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Uniesse 56SS
Last fall, in the midst of the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, Editor-in-Chief Dan Harding asked me to check out the new Uniesse 56SS (Super Sport) we’d just strolled past. It was late in the afternoon and I was feeling just a tad jaded conce
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Scout Boats 530 LXF
Every big boat show nowadays seems to have a standout, knock-yoursocks-off model making its world premiere. The belle of the ball that, through sex appeal or horsepower or notoriety, manages to capture the attention of the boating milieu. When it bec
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Grand Banks 54
Since its inception in 1956, Grand Banks has been a groundbreaker in the marine industry, among the first to tap old-hand, Asian seafaring labor to craft highquality motoryachts. Their line of trawlers went on to define the long-range cruising catego
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Nordhavn 80
ABahia Mar Hotel conference room was not the place I expected to be awestruck at last year’s Ft. Lauderdale boat show. After all, it’s a quick jaunt from the lobby to the docks lined with a number of amazing vessels. But a unique visual experience wa
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Sunseeker Project 8X
Increased emphasis on aft social spaces has skyrocketed in the last few years. Fold-down grills and lounges, hydraulic platforms that allow you to work a hot grill with your feet submerged in cool water and toy storage fit for a prince are more and m
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Annapolis, Maryland is something of a household name for boaters, and its familiarity is perhaps its greatest attraction. The large boating culture ensures that visitors will be greeted by other serious boaters and a lively atmosphere that celebrates
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A boat show isn’t the best place to land a marlin. But it is a good place to land a prospective owner for your newly built sportfisherman, so waiting for me at Pier Sixty-Six Marina was Hatteras Yachts’ Director of Sportfishing Capt. Jeff Donahue, hi
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Reel Memories
It was supposed to be a work trip. At the last second my boss, friend and the Editor-in-Chief of Anglers Journal, Bill Sisson arranged a charter trip so he could profile Capt. Bouncer Smith—a legendary skipper and angler with numerous world records t
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Chasing Fish. Changing Lives.
Aaron Sanchez is used to being the center of attention. A rapt audience holds their phones up to record the world-famous celebrity chef—known for his various roles on Masterchef, Chopped and Chopped Junior—as he grips a 4-inch bunker in his right han
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A Star Is Reborn
You should hear this, I thought to myself, contemplating how I’d elucidate to those not present the sounds that unfurled around the quay where the Bertram 61 sat. It had been pleasantly silent within the confines of my sleeping quarters—the 61’s full
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Sunken Treasure
If you’ve never heard of Frank Dinardi, no one will hold that against you—that is, unless you live in south-central Connecticut. The 37-year-old landscaper rose to relative fame recently after his drone footage of a sunken sailboat made the rounds on
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Growing Up Viking
It was the second day of the Stone Harbor Yacht Club White Marlin Invitational, and I was with Pat Healey aboard a Viking 72C, fresh out of the company’s facility on the Bass River in New Gretna, New Jersey. The morning began with a 120-mile run to T
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Know When to Fold ‘Em
I spent several days at the Miami boat show, one of five I normally attend each year. I see a lot of boats, many of them over and over again. If you’ve been to half as many boat shows as I have recently, you know that there’s a an undeniable trend em
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Turbo Man
Turbocharged engines punch far above their weight, developing substantially more horsepower than naturally aspirated engines of similar displacement. They do this by pumping combustion air into the cylinders rather than relying on the engine to draw
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The Shape of Boating to Come
A new outboard package on the Tiara Sport 38 LS from Volvo Penta and Seven Marine (Volvo Penta acquired Seven in 2017) earned the Swedish engine manufacturer a coveted Innovation Award from the National Marine Manufacturers Association at February’s
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What the Hell’s Gate?
Maybe it was because I was fresh from the commercial seafaring realm. Or, maybe it was because I wore a Navy-issue peacoat to work every day. But for whatever reason, in the early days of my marine magazine career, my boss, Bonnie O’Boyle, took me fo
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Don’t Be Alarmed
Mark and Stacy were so excited for their first weekend out—the yard had finally finished the overhaul of their dream boat. Bought used and having received a major refit, their new-to-them boat turned out even better than they hoped. They were using t
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Versatile Views
Seeing is believing, especially on the water. Following the chartplotter’s Yellow Brick Road only gets us so far. The rest—avoiding lobster pots, submerged logs and other boats—requires using the old-school method: our eyes. I know, I know. “That’s s
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Loud and Clear
My family’s boat, Have Another Day, has a stern docking camera with a good view of the swim platform and a built-in microphone. During docking it allows me to hear my wife, Laura, when she’s standing in our cockpit with a dockhand near the stern. Our
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Tideline 365 Offshore
Tideline’s easily towable, handsome 23-footer splashed onto the scene as the 235 Hybrid, a moniker earned by proving her mettle as a skinny (1-foot, 2-inch draft with the engines up) inshore and offshore dynamo. But customers wanted to go even farthe
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We strolled down to the waterfront after dinner. It was a cool summer evening as we sat on the end of the pier, overlooking a moonlit Bras d’Or Lake. My girlfriend had a puzzled look on her face when I suddenly asked if she would be willing to contin
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The Next 30 Years
LOA: 61'4" Beam: 15'10" Draft: 4'5" Displ.: 60.704 lbs. Fuel: 581 gal. Water: 201 gal. Power: 2/600-hp Cummins QSC 8.3 Zeus A 14-year-old Prestige 46 enjoys a long winter’s nap under the warm Florida sun. The grill, PWC, windshield and bimini are cov
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Out Of The Loop
My family completed our Great Loop adventure in October 2017. We crossed our wake (Great Loop speak for completing the loop) traveling from St. Joseph, Michigan to Chicago on a gorgeous fall day. My oldest daughter, Molly, 11, and I cried most of the
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Get Somewhere
When I cross the bar, and I hope it’s not too soon, I want somebody to bury me alongside a GM 6-71 diesel. King Tut had a chariot in his tomb to carry him across to the next world, Vikings were interred with their ships (not a bad idea either), but I
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My Friend, John
It was a crisp fall afternoon when a pair of brothers—roughly the same age as my brother and me—joined a growing game of flag football. Our field was a sandy stretch across from the bulkhead at Watch Hill, Fire Island. I don’t remember who won the ga
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Don’t Spin the Shaft
If the main engine craps out and you need to fire up the wing engine, or if you’re running on just half of a twin-engine package, or if you’re sailing, don’t forget to lock the propeller shaft. Let it freewheel and, without the engine running to prov
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Surf’s Up
Going viral isn’t new for Dave Rogers. Last summer, his video of a humpback whale surfacing perilously close to his kayak cascaded across the internet. And this winter, his series of images of a Coast Guard training session quickly captivated the nat
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The Fuel Tool
Jim,” I yelled, peering into the fog. “We’re losin’ power. What the heck’s goin’ on?” There was a young first-assistant engineer on board and he was fairly flaky. He’d put new elements in our duplex fuel filtering system, he swore, but I was suspicio
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Superyacht Cowboys
It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” The diminutive, 5-foot-9, 189-pound Archie Griffin said that. The only player in the history of football to win the Heisman Trophy—the sport’s most prestigious individu
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