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By Carolyn Guinzio “Guinzio’s riveting triptych opens a keyhole of stylized and radiant insight into female interiorities—a reclamation of lost, overlooked, or side-lined subjectivities illuminated by an empathic eye and deft linguistic verve.” —Lee
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Eric Nguyen
author of eleven books, most recently The Mountains Sing, published in 2020 by Algonquin Books. Growing up in Vietnam, I was discouraged to read literary works by those who fled our country after the war, since they were branded as “traitors.” It too
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Agent Advice
Areas of interest: Upmarket/literary fiction; book club fiction; narrative nonfiction in the social sciences space (specifically history and science); across the board, a strong focus on BIPOC voices, particularly those from the AAPI community Repres
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The Loneliness Project
WHEN I set out to write a book about loneliness, I imagined it would be easy. Loneliness seemed simple: It was a bad feeling, but it was also romantic in some way, a problem that novels and movies had trained me to believe was an intellectual one tha
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Lee Lai
author or coauthor of nine books, including Boundless, published in 2017 by Drawn & Quarterly. Lee Lai is a cartoonist who centers bodies: how they are held, the space between them, the way they touch and are touched. Bodies communicate as much as wo
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Literary MagNet
The beginnings of M. Leona Godin’s new book, There Plant Eyes: A Personal and Cultural History of Blindness (Pantheon, June 2021), trace back to a class on Milton that she took as an undergraduate. Since then, Godin’s experiences as a scholar, writer
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Recent Winners
John Francis Istel of New York City won the 2021 Stories Out of School Flash Fiction Contest for “The Metaphor Game.” He received $1,000 and publication in A Public Space. Jonathan Lethem judged. The annual award is given for flash fiction about teac
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Feedback from readers I feel such gratitude and admiration for two articles from the Literary Life department of the May/June 2021 issue of Poets & Writers Magazine. Both Sarah Ruhl’s “Not Writing Right Now: Writer’s Block During a Pandemic” and J.T.
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The Pop-Up Literary Agency
Before teaching under-graduate courses in children’s and young adult literature in the English department at the University of Arizona, Stephanie Pearmain was a reader for the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. “I have an MFA in creative writing,” says Pe
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Infertile & Querying
GROWING up, in the absence of any sort of formalized religion, I used to pray to my dead grandparents. I would ask them for two things, but never both at the same time: to be a mother and to be a writer. The writer part was simple. I always wanted to
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Your Career On The Line
IF THERE is one milestone in a writing career capable of launching a thousand daydreams and anxieties at once, it’s when a literary agent calls to discuss representation. Known among writers as simply “the call,” this phone conversation could potenti
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The Savvy Self-Publisher
NIKKI Peoples, who is named after poet Nikki Giovanni, knew early on that she wanted to join a branch of the military. The daughter of a career military man, Peoples looked into officer training programs while in high school, but after a friend, one
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Pik-Shuen Fung
author of two novels, most recently The Tenth Muse, published by Ecco in 2019. I read Pik-Shuen Fung’s evocative debut novel, Ghost Forest, with a combination of wonder and gratitude: wonder at how it manages to feel both expansive and rich, and grat
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Small Press Points
The name of Kaya Press (kaya.com) comes from a confederation of city-states in ancient Korea where the arts flourished at the confluence of several cultures. For more than twenty-five years, the press has served as a similar nexus of experiment, abun
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CERTAIN BOOKS, IF WE ARE LUCKY TO ENCOUNTER THEM at just the right moment, exert a kind of emotional-intellectual-gravitational force on us. Time slows down; the mind opens up. Maybe this is what we mean when we say a work of art “speaks” to us. I wa
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Conservation Stories
This spring, writer Susan Tacent co-taught a virtual workshop called The Art and Science of Migration to twelve writers interested in animal migratory patterns. By the last of the workshop’s five weekly sessions, Tacent says, students saw migration e
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The Anthologist
In Horse Girls: Recovering, Aspiring, and Devoted Riders Redefine the Iconic Bond (Harper Perennial, August 2021) edited by Halimah Marcus, more than a dozen essayists consider the ways horses have shaped their sense of self. Writers including Rosebu
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Two prizes of £2,500 (approximately $3,434) each and publication in Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual are given annually for a poem and a short story. The winner in poetry also receives a membership to the Poetry Society in London, and the winner in
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The Whitney Plantation
While a life like Frederick Douglass’s is remarkable, we must remember that not every person who lived through slavery was like Douglass. Most did not learn to read or write. Most did not engage in hand-to-hand combat with white slave breakers. Most
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Submission Calendar
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Conferences & Residencies
The 2021 Cape Cod Writers Center Conference will be held online from August 5 to August 7. The conference features workshops in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, as well as mentoring sessions with faculty and a talk on trends in publishing. T
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Of the Diaspora, In the Spotlight
In the fall of 2017, Erica Vital-Lazare, a professor of creative writing at the College of Southern Nevada, was on the phone with her dear friend Brian Dice, a member of the board of the nonprofit publisher McSweeney’s. They were laughing and talking
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Patrons Circle
Supporting literature at its source Poets & Writers gratefully acknowledges this group of generous booklovers who have made donations of $1,000 or more to support our programs and publications for writers. Stuart Applebaum Amy Berkower Sallie Bingham
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I Look Forward to hearing From you
YOU CAN READ as many articles about the process of searching for and securing an agent as you can find, absorb all the helpful advice of agents as well as authors who have blazed the trail ahead of you, then turn back to your own search for represent
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In Celebration of Writers
On March 25, Poets & Writers hosted its first-ever virtual gala, “In Celebration of Writers.” The star-studded event featured special guest Oprah Winfrey, recipient of Poets & Writers’ Leadership Award, in conversation with authors Cheryl Strayed and
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The Time Is Now
Suggested Reading: Our Endless and Proper Work: Starting (and Sticking to) Your Writing Practice (Belt Publishing, June 2021) by Ron Hogan Emerging from a newsletter the author launched in 2018 called “Destroy Your Safe and Happy Lives” (ronhogan.sub
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A Week In Reading
TOO often writers can fall under the impression that agents are a cabal of mysterious gatekeepers hunkered down behind closed doors, quietly eviscerating the queries and manuscripts that hungry, eager scribes have lobbed over the castle wall. In real
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EMMA HINE is the author of the poetry collection Stay Safe, which received the Kathryn A. Morton Prize and was published in January 2021 by Sarabande Books. JENNIFER WILSON is a contributing writer at the Nation magazine, where she covers books and c
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The late Anthony Veasna So
When I met Anthony at St anford in 2014, he declared that he would become a famous fiction writer, even though he had never written fiction before, at least not in a serious way. He was the coeditor in chief of Stanford’s humor magazine, the Chaparra
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