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On Waking in a Stranger’s Room
The Foghorn Echoes is, fundamentally, an epic: the story of two men, two cities, and between them, love and a war. Set in Damascus and Vancouver, it is the second novel from Danny Ramadan, himself a Syrian Canadian and an LGBTQIA+ refugee, and it is
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City of God
There is still so much gesture in Los Angeles, so much movement, so much of the divine that you could have written a hundred more books about the grotesque and the holy here.
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Under her bed in her tiny bedroom: a box of secrets not worth keeping, but not worth revealing either.
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A Souvenir of Me
“A Souvenir of Me” is a tense read, short and fraught with uncertainty. A woman suddenly leaves her marriage; a searing headache becomes an aneurysm. In a sequence of eight compact scenes, Kemi Falodun measures just how much strain a story can hold b
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We Have Our Ghosts
We made what sense we could of it all. Fire, archiving, metamorphosis — all a part of love, in the end.
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In “Koru,” a mother reflects on her son’s decision to leave home and return to kura — Māori school — after a gap of two and a half years. The narrative shifts between past and present, mother and son, circling the orbit of their shared life. At the h
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People’s Teeth
One question of childhood: why do some people have gold teeth? I could spot them from a distance. A sun shines. In each of their mouths a different sun. But I never said: the woman with the gold tooth came, the man with the gold tooth went. Though I
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Treading Water
After they find dry ground for refuge, tie up surviving livestock, scan the ground for snakes and scorpions, queue, break queue and grab for food, plead for water, scream for tents, weep for loss, curse officials, lament fate — after all that, people
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Raw Material
I have folders of material that I didn’t use in We Take Our Cities With Us: A Memoir. At various points, I wrote about images that I’d excavated during the research into my mother’s life, a process that (I realize now) I adopted from researching my n
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Emil, Approximated
And maybe that was the point of it — to make the act of writing a temporary spark in a constellation of other temporary sparks...
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Every week or so, a patient comes into my clinic with back or shoulder pain. These patients’ MRIs are spotless, and they have been told by many doctors before me that everything looks normal — that there is no measurable source of their pain. It is m
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In “Cockroach,” two brothers navigate the small world of their apartment in the absence of their mother. Late one night, the younger boy spots a cockroach scuttling across the kitchen floor. Terrified but determined to act bravely, the boy takes it u
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Back Draft: Antoine Wilson
The novelist discusses airport lounges, post-revision regret, and what it means to save someone’s life.
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The Shape Of A Person
I had, with threatening effort, lost fifty pounds the previous summer, but I still found my body pouchy and wrong, a pillowcase loaded with beans.
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Locked Outside the Gates of Europe
Caught between pandemic and bureaucracy, Algerian migrants try to find meaning in statelessness.
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Alexander Chee: “Community Always Has A Certain Amount Of Struggle.”
Alexander Chee is living the answer to an American question that is as elusive as it is enduring: how do we integrate political consciousness into who we are? Chee is the bestselling author of the novels Edinburgh and Queen of the Night, as well as t
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Our Village
You say, our village. Do you mean our exact village, The one we saw at dawn, Where we watched the sunrise And spent the morning, The afternoon, And the evening, And where we stayed? If you really mean This village, It has a village underneath, And a
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“The Beautiful Dream That We Unfold And Extend…”
The beautiful dream that we unfold and extend, ruined, in the course of a sublime mockery; beauty defeated by the measure of a sobering glance, reflected from a bitterly earned truth. You, aubain, you trace, cross the unlivable place, distraught, cra
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Choosing the Flowers
There is an old lady who hangs around my apartment. I don’t know where she comes from, or where she actually lives. She just shows up whenever she wants. “It’s really not appropriate,” I have told her many times. “This is America. We have boundaries.
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D Day
It would happen painlessly, God assured, although what did God even know about pain, Ruby wondered?
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If an American Cannot Speak Arabic
There is a particular kind of angst, a wanting and waiting, at the periphery of a language.
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To Live a Little
As a man's mind slips away, his family bears the weight of slowly losing the person they love.
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Brief History
The night the flag of the British empire came down / in my country, the cry of a mottled wolf was heard in the wild.
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Alan Chin’s Infinity Goes Up on Trial
It’s easy to forget, given the ways culture and commercialism condition our stories, just how much happened to these United States in two short years. In 2020 and 2021, the country confronted the COVID-19 pandemic, the violence of white supremacy, an
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Longer on Moon
If we took worry — blasted, ineffectual worry — to its endpoint, we would arrive at — instead (yes, instead!) — a perpetual state of open, courageous concern. I reach for it, yearn toward it — And wake. My dozy brain leapfrogs. I shift and remember t
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Cruel World As a Litany Of Stars
Forgive me, I did not mean to copy your life. I could not reach you, so I too, donned a pink blouse and played the guitar. The clumsy note made a soft shape and stood by me. The financial newsletter beckons the era coming. Analysts refer to it as the
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Body Politic
The doctor who arrived in my wife’s recovery room to perform our son Sebastian’s circumcision was a mix of Foghorn Leghorn and Huey P. Long, a gentleman from another age. A pale, portly man in a white dress shirt and black suspenders, he introduced h
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A Dalit Mother’s Accounts
In “A Dalit Mother’s Accounts,” Sarita Pariyar weaves an intimate narrative about Damai mothers in Nepal and the violence of the caste system that subjugates them. Dalit women are beaten, deprived of food, and considered untouchable; Pariyar compiles
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Cain’s Feast
A Mexican story that reads like a biblical tale of love and infidelity and a chronicle of a murder at once.
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A Snapshot Diagnosis
The person who told me about the trans man who passed through Ellis Island in the early 1900s was a woman I’d only just met. One evening at the fellowship we were both attending, we found ourselves talking about gender and love: about labels, their l
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