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FBI Investigates Alleged Abuse In Baton Rouge Police Building Called The 'Brave Cave'
The FBI said Friday it has opened a civil rights investigation into allegations in recent lawsuits that police in Baton Rouge, La., assaulted drug suspects they detained in the obscure warehouse.
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Jann Wenner's Rock Hall Is Crumbling — Is It Worth Fixing?
Rolling Stone co-founder Jann Wenner was removed from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's board after sexist and racist comments. But he is, and always has been, an avatar for an exclusionary framework.
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Free Babysitting On Broadway? This Nonprofit Helps Parents Get To The Theater
Broadway tickets are expensive — add babysitting to that and the costs are often prohibitive. But a nonprofit is trying to bring free babysitting to theaters around the country.
NPR7 min. leídosAmerican Government
House GOP Rebels Recall A Distant Era When Dissidents Rose Up Against 'Czar Cannon'
Cannon resisted government regulation of business, supported protective tariffs and frowned upon change in general. It was said that had he been present at the Creation he would have voted against it.
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How The UAW Strikes Could Impact Car Shoppers
Historic as the UAW strikes may be, analysts say the actions are unlikely to impact car prices too much — for now. A new strike on parts distribution centers, however, could sting.
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Bogotá Has Some Of The Worst Traffic. It's Finally Getting A Metro, With China's Help
Colombia's capital is home to 11 million people — and to some of the worst traffic jams in the world. Now Chinese companies are building its first metro line.
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1 In 4 Inmate Deaths Happens In The Same Federal Prison. Why?
The Butner federal prison complex in North Carolina is where a quarter of federal inmate deaths occur. It includes a medical facility but inmates aren't getting needed care, there or at other prisons.
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A Concert Audience Of Houseplants? A New Kids' Book Tells The Surprisingly True Tale
The latest children's book from Julie Andrews, Emma Walton Hamilton and illustrator Elly McKay is about the power of nature and music. They discussed their creative process in an interview with NPR.
NPR6 min. leídos
She Got Famous On YouTube. Now It Helps Fund Her Research In Quantum Gravity
This theoretical physicist and mathematician drops a new video several times a month, dispensing her dry wit and pithy wisdom to a loyal fan base of nerds across the internet.
NPR3 min. leídosAmerican Government
Despite Efforts Of 3 U.S. Administrations, Migrant Families Keep Crossing The Border
Immigration authorities arrested more families in August than in any month on record. U.S. officials have long grappled with discouraging families from coming — and found there are no easy solutions.
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Vaccines Are Still Tested With Horseshoe Crab Blood. The Industry Is Finally Changing
The horseshoe crab bleeding industry is in transition. One biomedical company agreed to more oversight, and a regulatory group is paving the way for drug companies to use animal-free alternatives.
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Ophelia Weakens To A Tropical Depression As It Churns Across Virginia
Ophelia could bring up to 5 inches of rain across the Mid-Atlantic region into Sunday. Threats of storm surges have dissipated, but flooding risk remains, even as Ophelia is on track to weaken.
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National Cathedral Unveils Racial Justice-themed Windows, Replacing Confederate Ones
The windows, titled "Now and Forever," were created by artist Kerry James Marshall. They show a group of protesters holding up large signs that read "Fairness" and "No Foul Play."
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Florida Authorities Killed An Alligator That Was Seen With Human Remains In Its Mouth
A 13-foot-8.5-inch male alligator was "humanely killed" and removed from the water, authorities said, after a local resident saw the reptile latching onto human remains in a Tampa Bay area canal.
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J Noa: Tiny Desk Concert
This Latinx Heritage Month Tiny Desk is celebrating with an 'El Tiny' takeover, featuring a wide array of artists from all corners of Latinidad. J Noa buzzes with power. Standing cara a cara with the 17-year-old Dominican rapper, it's clear that spin
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CDC Recommends RSV Vaccine In Late Pregnancy To Protect Newborns
The shot will help shield newborns from RSV in the early months of life, when they're especially vulnerable to severe illness.
NPR3 min. leídosCrime & Violence
A Black Texas Student's Suspension Over His Hair Renews Focus On The CROWN Act
The high school student has been suspended for more than two weeks for wearing a natural hairstyle that officials say violated a dress code. So far, 24 states have signed the CROWN Act into law.
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Securing His Western Flank, Zelenskyy Bids To Maintain His U.S. Support
Volodymyr Zelenskyy says he is making an effort to answer any legitimate questions concerning his administration and its conduct during the war in Ukraine.
NPR3 min. leídos
Up First Briefing: UAW Strike Deadline; East Coast Storm; Zelenskyy Interview
The auto workers union gears up to expand its strike. The Mid-Atlantic will be under a tropical storm warning this weekend. Zelenskyy talks to NPR about the state of the war and Ukraine's democracy.
NPR3 min. leídos
Rishi Sunak Defends U.K. Climate Policy U-turn Amid International Criticism
The British prime minister watered down key climate policies, and critics including Al Gore are slamming the changes. Analysts say with elections coming up next year, the pivot is politically driven.
NPR2 min. leídos
Amazon Prime Video Will Start Running Commercials Starting In Early 2024
Amazon Prime Video is the latest streaming service to embrace ads in what it says is an effort to continue investing in content. Ad-free service will cost an extra $3 per month.
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A Source Of Carbon — A Building Block Of Life — Is Found On Jupiter's Moon Europa
"The discovery signals a potentially habitable environment in the ocean of Europa," according to the Webb Space Telescope's website.
NPR4 min. leídos
World's Oldest Wooden Structure Defies Stone-Age Stereotypes
Archaeologists dug into a riverbank in Zambia and uncovered what they call the earliest known wood construction by humans. The half-million year-old artifacts could change how we see Stone-Age people.
NPR2 min. leídos
NAACP Signs Agreement With FEMA To Advance Equity In Disaster Resilience
As part of the collaborative effort, the NAACP's Emergency Management Task Force will regularly meet with FEMA to advance its progress on equity within disaster preparedness.
NPR1 min. leídosEnvironmental
Thomas Attended Fundraisers For Conservative Political Group, ProPublica Report Says
A new report from ProPublica claims that Thomas has maintained a close relationship with the Koch network and that on at least two occasions, he spoke at fundraising events for the organization.
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A Beyoncé Fan Couldn't Fly To A Show Due To His Wheelchair Size, So He Told TikTok
Jon Hetherington, 34, couldn't fly to Seattle to see Beyoncé on her Renaissance World Tour because his wheelchair was too tall. However, he was invited to see her Dallas show.
NPR4 min. leídosAmerican Government
Michael Harriot's 'Black AF History' Could Hardly Come At A Better Time
This engaging, well-researched, and frequently laugh-out-loud funny history places the Black experience at center stage with stories that should have already been part of our collective memory.
NPR2 min. leídosInternational Relations
Zelenskyy Arrives In Canada To Speak Before Parliament And Boost Support For Ukraine
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will speak to the Canadian Parliament on Friday as part of his campaign to bolster support from Western allies for Ukraine's war against the Russian invasion.
NPR4 min. leídos
'El Juicio (The Trial)' Details The 1976-'83 Argentine Dictatorship's Reign Of Terror
Forty years after the fall of an Argentine military dictatorship that tortured and murdered tens of thousands of civilians, a video record of its trial has its U.S. premiere at Film Forum in New York.
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NASA Effort To Bring Home Asteroid Rocks Will End This Weekend In Triumph Or A Crash
NASA's first effort to retrieve samples from an asteroid will send a capsule that contains extraterrestrial pebbles and dust plunging towards a Utah desert on Sunday.
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