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The Tie That Binds
Whenever we post a boat review to social media, we get the inevitable negative comments. This proves that there’s a lot of misguided people in the world who think that the kind of boating they do is the only kind. Any boat presented that isn’t suited
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EXTAND THE LIFE OF YOUR ANCHOR LINE If your anchor line has started to wear new-looking line where it counts, and places the worn section at the bottom of the locker where it’s less likely to be utilized, extending the life of your anchor line. You w
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Aspen C108
Asymmetry rarely exists in boat hulls, but there are exceptions, including the outrigger canoe and the Pacific proa. Both of these have two parallel hulls, but one hull is thinner than the other. These helped inspire a unique line of boats—Aspen Powe
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Yeti Panga Dry Backpack
In my nearly two decades as a working photographer, I’ve been through my fair share of bags and cases, but I’ve never found a comfortable, capable backpack that is completely waterproof. So, for an adventure through the Bahamas on board the Roswell M
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Don’t Even Think About It
I get dozens of emails from the US Coast Guard per week, perhaps the most common of which details the stopping of illegal charter boats. Whether it’s a 46-footer in Miami, a 25-footer out of Wisconsin, a 31-footer off Cape Cod, or a 20-footer in Seat
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The Benefits Of An Anchor Ball
Like so many specialized boating techniques, the use of an anchor ball won’t apply to all boaters. In fact, it won’t apply to most boaters. But if you’re tired of pulling up the anchor by hand, just don’t want a windlass, anchor in water too deep for
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+ Garmin Ondeck System
When paired with Garmin’s ActiveCaptain mobile app, OnDeck connects owners to their boat remotely so they can check onboard systems from virtually anywhere. OnDeck allows for monitoring of the boat’s battery status, bilge activity, door/hatch sensors
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Malibu M220
Following the success of its flagship M240, Malibu sought to deliver the same performance and amenities in a smaller form. The M220 fits the bill, and unlike its bigger sibling, it can be customized with a variety of factory options, giving buyers mo
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Impaired Visibility
The photograph shows a Bimini top stowed by folding it forward onto raised supports located in the bow. It is a second, optional Bimini top intended to shade bow seating when erect. It impedes visibility from the helm when stowed as shown. A better s
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Boat shopping? Forget about the lengthy, mind-boggling options list that accompanies many boat purchases. Manitou seeks to make pontoon buying easier with its new Aurora LE line, which offers a long list of standard features and groups the most popul
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Install A Wireless Booster
Longtime Boating contributor and marine electronics expert Ken Englert told me that the most common question customers in his store ask is: “How can I get internet reception on my boat?” Expensive satellite dome receivers such as those from KVH and I
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Jeanneau Leader 12.5 Wa
The Leader 12.5 WA is part center-console, part express cruiser, part fishing boat and part touring platform. But when we firewalled the throttles on triple Yamaha 300 outboards, we knew it was all about performance. Acceleration is snappy, planing i
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Go Anywhere
This guy I know had a unique boating problem. A successful businessman, he fulfilled his lifelong dream of owning a house on a lake and living the boating life. The house sat atop a bluffand offered an incredible view of the water. But he soon realiz
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Weather Apps
WHY: This app provides wind-speed readings from nearby stations, and shares the latest wind and waveheight information from nearby buoys. Its global wind map provides a macro view of the wind patterns all around the world. Locally, it’s a great way t
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Tips For Boating With New Boaters
A cold mist and wind pierced their light jackets, leaving both chilled to the bone. It led me to conclude that a skipper is responsible for the comfort as well as safety of crewmembers because boating is more enjoyable when everyone feels comfortable
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First Impression
The Axopar 22 X Jobe is said to rate top marks for handling, performance, seaworthiness, safety and comfort. A series of boats built by Finnish boatbuilder Axopar, in collaboration with world-renowned sports company Jobe of the Netherlands, the X Job
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REFLEX Reefrunner
As boat prices climb, one brand is bending the curve downward. Reflex America imports components from Reflex, New Zealand, and then assembles its boats in Southern California. The 24-foot-10-inch Reflex Reefrunner starts at $84,900. This model featur
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Panty Raid
The evidence was incriminating. And while no crime had been committed, it had to be destroyed. When we were younger men, my good friend Chuck Larson owned a family cabin on the Chippewa Flowage, deep in the heart of the Wisconsin North Woods. In Minn
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Ilmor One-touch/one-touch Pro
Since its debut in 2016, Ilmor’s One-Drive has earned high marks for its electromagnetically actuated hydraulic clutch transmission, a choice that off ers smooth and silent engagement compared to the clunky feel and sound of the traditional cone clut
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Q:hard Steering
Boat Doc, this summer I bought a 2015 22-foot pontoon with a 115 Yamaha. It is super hard to steer. It’s a single-cable-type steering. What can be done that will make this boat more enjoyable to drive? Thanks Ron Rollins Golden, Missouri A: Simple th
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Velocity 230 Sc
With an arrowlike closed bow, low-profile smoked Lexan windscreen, go-fast painted graphics, and a Mercury Racing 300R outboard bolted to the transom, the Velocity 230 SC looks fast—even before it leaves the trailer, as the saying goes. The 230 SC hi
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Green And Clean?
Q: I am a new boater and understand that plant growth and barnacles on my boat’s bottom will detract from the boat’s performance. However, I would like to use the most environmentally friendly bottom paint possible. What is your recommendation? Sharo
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Furuno Navnet Tzt9f Mfd
Furuno’s third-generation NavNet TZtouch3 series of three multifunction displays debuted in early 2020 with 12-, 16- and 19-inch models, and they quickly became the most sought-after displays among boaters for their power, networking capabilities and
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Onboard Power
Whether you water-ski, wakeboard, fish or just rock the sandbar with a mega-amp stereo, chances are your boat has more than one battery on board. If it does, you need an installed onboard charger capable of charging, maintaining and conditioning your
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Unique Boaters Tools
CHAIN A few lengths of chain can come in handy for use in hauling, in combination with a farm jack (read on) or to provide to a good Samaritan who is willing to tow you but lacks a strap. Chain can also be wrapped around an axle that’s hanging becaus
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Lowrance Activetarget Live
The new ActiveTarget Live high-resolution sonar system from Lowrance provides detailed views of fish moving in and around structure in real time. Unlike a conventional sonar, in which you can view only a history of what has occurred, you can actually
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Towing To Your Next Adventure
1. What are some good steps for trip preparation before that first boating-season adventure? A. Take a short trip around town or just up and down the highway with your trailer attached as a shakedown run before your big trip. B. Begin by packing plen
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Starcraft Svx 191 Ob
Starcraft’s SVX 191 OB takes aim at budget-minded boaters without forcing buyers to peruse the options list just to get the necessities and niceties. Its impressive standards list includes a fiberglass helm with full gauge array, a swiveling bucket h
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True Romance
One summer long ago, crisp mountain air mixed with clear alpine waters, the baritone growl of a wooden boat, and the soft hiss of its wake forever spiked a 10-year-old’s imagination—about the boat. Nature was fine, but in reality, only a boat could g
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