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Maybe This Is Enough For Now
AMONG THE UNEXPECTED BY-PRODUCTS OF THE WRITING life in quarantine—along with the fear, anxiety, and overall stress of trying to survive a global pandemic with one’s physical, emotional, and financial well-being intact—has been something resembling c
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Megha Majumdar
author of eight books, most recently The Book of Longings, published by Viking in April. BEFORE the coronavirus pandemic set in, I sat on a panel at the Public Library Association conference beside a young novelist named Megha Majumdar. After listeni
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Feedback from a reader William Ferris’s letter to the editor (May/June 2020) regarding the contemporary publishing world, specifically how to navigate it, struck a chord with me, perhaps because we are of the same demographic. I am a published writer
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John Fram
author of seven books, most recently When We Were Magic, published by Simon Pulse in March. JOHN Fram’s debut novel, The Bright Lands, is a gripping exploration of queerness, masculinity, monstrosity, and small-town football. This book is True Detect
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Save Indie Bookstores
Writers tend to have their favorite local bookstores. The one where the staff members are mostly poets. The one with the secret reading nook in which you can sit and sample the wares. The one that sells out-of-print titles from a discount bin. The on
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Who We Are
IF YOU research an agent online, at Publishers Marketplace, the industry’s hub for information on book deals, or elsewhere, you will likely find a wealth of information about that agent, including what kinds of books they sell and to whom and a detai
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Page One
“Nothing’ll ever fix what’s broken in this town, but it would be nice if they’d at least get the dead bear out of the parking lot at Food Country.” F*ckface (Henry Holt, July 2020) by Leah Hampton. First book, story collection. Agent: Julia Kenny. Ed
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What We Read
In addition to reading countless books, queries, and manuscripts, many literary agents also read or browse literary journals to find new clients. After all, journal editors are often the first to discover and publish talented new writers. “The writin
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Secrets Hidden In The Stacks
When University of Virginia(UVA) professor Andrew Stauffer sent his class to the library in the fall of 2009, he expected them to focus on the printed text of the books they brought back. But Stauffer and his students soon realized that was just one
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Agents for Poets An Investigation
FOR too long, poets have largely been left out of the creative calculus that informs our understanding of how literary agents contribute to the economics of the book business. The familiar equation—reductive in its variables, misleading in its simpli
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Literary Festivals Go Virtual
In the time of COVID-19 and social distancing, literary organizations face a difficult reality regarding in-person festivals and conferences. Dozens of events previously scheduled for the summer of 2020, some years in the making, have been canceled o
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Reviewers & Critics
ONE of the leading lights in the literary community and among the funniest voices on Twitter, Maris Kreizman is the host of Literary Hub’s weekly podcast the Maris Review. But many readers were introduced to her when she created Slaughterhouse 90210,
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Small Press Points
“I like to think that each chapbook is a journey,” says editor Shaun Levin of the immersive, imaginative volumes he publishes at the A3 Press (www.writingmaps.com/pages/the-a3-press-review). Founded in 2019 as an offshoot of the A3 Review and based i
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Publishing During a Pandemic
FOR most of the past decade, indie publisher Gray-wolf Press has been on a roll. One of its authors, Anna Burns, from Northern Ireland, won the 2018 Man Booker Prize for her novel Milkman. Before that the nonprofit press in Minneapolis had breakout h
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Literary MagNet
In his third book, A History of My Brief Body (Two Dollar Radio, July 2020), Billy-Ray Belcourt says he “marshals the forces of poetry and theory to create a kind of memoir that stretches well beyond the boundaries of my individual life.” The poetic
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CREATIVE WRITING AWARD Two prizes of £1,000 (approximately $1,235) each and publication in the Aes-thetica Creative Writing Annual are given annually for a poem and a short story. The winner in poetry also receives a membership to the Poetry Society
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Kuipers Leads Poetry Northwest
In January the oldest literary magazine in the Pacific Northwest welcomed a new editor to the helm. Former senior editor Keetje Kuipers succeeds Aaron Barrell and Erin Malone as editor in chief of Poetry Northwest, which was established in 1959 and i
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Submission Calendar
STONE CANOE Poetry Award COMSTOCK REVIEW Muriel Craft Bailey Award THE STORY PRIZE LEDBURY POETRY FESTIVAL Poetry Competition NARRATIVE Poetry Contest STONE CANOE Fiction Award SIXFOLD Poetry and Short Story Awards F(R)ICTION Short Story Contest HOWL
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The Time Is Now
Suggested Reading: 25 Great Sentences and How They Got That Way (Norton, August) by Geraldine Woods Culling examples of “beautiful, creative, or resonant” sentences from a variety of sources—fiction, nonfiction, drama, poetry, song lyrics, speeches—W
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Recent Winners
STORIES OUT OF SCHOOL FLASH FICTION CONTEST Jennifer Kaplan of New York City won the 2020 Stories Out of School Flash Fiction Contest for “Field Trip.” She received $1,000. Allie Torgan of Los Angeles was the runner-up for “The Sub.” She received $50
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What We Found in Writing
ON THE evening Denver went into lockdown, I was fishing. The South Platte runs right through the city, and if you’re into urban fly-fishing, you can cast for huge carp among the wrecked grocery carts and old tires. But just twenty miles upstream, whe
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Patrons Circle
Poets & Writers gratefully acknowledges this group of generous Poets booklovers who have made donations of $1,000 or more to support our programs and publications for writers. Arlene Alda Francine and David Alexander Stuart Applebaum Ellen Archer Rea
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A Poetics Of resilience
IN METALLURGY, the word resilience describes a material’s ability to withstand fire, to be set loose by heat and, when cooled, recover its form. Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Natasha Trethewey—a former two-term U.S. poet laureate and a professor at Nor
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Conferences & Residencies
The 2020 Catamaran Writing Conference will be held from July 26 to July 30 at the Robert Louis Stevenson School in Pebble Beach, California. The conference features workshops, craft talks, readings, and literary-themed excursions for poets, fiction w
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Read Indie
By Juli Delgado Lopera Feminist Press This “ebullient and assertive” novel follows a Colombian teenager’s coming-of-age and coming out as she plunges headfirst into lust and evangelism (The New York Times). Lit by the hormonal neon glow of Miami and
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Still Here for You
In late March the Poets & Writers Board of Directors held its first-ever remote meeting. We had canceled our annual fundraiser, scheduled for March 16, and closed our office but continued all of our programs for writers, even as our staff worked remo
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Ashleigh Bryant Phillips
author of five books, most recently Florida, published by Riverhead Books in 2018. ONLY a few sentences into the first story in Ashleigh Bryant Phillips’s brilliant debut collection, Sleepovers, I understood that I was holding something like a live w
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Jean Kyoung Frazier
author of two books, including Memorial, forthcoming in October from Riverhead Books. IT IS startling to come across a familiar voice on the page: not familiar because we’ve heard it before—we absolutely haven’t—but rather because it speaks a narrati
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Corinne Manning
author of six books, most recently Later, published by Graywolf Press in March. EVERY time I sit down with a Corinne Manning story, I am struck by its freshness and spark. It doesn’t take me down one corridor of feeling; it’s too alert and intelligen
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