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Comeback Tour
Everybody wants a showstopper. At least one. For those with means, building and owning a one-of-a-kind vessel is easily within reach. For the rest of us, it’s just a matter of time before that boat becomes available. One such boat is Vendetta, a 57-
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Let There Be Light
While taking a break from writing this column, I poured myself a tumbler of lemonade, chugged it in one gulp and rinsed the glass. But I was in a rush to get back to work, so my handoff to the draining board went awry. En route, the tumbler took a tu
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The Great Escape
What a world we live in. Between a doom-and-gloom-filled news cycle, scornful- and troll-flooded social media and a culture consumed by looking out for number one, it’s easy to become cynical. Then there are the mounting pressures on the modern workf
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What About Plastic?
Plain tempered glass is great for looking through, but unless it’s laminated, it’s too susceptible to damage for my liking, especially for hull windows in a yacht that’s designed to, as they say, “go to sea.” Even minor damage can occasionally lead t
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I once heard it said of man that the idea is to die young, as late as possible. At age 85, a favorite pastime of George H. W. Bush was firing up his boat, the Fidelity, and opening up the three 300-horsepower engines to fly, joyfully fly, across the
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Lights! Camera! Action!
Ever had to replace and rewire a brand-new bilge pump? One that dwells in the depths of a shower sump, enjoys a symbiotic relationship with a float switch and is controlled via an inexplicably remote, panel-mounted three-way switch? You know, the kin
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The Lost Art of Boat-Speak
Some linguistic offenses on the water are merely amusing, but others are just plain wrong and make the offending orator sound like a landlubber. Don’t be a landlubber, it’s probably boring. FENDERS V. BUMPERS: Let’s start off easy, gentle reader. Car
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Social Obligations
What?” I yelled. Or at least, that’s what I think I yelled, many moons ago, when I was teetering on the ragged edge of teenagery. My English teacher had just informed me that my upcoming summer vacation would be obliterated by summer-school classes,
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Boat Burglars
Here’s a sad but true fact: Our boats mostly sit idle while we’re off generating the funds to enjoy them. When I was young, isinglass or canvas were often the only deterrents to prevent thieves from hopping aboard and making off with whatever they co
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No Way Out
Rob and Megan are eager to get ashore; the couple have been underway since early morning. Securely moored in the harbor, they ease the dinghy into the water. All loaded, they’re making their way toward the dinghy dock when Rob realizes he’s forgotten
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Speed Bump
Last year’s cruising with the family started with a trip up Lake Michigan’s Wisconsin coast bound for Manistique, a small town on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula aboard our Carver Voyager 570 Have Another Day. We had something very rare—three consecutive
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Beneteau Antares 27
At last year’s Newport boat show, there were a wide variety of people. There were the buyers dressed in their Sunday best inspecting glamorous yachts. There were the oglers hopping from boat to boat without any intention to buy. And there were the qu
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Grand Banks 60 Skylounge
Because I’d sea trialed the Grand Banks 60 out in Australia some while back, I was quite interested in taking a look at the new Skylounge version of the boat—the 60SL—at the Ft. Lauderdale boat show last year. And when I stopped by, I immediately not
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Sealine S330v
LOA: 33'10" Beam: 11'6" Displ.: 15,564 lbs. Fuel: 150 gal. Water: 58 gal. Draft: 3'1" Standard Power: 2/300-hp Mercury Verados Cruise Speed: 34 knots Top Speed: 48 knots Base Price: $285,000 Drawn by English designer Bill Dixon and built in Greifswal
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St. Simons Island, GA
With spring cruising on the horizon, boaters up and down the East Coast are looking to dust off their float plans and venture out to somewhere new. St. Simons Island, the largest of Georgia’s Golden Isles, offers respite from the slow-to-thaw tempera
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In the early ’60s, John Wayne bought a 9,000-square-foot waterfront home in Newport Beach, California along with what would become a powerful force in his life: a 136-foot former U.S. Navy minesweeper, which he refitted and renamed Wild Goose. By the
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Point Of departure
LOA: 76'9" Beam: 19'8" Draft: 5' Displ.: 93,916 lbs. Fuel: 1,180 gal. Water: 294 gal. Power: 2/1,000-hp Volvo Penta IPS1350 Price (as equipped): $3,950,000 I had an appointment to meet with Cheoy Lee Shipyards Director Martin Lo and his nephew, Proje
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Ships Of State
United States presidents have lots of toys at their disposal, and expensive ones at that: Air Force One, for example, a nice U.S. Marine helicopter, garages full of bulletproof limos and high-end SUVs and probably plenty of stuff we don’t even know a
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The Good Life
LOA: 110'0" Beam: 23'10" Displ. (light): 273,373 lbs. Fuel: 4,042 gal. Water: 793 gal. Power: 2/2,638-hp MTU 2000 16V M96L Price: Upon Request I suspect we’ve all been there: stark naked in the bathroom at a fancy hotel, glasses out of reach on the b
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In his December Logbook “Salty Adventures” Editor-in-Chief Dan Harding extolled the virtues of a good boat dog. Judging by the letters we got, many of you think a boater’s best friend walks on four paws. If you have ever tried to lift a 90-pound Gold
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Big Fun
It lasted only a few hours, but they were three of the craziest hours of fishing I’ve ever experienced. When it was over, we’d raised 25 blue marlin, had 15 bites and brought nine fish to the boat ranging from 150 to nearly 400 pounds. We’d had a cou
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Mental Mayhem
Two weeks before the start of our team cruise to Cumberland Island, Georgia last summer, I started to really think about things, an activity that descends upon me well before the start of virtually all nautical jaunts. This particular form of mental
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Into The Storm
Journalist Tristram Korten’s recently published book Into the Storm describes the sinking of two ships in the Atlantic Ocean during the Category 4 Hurricane Joaquin in 2015 and how their respective captains dealt with extreme circumstances, one succe
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Taking Stock
Good news on the conservation front can seem hard to come by, but several recent actions give cause for hope. They will almost certainly provide great benefit to U.S. anglers who fish offshore, particularly those who enjoy catching billfish. In Septe
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Zeelander 72
Zeelander takes its design cues from the elegant commuter yachts of yesteryear—long, graceful sheers, gleaming brightwork and raked transoms define the brand language. The first launch, a 44-footer, was such a winner that the next was essentially a s
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Because I’ve dealt with a variety of inboard diesel and inboard gas engines over the years, I’ve also dealt with many pencil-type zinc anodes. And no matter how many of these babies an engine has or where or how big they are, all of ‘em have one thin
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Midnight Express 60
LOA: 60' Beam: 15' Displ.: 36,000 lbs. Fuel: 700 gal. Water: 99 gal. Standard Power: 4/627-hp Seven Marine outboards Optional Power: 6/400-hp Mercury Verado Racing outboards or 2/1,900-hp MAN diesel engines Top Speed: 60 knots Base Price: $1.6 millio
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The dancer, clad in dolphin blue, went for broke on a moodily lit, Atlantic City stage. She launched into a full-out sprint and then—slowly, deliberately—held her position. A quiet determination and sturdiness belied her movements, as she advanced ba
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On Your Mark
The canary yellow helmet wasn’t mine. Neither was the race-flag-checkered runabout with the Yamato 24.2 cubic-inch outboard hanging off the transom. It was all borrowed, on the spot. As was the cut suit I was wearing to protect from bodily harm, shou
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Let Them Breathe
We work a few months ahead of the cover date here at Power & Motoryacht, so I’m writing this in early September. It’s still hot and humid outside, but because I dislike air conditioning, I keep the windows open even if it makes my office a bit warm.
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