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Annie Edson Taylor conquers Niagara Falls
Dominic Sandbrook is a historian and presenter. His series about Britain in the 1980s was shown last year on BBC Two Annie Edson Taylor pictured in c1901 with the barrel that carried her over Niagara Falls. The so-called Queen of the Mist became the
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The Rise and Fall of the Templars
Hugh of Payns and eight other knights band together in Jerusalem, agreeing to protect Christian pilgrims outside the city. They are officially recognised in 1120. Their base is the al-Aqsa mosque, which they call the Temple of Solomon. Alfonso I ‘the
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Good-Time Girls
Reaktion, 298 pages, £14.99 Colleen Moore was the doyenne of flappers. From 1917 until the early 1930s, this American actor wowed audiences with her bold, carefree mannerisms, boyish body, pudding-bowl hairstyle and brightly painted lips. As she told
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Look to the Future While Examining the Past...
A GCSE/GCE History Examiner will mark candidates’ responses in accordance with the pre-defined mark scheme, whilst adhering to Code of Practice and examination procedures. It’s an opportunity to earn extra money in a part-time role and enhance your C
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Napoleon Gets His First Taste of Power
At the beginning of October 1795, fighting broke out in Paris. Six years after the fall of the Bastille, the Revolution was still far from secure. The French countryside was still a turbulent, violent place, while in the capital the bloodletting of t
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How War Scarred the Playboy Prince
In 1936, the United Kingdom was stunned by the abdication of its king, Edward VIII, who said he was unable to continue “without the help and support of the woman I love”. He had fallen for a divorced American, Wallis Simpson, considered unacceptable
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Rhyme and Reason
Edward Lear, pictured c1880. The poet and artist suffered “considerable psychological conflict” Faber & Faber, 608 pages, £25 Edward Lear is best known for his nonsense rhymes, written largely for children but with an appeal across all ages. He was a
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Putting Your Degree to Work
History provides a means to deepen our understanding of the human experience The usefulness of a history degree has long been debated. Generations of undergraduate historians have pondered how their study of the past might equip them for professional
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Catholics Crush the Ottomans
The year 1571 found the young Miguel de Cervantes serving in the Spanish naval marines, stationed in Naples. And although he could hardly have known it, the future novelist was about to be caught up in one of the most dramatic naval battles in histor
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Shells, Whizz Bangs, Fire and Cordite
“My pal shouted and threw himself down… I felt a terrific pain in the back and chest, and I found myself face down” Born in 1893 in Reigate, John volunteered as a regular in 1910, joining the Royal Field Artillery in 1912. Serving with his battery on
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Before the Storm
Hutchinson, 352 pages, £12.99 Hugh Legat is a young high-flyer in the British diplomatic service. In the last days of September 1938 he has been seconded from the Foreign Office to work as one of the private secretaries to the prime minister, Neville
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“Lepanto Was Europe’s Trafalgar, a Total Victory That Restored Christian Morale”
“The carnage at Lepanto was staggering. In just four hours 40,000 men were killed – a rate of slaughter not surpassed until the battle of Loos in 1915. For Europe it was a triumph equivalent to Trafalgar, and was a total victory that restored Christi
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Cricket, Curry and Cups of Tea
Indian princes and British Army officers in a polo team, c1880 An 1888 painting of Abdul Karim, Queen Victoria’s Indian assistant Indians were visible everywhere from Britain’s docks and buses to Inns of Court and medical schools They cooked up India
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Three More Thrillers Set in the Late 1930s
Mills’s intriguing novel opens in Paris in 1937. When Luke Hamilton, a minor British Embassy official, is targeted by an assassin, he is saved by an enigmatic agent named Borodin, who seems to know things about him of which he is himself ignorant. As
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“In the Early 16th Century It Was the Most Important Royal Palace in England”
We know that it was one of Henry VIII’s favourite royal residences, and that in the early 16th century it was the most important royal palace in England. When Henry VII came to the throne, he enlarged the existing Placentia Palace considerably. The b
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Make the Most of Autumn
English Heritage cares for over 400 historic monuments, buildings and places. Through these, we bring the story of England to life for over 10 million visitors each year. Discover the best of English Heritage this autumn. We have plenty of historic p
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Songs of the Past
Verdi’s La Forza del Destino is performed in Hanover Tusa goes back six decades later to the same cities to see operas by the same composers Scheduled for Sunday 8 October In the middle of the 1950s, John Tusa, a young artillery officer doing his nat
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5 Things You Might Not Know About... Big Ben
The tower in which the great bell is housed was known as the Clock Tower until 2012 when it was renamed Elizabeth Tower in honour of the Queen’s diamond jubilee. It is the great bell within the tower that is known as Big Ben, probably named after Sir
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Norman England’s Warrior Queen
She proved a strong queen, feisty and indefatigable in her support of her husband, Stephen In the spring of 1141, as England suffered in the midst of a bitter civil war, Queen Matilda of Boulogne was in Kent, busily raising an army. Galvanised by the
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Also Look Out For…
Visions of futures in which we’re constantly watched are often rooted in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. But what if it’s not Big Brother we should be worried about but each other. What if it’s social media that’s driving surveillance? And how
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WWI Funding Failures
Experts at Queen Mary University of London and the Bank of England archives have found evidence that the British government’s initial efforts to fund the war effort in 1914 through public loans were a huge failure. Studying restricted Bank of England
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Michael X and the British War on Black Power
Michael X, hailed by the media as the leader of Black Power in Britain, first came to public attention during the visit of his far more famous American counterpart, Malcolm X, to Britain in 1965. After a chance meeting, Michael became Malcolm’s guide
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The elegant spire of University Church, Oxford, is a distinctive sight on the city skyline Hundreds flocked into University Church to watch the trial – guilty verdicts had long been a foregone conclusion The sandy buildings around cobbled Radcliffe S
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History News Round-Up
Researchers examining a 9,000-word diary containing a supposed confession by 19th-century serial killer Jack the Ripper believe they can now trace the work back to Liverpool cotton merchant James Maybrick. The work first appeared in 1992, when it was
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Timeline: Black Power and Britain
Malcolm X visits the UK to meet black activists, including Michael de Freitas. De Freitas converts to Islam, adopts the name Michael Abdul Malik or ‘Michael X’, and forms the Racial Adjustment Action Society. Stokely Carmichael’s UK visit was the st
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Mary I : Five More Places to Explore
After Edward VI’s death in 1553, Mary evaded capture by Protestants wishing to secure Lady Jane Grey’s accession as queen. She made for Framlingham Castle, where she gathered supporters and troops before marching in triumph to London to claim the thr
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What Is Northern Ireland’s Influence on British Politics?
“The DUP embraced an uncompromising unionism that claimed to speak for the ordinary Protestant man and woman”COLIN REID Unionism in Northern Ireland combines unconditional support for the British connection with a mistrust of the Westminster establis
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Attlee’s Secret War With Stalin
Ahead of the final meeting at the Potsdam conference in 1945, Clement Attlee (seated, left) poses with Harry Truman and Josef Stalin Harold ‘Kim’ Philby, a KGB double agent working as SIS’s liaison with Washington, betrayed Operation Valuable in Alba
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Five Things to Do in October
Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool 29 September–August 2018 - 0151 478 4499 • The Merseyside Maritime Museum will be sailing through a 500-year history of the black seafarers who navigated the dangers of life on th
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Old News
At the time that Suffragettes were on the march, and Lenin and Stalin were visiting London, at Queen’s Park Police Court in Glasgow two men were brought before the Sheriff in connection with one of the most useless burglaries ever to hit the district
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