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‘I’m Thankful’: A Centenarian’s Approach To Life
If age is more than a number, what else is it? For Martha Mae Dorsey Boles, age 103, it’s also an increased sense of thankfulness. Mrs. Boles was born in 1918, the last time there was a pandemic. She was too young to remember that public health crisi
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Cooking for 15,000: How Fort Bragg pulls off Thanksgiving
Princido “Tex” Texidor knew deep in his teenage heart that the El Conquistador wasn’t for him. The restaurant in the Puerto Rican town of Arecibo commanded nearly all his father’s time, and Mr. Texidor wanted no part of that. But when he sat down wit
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Thanksgiving In A Can? The Holiday’s Edible Controversies Explained.
Thanksgiving is a time of assembling family and friends and reengaging in age-old debates over what really belongs on the holiday table. This culinary smack talk is actually a form of cultural coding, finding your “team,” so to speak. Somewhere someo
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Thanksgiving Reflections On Grace And Growth For Uncertain Times
To call the past few years a time of upheaval is a pretty huge understatement. Gender roles and gender identity, race and justice, capitalism and socialism, hyperpolarization, wars, and pandemics – all have brought disruption at levels unseen in gene
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Shared Blessings As Afghans Settle In The US
Tens of thousands of Afghan refugees are now being settled across the United States, just weeks after the fall of Kabul to the Taliban. In fleeing religious persecution, these weary pilgrims are now telling journalists of their ordeals and those left
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Early Settlers Loved The Pumpkin. But It Was Mexico’s Favorite First.
It’s been 400 years since the recently arrived Pilgrims and resident Wampanoags held a three-day diplomatic feast that historians later described as the first Thanksgiving. And it’s been 200 years since Sarah Josepha Hale, an early arbiter of good Am
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‘Encanto’: A Tale Of Family And Fitting In, Set To Music
In Disney’s animated musical “Encanto,” an ordinary teen struggles to fit into an extraordinary world. Mirabel Madrigal lives in a house you won’t find on Zillow. Tucked into a mountain range, it’s a magical villa that bestows a unique power on each
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After Rittenhouse: What An Era Of Armed Protest Means For America
After the acquittal on Friday of Kyle Rittenhouse for killing two protesters and injuring another during social upheaval in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year, folks once again took to the streets here in Kenosha, but the numbers were far fewer. One group
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Christmas Parade Hit-and-run Renews Questions Around Bail
The suspect in a Christmas parade crash in suburban Milwaukee that killed five people was free on $1,000 bail posted just two days before the deadly event, a fact that is leading to a review of what happened and renewed calls for giving judges more p
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Ukraine’s Best Defense Against Russia
Since July, when President Vladimir Putin rejected the idea that Ukraine is a sovereign country, Russia has amassed some 100,000 troops on the border with its weaker neighbor. The implied threat of an invasion has ignited concerns in Western capitals
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Britain’s Bangladeshis Aim To Save Brick Lane – And Their Immigrant Story
Abdal Ullah still remembers the waft of chapati and chai served from the cafes beneath his family apartment on Brick Lane, the East London community settled by Bangladeshi families in the late 1970s and ’80s. He arrived from his native Bangladesh at
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Airlines Face ‘Unruly Passenger’ Test As Holiday Travel Rebounds
Long-distance trips to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving may look a little easier as some pandemic restrictions have eased since last fall. Air travel, which dropped off in 2020, is set to double over last year with approximately 4.2 million travelers
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Why Russia’s Troop Surge Near Ukraine May Really Be A Message To The West
War clouds are gathering on the Russia-Ukraine border, as Moscow assembles a major force within striking distance of Kyiv for the second time this year. The buildup of 100,000 troops and heavy equipment in Russia’s western military sector, near Ukrai
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What ‘Black Friday’ And ‘Red Ink’ Have In Common
The day after Thanksgiving in the United States is Black Friday, when millions of Americans head to the stores for holiday shopping, producing what is widely considered the biggest shopping day of the year. Folk etymology holds that the name refers t
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Can Courts Be Compassionate, In Crime Prevention And Punishment?
Most states with red flag laws passed them after the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Advocates say the effectiveness of the laws would increase if more authorities and the public knew how to use them.   Red flag laws are saving lives throu
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Writing To The Writers In My Life
Over the years, when a book has spoken to me with particular power, grace, or charm, I have taken to pen and paper and sent word off to the author, communicating what their work meant to me. Contrary to popular assumptions that writers are too busy t
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America’s Origin Stories Abound With Complexities
“An argument without end” is how Joseph J. Ellis characterizes history in “The Cause: The American Revolution and Its Discontents, 1773-1783,” one of several notable fall releases on America’s Revolutionary War era.  Like “The Cause,” new works by hi
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‘Refund’ The Police? With Crime High, Debate Rises In Maryland.
Donzo Monk has no love for the police.  He’s spent his entire life in Baltimore and says he has learned to expect corruption in local politics and law enforcement. Four years ago, he finished a 10-year prison sentence for selling drugs – a charge he
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Ann Patchett’s Essays Unfold Her Warmth, Generosity, And Humor
“These Precious Days,” Ann Patchett’s generous new collection of essays, nearly all of which were previously published in periodicals, offers a burst of warm positivity. Like her first collection, “This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage” (2013), this
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November’s Shorter Days Make Reading All The Sweeter
Our reviewers’ selections include a collection of essays by beloved novelist Ann Patchett, a ground-breaking biography on Picasso, and the history of the American Transcendentalist movement in the 19th century. 1. The Island of Missing Trees by Elif
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Breakfast With RNC Chief – And Trump Ally – Ronna McDaniel
Dear Reader, “It’s been really hard,” Ronna McDaniel told me Thursday, her eyes welling up. Our hour-long Monitor Breakfast with the chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) had just ended, and I asked her how her kids were doing. For many Am
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Bees By The Watercooler?
For some employees who worked at home during the pandemic – perhaps rediscovering nature and a different rhythm of life – a return to the office may come with a surprise. Forward-looking companies are trying a new way to attract and retain workers: w
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Russian Human Rights Group Under Threat. What Soured The Kremlin?
Russia’s most venerable and internationally respected human rights organization, Memorial, has deep roots within Russian society. It was founded in the Soviet Union more than three decades ago by dissident Andrei Sakharov – with Kremlin approval – to
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Readers Write: Apple Picking, Palestine, And More
The Oct. 25 cover story, “Untaming a river: The stakes behind America’s largest dam removal,” is excellent. I have watched the bear cams in Alaska’s Katmai National Park on for four years, and have learned ancillary information about salm
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The Next Big Leap Into An Unseen Universe
The space-based Hubble Space Telescope has looked farther into the cosmos than anything before it and has made great discoveries. Now it is about to be eclipsed by a telescope that will look even farther out – much farther. The long-awaited, $10 bill
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Climate Change Is Expensive. How Should The World Pay To Fight It?
If one thing became clear at the COP26 gathering of world leaders this month, it’s that tackling climate change is going to be expensive. Making the leap to decarbonized energy is pricey. So, too, is adapting to a warming planet that unleashes more d
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NFL Embraces Betting. What Message Is It Sending Student-athletes?
The senior quarterback loves the game, his hometown Washington Football Team, and Lamar Jackson – the scrambling sensation he emulates – who plays for the NFL franchise down the road in Baltimore.  Novaun Lee, who’s ranked near the top of his class a
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Q&A With Mayukh Sen, Author Of ‘Taste Makers’
In his book “Taste Makers: Seven Immigrant Women Who Revolutionized Food in America,” author Mayukh Sen offers biographical sketches of individuals who found unexpected success as chefs and cookbook authors after arriving in the United States in the
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Build Back Better Or Boondoggle? Why Biden’s Bill Is So Divisive.
After months of negotiations and a record-long GOP speech that went until 5 a.m., House Democrats narrowly passed the largest spending bill in history this morning. President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act is twice as big in real dollars as Frankl
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Harnessing Rainwater For Later Use: Ancient Solution To Modern Extremes
In one Texas suburb, a battle of rainwater harvesting tanks is on. During a neighborhood garden tour in May, Kyle Peavy spotted Richard Townsend’s 260-gallon tank and decided to go even bigger. Just two months later, Mr. Peavy installed his own rainw
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