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Sweater Weather
Wrap yourself in thick lambswool, knitted here to create a subtle mélange finish. Those sleeves are a comfy raglan design, by the way. £175, shopstyle.co.uk This casual yet hardy fisherman’s style merino wool sweater is made to handle the worst of Br
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The Magic Mid-range System
THE SOUNDBAR Calling the SN11RG a soundbar is like calling the moon a chunk of rock. Yes, there’s a soundbar section. But there’s also a hulking external subwoofer and two meaty rear speakers sporting up-firing drivers on their top edges. The Dolby A
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Best Of The Best
If you’re looking for the very best tech available today, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Best of the Best is the most useful gadget-buying guide you will ever encounter. To create it, we’ve extensively tested the best tech the world has t
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Money No Object
Not all scents are made equal, and some are so intensely sought-after they sell out before they even reach the virtual shelves. Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino is one such scent. This unisex fragrance has its very own cult following, thanks in small part
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The Affordable AV Setup
THE TV On paper, the R50B7120’s numbers don’t add up. Surely a 50-inch screen with a 4K resolution and hundreds of apps for just £329 can’t possibly be right? Especially when that TV’s picture and sound are also both above par for the budget TV marke
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The Hottest Timepieces Right Now
Every one of these robust and eye-catching 24 limited edition watches will be installed in the toolbox of the LMP2 IDEC Sport racing car as it competes in Le Mans 2020. €3,850, reservoir-watch.com Featuring a complex case design that increases in str
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Holiday Home Upgrades
Build an exceptional next-gen gaming setup Reviewed: Apple Watch SE Discover the best multi-room speaker system Tested: Oculus Quest 2 * ALL CONTENTS SUBJECT TO CHANGE ■
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Premium Trail Running Gear
The Adidas Terrex Speed LD has a breathable and abrasion-resistant dope-dyed mesh upper. Underfoot, the Continental outsole provides a grip and responsiveness on varied terrain. £119.95, adidas.co.uk For every Rockay Razer purchased, the company remo
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Mid-range Phones
In relative terms, smartphones haven’t been around for very long at all really, if you count the arrival of the first iPhone in 2007 as a rough starting point. In nearly a decade and a half, screen sizes have almost doubled, handsets have become as p
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Ticker Time
Everyone knows it’s important to look after their mental and physical health but, up until very recently, monitoring heart health and sleeping disturbances required multiple trips to the GP and carrying a wearable ECG device. It all changed with the
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Affordable Flagship Phones
The least expensive 2019 iPhone flagship, without the extra cameras of the Pro and Pro Max models, but with plenty of power and polish nevertheless. Watch out for even better deals on this Apple phone once the iPhone 12 has been revealed. From £729,
T31 min. leídosSports & Recreation
Head In The Clouds
What can a hairstyle- and safety-conscious urban cyclist do to protect their skull? They can get the Hövding 3 (£249, hovding.com), the third iteration of the ‘safest cycle helmet in the world’. It only takes 0.1 seconds for the Hövding 3 to deploy i
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The Most Important Mid-range Phones
The mid-range section of the smartphone market has never been busier: if you’ve got, say, £350 to £600 to spend, then there are a wealth of phones to pick from. The four mid-range devices mentioned here should offer something for everyone – they diff
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Captivating Volcanic Vistas
If peering into a rumbling crater or squeezing down a lava tube is your idea of the perfect holiday, don’t make the mistake of assuming you’ll need a long haul flight. Take Iceland, where you’ll find national parks such as Vatnajökull, home to the vo
T32 min. leídosElectrical Engineering & Electronics
Buyer Beware: The Budget Phone Option
If mid-range phones are so appealing, then what about budget phones? Do they offer an even better balance of price and performance? Well, in a word: no. There’s no fixed definition or price point for what constitutes a budget phone and what doesn’t,
T32 min. leídosTechnology & Engineering
All Hail The New King Of Noise Cancelling Buds!
The current big thing in headphones is true wireless buds with active noise cancelling (ANC). And often, ‘big thing’ is quite literal. Just ask anyone who has had Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless or Sony’s WF-1000XM3 protruding from their ears. So
T38 min. leídosComputers
Top Tablets For Every Task
Tablets are perfect for kids, whether they want to watch shows, play games, listen to music, or browse the web. Even while your children are too young for a phone, they can still happily tap and swipe away on a tablet, and today’s models come with pl
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Bright And Cosy
The Nina comes in 11 colours, making it one of the most versatile velvet sofas you can buy. We love the three-seater arrangement, with its angular silhouette and button detailing. The Nina is upholstered in micro pile velvet with a brushed fabric tex
T35 min. leídosTechnology & Engineering
Modern Classics new Tech That’s Old School
This stunner of a micro four-thirds camera, the Leica D-Lux 7, lets you reap the benefits of digital photography, including autofocus, optical image stabilisation and 4K video shooting, while still enjoying the look and feel of a 35mm film camera. Ju
T34 min. leídosTechnology & Engineering
Gadget Guru
Q KRIS PETERSSON, ABERDEEN Can I get a really cheap wireless outdoor security camera? A Oh, sure. Amazon is becoming basically overrun with Chinese wireless cams, some as cheap as £40. But you’re not an idiot (or you might be, Guru isn’t here to judg
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In T3, we feature only the finest gadgets out there, and we believe that you – our loyal reader – deserve only the best tech in your life. We don’t want you to waste time, and money, on inferior products, and that’s exactly why our Tested section exi
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As any audiophile knows, if you want super-lush sound out of your system, you’ve got to pair it with a decent valve amp. And decent doesn’t even come close to covering McIntosh’s MC1502 Vacuum Tube Amplifier. Inspired by the award-winning, limited-ed
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Gadget Guru’s Magic Box
The fine folks at Flare spotted Guru talking about their ear adulterators last issue, and were kind enough to send him a couple of things to try. Note that Guru is an anxious man spooked by loud noises or too many voices going on at once, and he has
T36 min. leídosTechnology & Engineering
GoPro HERO9 Black
£430 (£330 with a GoPro Plus subscription) gopro.com The GoPro HERO9 Black will be instantly recognisable to pretty much everyone, as will its basic functions, but GoPro has ingeniously cranked up specs almost everywhere as well as adding Apple-esque
T31 min. leídosTechnology & Engineering
Meet The Team
and get these fantastic free Flares Jet 2 Earphones Our new subscription offer gets you free Flares Jet 2 Earphones, which will give you hours of luxurious listening pleasure. SUBSCRIBE TODAY AND SAVE! myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/ttt/jet20 T3 is curre
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Now Playing
Take a dash of Prince, a jigger of disco bass, a big slosh of velour, shake the lot up and pour into an indie glass: Michael Lovett’s latest album as NZCA Lines is an opulent cocktail of syrup. If you’re looking for a rougher edge, Melt Yourself Down
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Sennheiser CX400BT
£169 sennheiser.com While Sennheiser’s never in any danger of winning the Most Stylish award for any of its headphones, where performance is concerned the CX400BT have almost everything you could realistically hope for. They have the Apple AirPods fi
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