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Test Kitchen
PAGE 59 The “Ménage à Quatre” has filled many a coupe at my house in 2020. Racy name notwithstanding (we’re bored, but not that bored), this respectable little cocktail issues its siren song at today’s acceptable cocktail hour. (Four o’clock? Two o’c
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The Soul Of Guadeloupe In A Sandwich
VIRTUALLY EVERY PLACE HAS AN iconic street food—that inexpensive, highly portable bite capable of telegraphing its geographical culinary identity to the rest of the world. The United States is known for hot dogs; Vietnam, banh mi. In Guadeloupe, the
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The Unlikely Affineur
CHEESEMAKING, MANKIND’S LONG-running alchemy of controlled rot, involves transforming perishable milk into something exponentially more complex, long-lasting, and valuable. It requires the dedication and patience of a monk. Until recently, Antoine Ri
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A Shift in Focus
NORMAN JEAN ROY FEARS NOTHING, NOT EVEN DEATH. But he is a little worried that his rye berries may overcook. It’s July 29, 2020—day 140 of the pandemic—and Roy tells me as much while stirring the berries into submission for a few loaves of Danish rug
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We Hope You’re OK.
In 1990, Richard Linklater revolutionized the indie-film world with Slacker, a movie that made doing absolutely nothing look like active rebellion. Then Nirvana more than underscored the point with Nevermind. Which inspired the 1992 grunge collection
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My Not-So-Secret Garden
THE KIND CITIZENS OF ATHENS, New York, (population 1,603) thought I was crazy when, two months into quarantining here, I dug up my entire backyard to plant a vegetable garden. “The groundhogs will get it,” said one neighbor, matter-of-factly. “You ha
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Raising a Better Bird
Blue Apron founder Matt Wadiak has moved onto greener pastures, where happy chickens roam free. ROASTED, GRILLED, PRESSED INTO nuggets—Americans sure do love chicken. Last year, we devoured almost 100 pounds of the protein, per capita, nearly double
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Three Superior Seasoned Salts
Serious cooks typical ly frown upon pre-mixed seasonings, but these bottled blends include ingredients that have never darkened Mrs. Dash’s doorstep: Vietnamese anchovies, Persian licorice, green chiles from Hatch, New Mexico. Sprinkle atop finished
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The Saveur 100
Rafael Gonzales Jr. not only gets it, he makes a game of it. With a series of Lotería cards that call upon our shared COVID-19 neuroses, this San Antonio visionary (@pinche_raf_art) has turned Mexico’s version of bingo into a highly collectible copin
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Enjoy The Jungle’s Mystique And Endless Ocean Views At Grand Velas
Grand Velas Riviera Maya takes you beyond all inclusive. Savor gourmet cuisine from renowned chefs, bring balance to body and mind with treatments in the holistic spa and unwind in suites with private terraces, plunge pools, and uninhibited water vie
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Ten Things We Learned from the Season’s Best Books
As in, this crisp, clear, high-acid white from the French Mediterranean goes with everything. Sommelier Vanessa Price is determined to bring wine talk down to earth, even if that means occasionally hitting the drive-thru. In Big Macs & Burgundy, Wine
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One Good Bottle
tamara irish produces her wine the au naturale way, by climbing bare-ass naked into the steel milk vat she uses as a crush barrel. “It’s only me here, so I take my clothes offand jump in,” Irish says. “I adopted this ‘immersive technique’ to push the
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A Dish You Only Make for Someone You Love
I’VE OFFICIALLY OUTLIVED MY MOM,” my mother said to me through winestained teeth over a barbecue chicken pie. We were celebrating her birthday at a California Pizza Kitchen in Fulton County, Georgia—7,000-plus miles away from Seoul, Korea, where she
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Eat The World
Is there any logic capable of justifying $255 for a single soup ladle? Of course not. But that’s the problem with logic—it’s logical. Desire, on the other hand, burns far brighter. And do I ever desire this functional masterpiece from Erica Moody of
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Editor’s Note
BACK IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS, SEVEN or eight months ago, a typical magazine food shoot involved a veritable army of professionals. The magazine’s art director, photo director, and at least one editor were usually on set with the photographer, a food sty
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Return To Oaxaca
When my father moved our family from Oaxaca to Los Angeles in 1994, he told us we would only be there for a year. I was 9 years old then, excited to learn a new language and enamored with the America I saw on TV shows like Saved by the Bell and Full
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Our All-time Best Recipes
If anyone should know if a recipe’s a keeper, it’s the person tasked with making sense of the original instructions—from the far reaches of Sri Lanka, say, or a famous chef who measures nothing. This might explain why many test kitchen staffers named
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Editor’s Note
SO WHERE WAS I 25 YEARS AGO? Right here. Not in the same physical location (Saveur’s got much swankier digs now), and certainly not in the same position atop the masthead. No, back when this magazine launched, I manned the reception desk outside edit
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Notes From The Test Kitchen
THE BERRIES OF THIS EVERGREEN LEND FLAVOR TO A LOT MORE THAN GIN AND GENEVER THE LAST TIME YOU EXPERIENCED THE PINEY, citrusy flavor of juniper was likely on the business end of a dry martini (see “Genever Is the Original Juniper Spirit,” p. 25). But
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What We Lose When We Lose the Amtrak Dining Car
ALMOST A DECADE AGO, I made two good decisions. The first was to move from New York to New Orleans. The second was to get there by train. I boarded the Crescent at Penn Station, carrying a small, soft-sided cooler that contained a loaf of bread, a st
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Salt Of The Earth
THE TOWN OF CASTRO MARIM IS TUCKED so far east into Portugal that you might hear echoes of Spanish from across the Guadiana River. Though not a famed salt mecca on the order of Guerande, France, or Maldon, England, people here have been transforming
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Can Good Scotch Come from Seattle?
WASHINGTON STATE is admittedly a long way from the Highlands of Scotland. But when Seattle’s Westland Distillery opened in 2010, cofounder and master distiller Matt Hofmann was determined to use the greatest whiskey-making resource the Pacific Northw
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A New Way to Nightcap
For four generations, the Fougerat family has produced single-cask Cognac for larger, blended brands like Martell. But in 2013, 33-year-old scion Fanny—one of the French region’s few female master distillers—broke out and began selling her own undilu
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Desperately Seeking Cédric
BACK IN AUGUST, Parisian pastry chef Cédric Grolet began teasing his plans to open a boulangerie on Instagram. By late October, when I happened to be in town, the storefront windows at 35 Avenue de l’Opéra were plastered with a larger-than-life photo
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Genever Is the Original Juniper Spirit
A great many things disappear without a trace from our cultural memory, and had there been just a slight shift in the winds of change, we might never have forgotten about genever. After all, if it weren’t for the Netherlands’ losing New York City to
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Two Mixed Drinks That Make the Most of Genever
Adapted from the first American cocktail handbook, this Jerry Thomas drink is emblematic of the mid-19th-century, a time when pineapples were an exotic status symbol. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes, add 1½ ounces Bols genever, ¾ ounce pin
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Pralines: How They Cook’Em in New Orleans
THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO, WHEN LORETTA Harrison opened Loretta’s Authentic Pralines in New Orleans’ old Jax Brewery building, she became the first African-American woman to own and operate a praline company in the Crescent City—a distinction she charact
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My Father’s French Onion Soup
My father gave me his letters from paris. Written with a fountain pen on onionskin stationery and folded in envelopes marked Par Avion, these formative accounts were addressed to my grandmother, and mailed during the year he studied art in Montparnas
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10 Things We Learned from the Season’s Best Books
It may seem that fat, flour, and some patient stirring are all that go into this building block of Louisiana cooking. But Justin Devillier, chef-owner of Magazine Street’s La Petit Grocery, gives no fewer than three methods in The New Orleans Kitchen
… o descubre algo nuevo