NPR2 min. leídos
Her Dad Was A Civil Rights Leader. She Remembers His Assassination
Edwin Pratt, the then-head of the Seattle Urban League, was assassinated in 1969 at his home. At StoryCorps, his daughter and her godmother remember him and the night he was shot.
NPR7 min. leídosPolitics
In 'The Chief,' An Enigmatic, Conservative John Roberts Walks A Political Tightrope
Reporter Joan Biskupic portrays the Supreme Court chief justice as a dedicated conservative who now "has the court he's always wanted" — and she says the law "will likely be what he says it is."
NPR4 min. leídosPolitics
Moderate Democrats Under Pressure As Party's Left Grabs Attention
Rep. Abigail Spanberger's bipartisan credentials were a central issue for voters at a recent town hall. The freshman lawmaker beat a Republican incumbent in an ideologically diverse Virginia district.
NPR4 min. leídosSociety
It Will Take More Than Transparency To Reduce Drug Prices, Economists Say
The Trump administration wants to increase transparency in prescription drug pricing. But health economists say the administration's call to tie prices to what other nations pay might work better.
NPR2 min. leídosPolitics
U.K. Gets Brief Extension To Withdraw From E.U. As 'Cliff-Edge' Date Delayed
European Union leaders gave the country two different deadlines, depending on whether U.K. lawmakers can agree on a path forward. One deadline is in two months; the other in two weeks.
NPR2 min. leídos
Guaidó Says Venezuelan Agents Detained His Chief Of Staff In Pre-Dawn Raid
Describing what he called a kidnapping, Guaidó said weapons had been planted at Roberto Marrero's house and that he should be freed immediately.
NPR4 min. leídos
1,000 Venezuelan Armed Forces Have Fled Across Border, Says Colombian Government
Those service members who have escaped amount to less than 1 percent of the Venezuelan military, but they now pledge allegiance to Juan Guaidó as their country's president.
NPR2 min. leídosPolitics
Florida Man Pleads Guilty To Charges Of Mailing Bombs To Trump Critics
The Justice Department says Cesar Sayoc "rained terror" by mailing 16 bombs to 13 targets. The explosive devices were sent in the days before last fall's midterm elections.
NPR3 min. leídos
First Listen: Fennesz, 'Agora'
The Austrian electronic-music pioneer uses his laptop to splice, sample and otherwise subvert the sound of his guitar and field recordings, in the process forming crackling electric symphonies.
NPR1 min. leídos
Greensky Bluegrass On Mountain Stage
With endearing, richly-orchestrated songs from its album All For Money, the Kalamazoo-based quintet Greensky Bluegrass returns for a third appearance on Mountain Stage.
NPR2 min. leídos
New Zealand Listens To Muslim Prayers A Week After Mosque Shootings
The island nation, still reeling from last Friday's attacks, heard a message of healing amid plans to change gun laws in hopes of preventing future attacks.
NPR3 min. leídos
Why #ThisIsMyHustle Is Trending In Nigeria
Across the country, young people are proudly sharing their side hustles and main gigs, from baking wedding cakes to growing ginger to laying tile.
NPR4 min. leídosPolitics
The Student Strike That Changed Higher Ed Forever
Black students at San Francisco State College walked out in a protest that led to the rise of ethnic studies departments at colleges and universities around the country.
NPR2 min. leídosTech
Facebook Stored Millions Of User Passwords In Plain, Readable Text
The information was held in a readable format within the company's internal data storage systems. Facebook says it "found no evidence to date" of abuse.
NPR2 min. leídos
Ryan Pollie Searches For The Spiritual On 'Aim Slow'
In a new song and video, songwriter Ryan Pollie explores memory and searches for meaning following a cancer diagnosis.
NPR3 min. leídos
'Out Of Blue': Stardust And (Hollywood) Star-Power Fuel This Genre-Bending Whodunit
This introspective (and occasionally downright lethargic) existential whodunit starring Patricia Clarkson and a cast of ringers is based on the Martin Amis novel Night Train.
NPR3 min. leídos
'The True Queen' Casts A Pleasant Spell
Zen Cho's followup to her Regency fantasy of manners Sorceror to the Crown builds solidly on the world she's invented, mixing historical froth with real substance.
NPR2 min. leídosPsychology
Trying To Do Good
We know our actions affect those around us. But how do we know whether our impact is positive? This week on Hidden Brain, what it means to do good in the world.
NPR3 min. leídos
Watch The Tiny Desk Contest Entries We Love This Week
Here are some early Contest entries that have caught our attention. You still have a few more weeks to enter the Tiny Desk Contest for your chance to play at the real Tiny Desk.
NPR3 min. leídos
On The Eve Of World War I, 'Sunset' Is Gorgeous But Opaque
A beautiful, headstrong young woman (Juli Jakab) interrogates her past even as Budapest prepares to crumble; director Laszlo Nemes depicts "the soil in which fascism takes root" with cool dispassion.
NPR4 min. leídosPolitics
Pay Raises, More Staff, Earmarks: Lawmakers Propose Ways To Overhaul Congress
A newly created bipartisan House committee is examining ways to change both the culture and the law-making structure on Capitol Hill.
NPR3 min. leídosSociety
'I Can Exist Here': On Gender Identity, Some Colleges Are Opening Up
A decade ago, one university started putting pronouns on course rosters. Today, it's not alone.
NPR3 min. leídos
In 'Hotel Mumbai,' Grueling Violence, Depicted With Cruel Relish
The film's choice to foreground white characters over the deaths of many Indian victims makes for a cold, distasteful watch.
NPR1 min. leídos
First Listen: Mdou Moctar, 'Ilana (The Creator)'
The Tuareg musician may have just made the most insane psychedelic guitar album of the 21st century.
NPR9 min. leídos
Nancy Barnes Lays Out Her Initial Vision For NPR Newsroom
After listening and learning for four months, Barnes discusses her priorities and where the newsroom is headed.
NPR3 min. leídos
When You Meet The Enemy, And It Is 'Us'
Though less thematically precise than Get Out, Jordan Peele's latest film doubles down on horror — and excels at capturing the mundane, funny moments between the big scares.
NPR1 min. leídos
First Listen: Grupo Fantasma, 'American Music Vol. VII'
The nine-piece Latin funk band's new album is a perfectly executed bi-cultural statement, made for the millions of people who love mariachi as much as James Brown.
NPR5 min. leídos
Human Genomics Research Has A Diversity Problem
Studies on the genetics of human diseases have focused largely on people of European descent. Researchers say this lack of diversity is bad science and exacerbates health inequities.
NPR2 min. leídos
Newly Uncovered Georgia O'Keeffe Letters Shed Light On Her Greatest Paintings
The correspondences between the artist and her friend, filmmaker Henwar Rodakiewicz — just acquired by the Library of Congress — capture her thoughts as her career takes off.
NPR4 min. leídosSociety
Oklahoma Sheriff And Deputies Resign Over 'Dangerous' Jail
"The condition of the jail is such that it does not comply with constitutional standards," Nowata County Sheriff Terry Sue Barnett told reporters after tendering her resignation.
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