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Top Picks: Steve Gunn’s 'The Unseen In Between,' CBS's 'Aretha!,' and more
The documentary 'Science Fair,' which chronicles the efforts of young people to triumph at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, is available to rent and buy via iTunes and Google Play, Netflix’s new animated series 'Carmen Sandiego'
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What Are You Watching? Readers Recommend 'The Mule,' 'On The Road With Charles Kuralt'
We recently enjoyed the film The Mule. This is Clint Eastwood at the top of his game. The story was touching and exciting, and when we left the theater, we said, “What a great movie!” – Roger and Sue Melton, Dallas My husband found a DVD at the lib
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For Government Supporters In Venezuela, It's All About The Revolution
As Venezuela's opposition tries to rally behind National Assembly leader Juan Guaidó, who has declared himself interim president, one challenge is particularly difficult: how to appeal to Venezuelans who see President Nicolás Maduro's government as t
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‘Ruben Brandt, Collector’ Is Intricate, Inventive
One of the first words we hear from Ruben Brandt, the renowned psychotherapist, is a distress call. “My nightmares are getting stronger and stronger,” he reveals, but the nightmares are of a special sort: They all involve imagery from famous painting
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Forget The Oscars: Why ‘Roma’ Resonates With Three Monitor Families
“Roma,” the Academy Award-nominated film, has sparked conversation about underappreciated laborers. But for our Mexico correspondents, their shared experience includes love and gratitude for the nanny they all worked with.
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Helping Minority Youths Dream Beyond Sports
Former President Obama and ex-NFL player Martellus Bennett are among those who want to lift stereotypes and limits off young black boys and men.
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Beyond Amazon Debacle, Wider Doubts About Tax Breaks As Tools
When New York City saw its deal for a corporate HQ collapse, some leftist politics was involved. But the bigger message may be rising scrutiny of whether tax breaks for employers make sense.
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Lonesome Highway
For decades, leaders in the United States sought to make it easier – not harder – to travel from the US to Latin America. But the idea of a united hemisphere faded and was eventually lost.
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One State Asks: What If Girl Scouts, Martial Arts Counted Toward A Diploma?
Ninth-grader Rachel Chubb never thought much about lake pollution – until she witnessed a fascinating debate about fisheries at the New Hampshire State House. She’s spending one day a month there this semester, interning as part of the Girls Rock the
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Parties Over? Republicans, Democrats, And The Howard Schultz Challenge
Weaker political parties along with more extreme partisanship have made for a dangerous combination – one that experts say threatens democratic norms. This is the sixth installment of our “Democracy Under Strain” series.
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James Baldwin Finds New Generation Of Fans
Some three decades after his passing, Baldwin’s books endure as part of the literary canon. He channeled a love of language into his writing, choosing prose instead of sermons, following a writer's instead of a preacher's life.
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Block By Block, A Community Activist Builds A Better Chicago
In the poor and middle-class African-American neighborhoods of the city's South Side, Jahmal Cole is working with young people and volunteers to make big improvements in people's lives and communities – by changing the little things.
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What The Mall Has In Common With Chain Mail
What does modern suburban shopping have to do with medieval armor? A lot, at least etymologically speaking.
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Meanwhile In … Belén, Costa Rica, A Recycling Drive Set A New World Record For Bottle Collection.
In Belén, Costa Rica, a recycling drive set a new world record for bottle collection. Guinness World Records officially bestowed the honor of “most plastic bottles recycled in eight hours” on the public-private recycling partnership Ecolones, which n
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'The Story Of Britain' Is An Eminently Readable History Of The Isles
The book made fine, invigorating reading two decades ago, and it still does (making room, of course, for the addition of the Brexit referendum). Author Roy Strong leads readers smoothly through rulers and epochs, with a narrative style that's happily
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Not Your Typical Door-to-door Sales: The Family-planning Ladies Of Nigeria
Nigeria has one of the world’s fastest-growing populations, but many people treat contraception as taboo. A home-visit program helps women access birth-control information and care.
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When Transfer Students Knock, More Colleges Are Opening The Door
More community college students are making their way to four-year universities – and helping schools meet enrollment and diversity goals. What might that mean for college affordability?
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When Putin Goes, Will Putinism Persist? Russians Debate.
When the Kremlin’s ex-chief ideologist speaks, people listen. Last week, he said that the governmental structure that Putin built would outlive the man who built it. Now Russians are arguing over what “Putinism” is.
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I Advocate For Quality
I teach at a university and recently had an interesting interaction with a student who approached my desk with an assignment. I watched as he pulled it from his pocket and held the crumpled sheet out to me.  “What’s that?” I asked. His response: “My
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No Smoking: How One City Is Cutting The Hookah Haze
Cities, over larger government entities, have increasingly been drivers of change. When Jordan’s smokers seemed unmoved by national laws, Amman joined a global cities alliance to help reduce public smoking.
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Has The EPA Lost Its Teeth? House To Investigate Dwindling Enforcement.
Deregulation has been a hallmark of the Trump administration's EPA. But data suggests that the agency may be bypassing the courts by declining to enforce pollution violations.
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Ode To Joy, And Peace, In Venezuela
Dueling concerts on either side of the border will highlight again the use of peaceful tactics by the country’s pro-democracy forces to oust a ruthless leader.
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Early Humans Conquered The Sri Lankan Rainforest – One Meal At A Time
New research suggests that Homo sapiens' flexibility in finding food sources helped them to colonize seemingly impenetrable rainforests some 45,000 years ago.
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For Some, Emergency Declaration Pits Conservatism Against Trumpism
While most Republicans support President Trump’s move to gain funding for his border wall, some say it violates bedrock conservative principles, such as support for limited government and separation of powers.
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Glittering Currents Of The Ganges River
Like all great rivers, the Ganges carries important cultural and spiritual meaning. Author Sudipta Sen illuminates the background of this sacred river, connecting it to thousands of years of Indian history.
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Bearing Witness: When Hospital Work Becomes A Test Of Faith
Led by his faith and a desire to serve, Tom Catena is on call every day at the only referral hospital in a rebel-held region of Sudan.
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Green New Deal: Saving America Or Turning It Socialist?
What’s the best path to move the United States toward an emissions-free future? For most voters, the answer has as much to do with their economic worldview as their ideas about the environment.
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Why Sen. Sherrod Brown Loves To Quote Tolstoy
At a Monitor Breakfast, Senator Brown of Ohio talked about a possible presidential run - and how his favorite Russian author informs his progressive politics.
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As Global Advocates, Athletes Grab Baton From Flagging Governments
In our interconnected world, the diversity and reach of sports diplomacy is broadening. It's visible on issues such as climate change, where athletes and others see government falling short.
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Technology Helps Sustain K-pop Popularity
A combination of timing and technology helped K-pop win a formidable American fandom, with the latter key to how it’s consumed and enjoyed – particularly via social media.
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