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Dial It to Eleven
“Have you ever seen the movie ‘This is Spinal Tap?’ Where they turn their amps to 11?” asks Alan, our ski guide. “They dial it up a notch to take it to the next level. That’s what we’re doing here at Eleven Experience, we take everything to the next
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The Faces of Fernie
Twenty-seven-year-old Dylan Siggers would have seemed out of place in Fernie, B.C., around the time he was born. Back then, miners and loggers ruled the town. A lanky goofball with a lighthearted disposition, Siggers is today the antithesis of the ha
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Advance Notice
One thing is for sure: Ski product innovation doesn’t like to sit still. Engineers and designers are continuously tinkering with great planks and boots to refine them into something better than before. More often than not, the evolution revolves arou
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Family Ties
The sun is barely peeking over the rolling hills of Princeton, Mass., and already, Wachusett Mountain is vibrantly alive. In one nook of the cavernous base lodge, the home-school parents set up shop, prepping for another day of teaching their kids by
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Through the Ages
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Game Changer
One day a few winters ago my daughter, Evie, and I grabbed a table inside the lodge at Warner Canyon Ski Area, a small, mostly local hill in south-central Oregon. It was a powder day, where the flakes fall fast and straight and make the forest sigh w
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Here Comes the Sun
BELUSHKI BEST FOR: Small/Medium-Sized Faces The Belushki rocks a timeless silhouette but ups the ante with photochromic lenses with the brand’s Contrast Boosting Lens technology designed to make colors pop. Thanks to Shred.’s polarized technology, th
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Ski Magazine
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Uphilling 101
Skinning, touring, uphilling—whatever you want to call it, it all boils down to the same concept: moving uphill on skis to earn your turns. Seems straightforward enough, especially if you have the right gear: lightweight skis, skins that fit those sk
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Splendid Isolation
Where do you have to go to spend a day ski touring and mountaineering without running into another person? Deep in the backcountry outside of Smithers, in northwestern B.C. That’s where photographer Mattias Fredriksson ventured with local mountain gu
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Hurts So Good
Fun fact: During strenuous exercise, the muscles in our bodies sustain microscopic tears. Intense exercise, or activities that challenge muscles and tendons that aren’t used to being challenged (like skiing), breaks down muscle tissue. This is why we
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Ski to Shining Sea
There are few places on the planet where you ski directly down to the ocean. Norway’s Lofoten Islands is one such spot, and this couloir, though not the steepest nor blessed with the best snow, provided one of the most direct routes that photographer
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The Good vs. The Ugly
We all have days on the slopes when we just don’t feel on top of our skis. Often, it’s us—we might be rusty, tired, or sore. But sometimes, it’s not us. They say only a bad craftsman blames his tools, but good skiers could be justified in blaming the
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First Impressions
It takes a lot to wow a ski photographer, especially one as prolific and well traveled as veteran shooter Grant Gunderson. Yet during his first trip with Bella Coola Heli Sports, Gunderson was “completely blown away” by the terrain on offer—the large
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Want to Race?
Square your shoulders. Always look ahead. Drive your body forward. Skiing tips sound effortless on paper, but feel so tricky once you’re on the mountain, clipped in and moving downhill. The key to getting better, as with most sports, is repetition an
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National Treasure
I’ll be honest: When I first learned that Nancy Greene Raine would be my host for a day of skiing, I had to google her to find out who she was. It didn’t take long to figure out she was big time. Thousands of search results returned snippets detailin
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Enter NASTAR Racing
SKI Magazine established NASTAR Racing—which stands for National Standard Race—in 1968 to create a recreational racing option for skiers of all ages and capabilities. More than 120 resorts across the U.S. host NASTAR courses. While there are other pr
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Tracked Out
Early one January morning, in one of the oversized ballrooms tucked deep in the belly of the Colorado Convention Center, no one seems to be paying much attention to an industry seminar. The air in the standing-room-only space is languid and warm, and
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SKI + NASTAR, Back Together
Even if you've never bashed gates at one of the many NASTAR race courses at ski resorts across the continent, you're undoubtedly familiar with the premier race-development program. But did you know that SKI Magazine actually created the program in 19
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Overheard Online
We can all agree that 2020 was a year of big news: Police brutality, racial inequity, wildfires raging, a presidential election, and of course a global pandemic that wreaked havoc in pretty much every nook and cranny of our lives. So, as we turn the
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Bashing Gates and Staying Healthy
August marks a time when the U.S. Ski Team usually sends athletes to South America for on-snow training to test new equipment and get ready for early season competitions. This year, things are different. In early March the FIS World Cup Tour came to
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Heritage Distilling Company
When mega conglomerates started taking over the world, the “indy” term was coined and adopted by small and independently owned businesses to counter everything that the big corporations stood for. In the process, “indy” became synonymous with “small,
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U.S. Ski Team NASTAR Ambassadors & Pacesetters
Since that departure, the team has developed extensive and ever-evolving protocols to protect both athletes and the communities they are in. The goal is to be “conscious of the world’s situation,” according to Taylor. “I’m probably one of the most pe
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Going Places
Having a safe route planned is one of the most important parts of travel in the backcountry. While no one should ditch a printed topographical map (ever had a phone die in the cold miles from the hut in a blizzard?), the supercomputer in your pocket
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In Memoriam: John Fry
We all have our childhood heroes and idols. I wasn’t your normal middle school girl back in the early ’70s. While my friends were saving up for Tiger Beat and hoping for a David Cassidy pullout poster, I was poring over the latest issue of SKI Magazi
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Tricks Are For Kids
Confession: When I was around 13 years old, I begged my parents to let me switch from skiing to snowboarding. It wasn’t that I didn’t like skiing anymore, but the lure of the dark side was strong to a teen girl desperate to hang out with anyone but h
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2020-21 NASTAR Resorts
Afton Alps, Minn. Alpine Valley Ski Area, Mich. Angel Fire Resort, N.M. Aspen Mountain, Colo. Bear Creek Mountain Resort, Penn. Bear Valley Mountain Resort, Calif. Big Sky, Mont. Big Snow Resort, Mich. Blue Knob All Season Resort, Penn. Boyne Highlan
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Niseko, Japan
If you know what you’re doing in Japan, it can make the difference between the trip of a lifetime and a week of scratching your head trying to find the cool stuff. Luckily, for a first-timer headed to Niseko, there are plenty of insider ways to dip y
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Close to Home
THE INDY PASS COST: $229 $349 for no blackout dates From $115 kids 12 and under COVID GUARANTEE If you use your pass for fewer than four days, you get a credit toward a 2021-’22 pass. IF YOU’RE LIKE US, YOU WON’T LET A PANDEMIC WIPE OUT YOUR SKI SEAS
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Backcountry Basics
When Bluebird Backcountry, a Colorado ski resort dedicated exclusively to backcountry skiing, opened for its inaugural season in February 2019, it seemed a concept ahead of its time. Now, in light of the pandemic and restrictions being placed on trad
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