Road Than Ever
Just when we thought the fabled Apple Car had driven off into the sunset for good, a flurry of recent rumors has given new life to the project. But despite some promising signs, we’re still likely many years away from driving one. The most recent rum
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How Worried Should You Be About Your M1 Mac’s SSD Lifespan?
Recent reports have shown that some users of M1 Macs are experiencing what they feel is unreasonable, excessive usage of the SSD. One in particular showed 15TB written in two months. That’s quite a bit, and it’s almost certainly attributable to swapp
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The Evolution Of Mac Os X from Aqua To Catalina
Mac OS X has been through a lot in 20-plus years. As someone who was sitting in the front row at Macworld Expo when then-CEO Gil Amelio brought Steve Jobs on stage to celebrate Apple’s purchase of NeXT, it feels like I’ve been a witness to the whole
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IMac Redesign In The Works, Halfheight Apple Silicon Mac Pro Coming This Year
If recent rumors are any indication, 2021 is going to be a landmark year for the Mac. Recently, we saw reports stating that Apple will ship 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros with MagSafe, Apple silicon with more cores and enhanced GPUs, and a case redesig
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How Macos Will Still Steer Apple For The Next 20 Years
I’ve been a Mac user for about 30 years. And hard as it is for me to believe, I’ve spent the vast majority of that time with the modern macOS (or OS X, or Mac OS X, if we’re getting historical). In an industry that tends to move as fast as technology
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Can Apple Handle The Great Responsibility That Is The App Store?
Oftentimes, your biggest strengths are also your biggest vulnerabilities. That’s just as true for Apple as it is for anyone else. While the iPhone is surely the product that catapulted the Cupertino-based company into its meteoric rise, you could mak
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What Wi-Fi 6E Means For The Future Of The IPhone, IPad, And Mac
Just a few short years ago we told you about a then-upcoming wireless technology, Wi-Fi 6. At the time, what was once known as 802.11ax was given a much more consumer-friendly name, and previous convoluted Wi-Fi standards got similar names: 802.11ac
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How Apple Flips The Switch And Keeps Bringing In New Customers
The more things change, the more things stay the same. For the past several years, the comic strip Doonesbury has been in reruns for its weekday strips; this past week’s series, hailing from 1995, dated from the release of Windows 95, in which one of
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Mac Os X: an Act Of Desperation That Formed The Foundation For The Modern Mac
To understand the desperation Apple felt in the mid to late 1990s, look no further than to one particular T-shirt. On the front was a 3-D–rendered numeral eight; on the back, the words “Hands-On Experience” and a Mac OS 8 logo. At Apple’s Worldwide D
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Owc Thunderbolt 3 Mini Dock: Affordable Dock Offers Connectivity For Two 4k External Displays
Docks abound for USB-C connectors, whether for USB-only devices or for those—like all Macs released in the last few years—that sport the very high-speed Thunderbolt 3. The Other World Computing Thunderbolt 3 mini Dock offers the lowest price so far f
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Hot Stuff
Most air purifiers are festooned with buttons and settings—Mila has virtually none of that, and it doesn’t just aim to take the burden of management off the user, but does so in style. On top of the stylish 15-pound, 12x12x16-inch unit, you’ll find a
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Mackie Freeplay Live Bluetooth Speaker: A Mini PA System For Refined Listeners
Mackie’s Freeplay Live Bluetooth speaker caught me by surprise. I’m familiar with personal speaker systems (those little boxes on stands that you see next to some of your higher-class street performers). Personal public address systems that also soun
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Requiem For The IMac Pro, The Ultimate Mac Of The Intel Era
Maybe someday there will be a tell-all book written by someone inside Apple during the 2010s. Maybe we will eventually know exactly what happened that led to a bit of a lost decade for the Mac, one that will be remembered for a failed attempt to reth
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How To Toggle Location Precision For Apps In IOS 14 And IPadOS 14
A modern smartphone uses navigational satellites—sometimes drawing from multiple orbital systems—as well as cellular towers, Bluetooth hints, and Wi-Fi router locations to produce an awfully precise location. My family’s iPhones are often tracked not
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Pdf Squeezer 4: Elegant, Inexpensive Way To Cut Documents Down To Size
As a professed digital hoarder, I have thousands of files on my iMac, external hard drives, cloud services, and network-attached server. I’ve made a habit of archiving utility bills, bank andcredit card statements, and other PDF documents that gradua
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Studio One 5 Professional: A topnotch competitor for Logic X
Presonus Studio One Professional is a top-tier digtal-audio workstation (think Logic X) with some unique and time-saving features. My favorite feature, a superhandy module for organizing and mastering albums, has been joined in the latest version by
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Apple’s Keynote, Numbers, And Pages Hit Version 11 With Precise IOS Editing
Apple updated its iWork suite of productivity apps recently with helpful new features and tweaks that make the apps easier to use. Most notably, the iOS apps now have “Precise editing controls in the Arrange Inspector” to make it easier to fine-tune
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Bitdefender Antivirus For Mac: Good Protection For A Good Price
The last time we looked at Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, we had concerns. We found some protection issues that were later ameliorated, but the interface didn’t impress us. That was more than two years ago, however, and moving into 2021, we find that
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House Of Marley Positive Vibration XL Headphone: Eco-friendly, Good Features, Good Sound
I’m a huge fan of the way the House of Marley does business, minimizing its environmental impact by using recycled and recyclable, sustainable materials to build its products. The Positive Vibration XL over-ear headphones are a prime example: They le
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Apple’s A15 processor
Typically, Apple stays quiet about its future processors, preferring to announce them along with a new product. For example, we didn’t get specifics about the M1 until Apple unveiled the new MacBooks powered by it, and we knew very little about the A
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How To Merge Two MacOS Accounts Into One
If you have two macOS accounts on a single machine and want to merge them into one, macOS doesn’t offer a simple way to carry this out, but it’s nevertheless not very difficult. While you can mess around with file and folder permissions, my suggestio
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AirVPN: Excellent Service That Power Users Will Love
AirVPN is a popular service among privacy-conscious users. The VPN is well known for transparency about its network, reasonable costs, and attention to privacy. It’s not a perfect service, but it’s well worth considering for anyone who wants to ensur
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How To Get Your Out-of-warranty IPhone 11 Display Fixed For Free
The iPhone 11 is still a fantastic phone, so we understand if you’re going to hold onto it for a little longer. And now you have a little extra peace of mind: Apple has launched a new repair program that will effectively extend the warranty of your d
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