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The House of Bijan is one of the most illustrious names in men’s lifestyle and fashion—practically a byword for luxury itself, thanks to founder Bijan Pakzad who practically invented the concept when he established the brand in the mid-1970s. He was
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In 2019, quarterback Patrick Mahomes of Tyler, Texas, led the Kansas City Chiefs to their first Super Bowl appearance in 50 years. They defeated the San Francisco 49ers, and Mahomes was named Super Bowl MVP, only the second Black quarterback and the
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COVER: Shirt, PLT, P52: Earrings, Jennifer Fisher, Necklaces, Sydney Evan, Rings left little finger, Sydney Evan, Rings left hand index finger, Vintage, Model’s
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On first approaching the new Bike Shed Moto Co. in Downtown Los Angeles on a crisp winter afternoon, we’re not entirely sure what to expect. Certainly not the hive of activity and commotion—the parking lot outside rumbling with two-wheeled creations
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How To Collect F1 Cars
I want a road-registered Porsche 917 to blast through Europe. Stopping at every beach bar along the French and Italian Riviera, playing the hero à la Steve McQueen. But some guys want even more than that. They want a Formula One car. That they can ra
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Le Mans The Next Century
This year the 24 Hours of Le Mans, arguably the most famous race in all of motorsports, celebrates its 100th Anniversary. In that century the endurance crucible forged epic rivalries, created legends and defined destinies for nearly every marque wort
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Life Of The PARTY
I like to have a Martini, two at the very most. After three I’m under the table; after four I’m under my host.” Dorothy Parker, famous rapier wit of the Algonquin Round “Table, summed up the festive possibilities of the world’s most famous cocktail i
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Amazing gracie
Heiress to both oil and football dynasties and a beauty pageant winner to boot, Gracie Hunt’s the girl who has it all. So what does she do? She gives it back. And she has even greater aspirations of her own. When she’s not running marathons, Gracie,
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Skeleton For A Soccer Star
Andrea Pirlo is something of a legend in the world of soccer. The Italian professional football coach and former superstar player, nicknamed “The Architect,” can count among his achievements a bronze medal in the 2004 Olympics, as well as a World Cup
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IN THE SPIRIT of St Barths
“An approximation of Elysium, a place that is geographically paradisiacal, filled with stylish and rigorously exacting hotels and restaurants, but where an inclusive and renegade spirit suffuses every corner.” Those who frequent the world’s most luxu
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The Storyteller
What drives David Yarrow to such dizzying photographic feats, rallying for the causes he’s literally gone to the ends of the earth for? His evocative and immersive photographic style has earned him cult status amongst art collectors, for starters. On
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To make a product as mundane as tires seem sexy requires inventive advertising to say the least. But only the Italians could transform an actual tire manufacturer into a sexy lifestyle brand—even if it took them nearly 100 years to do it. We are of c
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Sportsman’s Paradise
In the middle of Rhode Island, the smallest state in the union, serial entrepreneur, car collector, and conservationist Paul Mihailides has created something everyone said would never work: a nearly 4,000-acre private club dedicated to the outdoors l
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H.l. Hunt A Merican Dynasty
F. Scott Fitzgerald famously wrote, “There are no second acts in American lives.” While some argue over his meaning and intent, the fact remains that the history of America is full of people, families and even companies that have been able to revive,
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Meet Our 2022 Competition Finalists
In a world full of roses, Teri Coleman is a wildflower. Her subtle yet enchanting demeanor has a calming effect that welcomes sunshine vibes. She is the ultimate southern charmer with an accent that melts hearts from Georgia to Arizona. This is a wom
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Love Conquers All
Brooklin has had a hell of a ride. Through the ups and downs that she’s experienced over the past decade, she has one of the most epic comeback stories ever. You might recognize the Maxim Cover Girl competition winner from her days of being an actres
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Family Values
The name Walton carries the same recognition as those of Rockefeller or Ford, and the impact of the Walton family on the communities they serve, and the nation and even the world, as a whole, easily puts them in the same hallowed league—and beyond. E
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Shock treatment
While legendary French photographer Guy Bourdin is best known for his take on surrealism, “his influences were very diverse,” as his son Samuel Bourdin told Interview magazine. “From pop culture to high art, American comic books from the ’50s and ’60
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Members Only
“It was a very challenging project to pull off because nobody has done it before,” declares Sebastian Schoepe, President and CEO of RSG Group North America. “[RSG Group founder] Rainer Schaller and I traveled all over Europe, to Asia, we researched c
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The Gods Of Grand Prix
The very last bike the great Barry Sheene rode to victory was recently auctioned by Bonhams in the UK, his 2001 FWD Manx Norton 500cc Racing Motorcycle ‘FW02’, which was specially prepared for the two-time World Champion and took him to first place i
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No Limits
Maxim celebrated F1’s awesome Austin Grand Prix by throwing a Texas-sized VIP bash for more than 2,500 of Austin’s hottest partygoers, culminating in a headline performance by multiplatinum DJ and producer Marshmello. In partnership with Capture Stud
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Aquarama The Icon
“For me, the Riva Aquarama is simply one of the most beautiful things I own. It will never go out of style because it is a work of art created by a genius. Like the works that remain over time and in our memory, it amazes me every time because it pro
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Four to The Floor
I hadn’t expected this car to have the effect it had on me, or everyone else around it. Hollywood stars sprinting out of breakfasts on Mount Street in Mayfair just to see what the hell had blasted past them and round the block, sounding like an Exoce
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Unreal estates
The demand for hard assets as a haven from stock market volatility continues to define the appetite for real estate among the ultra-high-net-worth cohort. But not just any acquisition will do for discerning asset bankers as we venture into 2023. Trop
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No Time To Dive
They are perhaps the world’s most elite and feared fighting force. The U.S. Navy SEALs have taken down everyone from Manuel Noriega to Osama bin Laden, and a hell of a lot of bad actors in between. And now they’re engaged in a joint mission with anot
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In a remote clearing in Swedish Lapland near the Arctic Circle, nine Michelin-starred chefs are racing around to various fire pits and makeshift prep stations, plating rustic-looking delicacies for diners perched on stools carved from tree trunks. Wh
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Under The tuscan Sun
There’s something nearly out-of-body driving a Ferrari in these hills. Sublime even. Any time spent behind the wheel of one of their finest mid-engine supercars is a momentous occasion of course, but now, here—this feels even more transcendent. It’s
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A Diamond In Detroit
The road to success is paved with failure… for some. Others, like Brittany Burke, seem born to hit it big from the jump. The Detroit native’s mother, whose own journey culminated in spokesmodel work for Ford, had clearly seen something special in her
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Casks, Malts And Castles
The spirits world was stupefied last summer when an anonymous buyer from Asia paid around $19 million for an incredibly rare cask of Ardbeg single malt distilled in 1975. The nearly-50-year-old whisky is the oldest liquid the cult Islay brand has eve
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