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Mozambicans Celebrate After The State's Infamous ‘Hidden Debts’ Are Declared Null
On 4 June, Mozambique’s Constitutional Council, declared null the guarantees from the Mozambican state for debts acquired by public companies following a petition by civil society organizations.
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On Displacement
"Displacement has no particular citizenship. It comes on a slow, malarial boat, or dropped from the sky on small islands buffeted by storms in the Caribbean, our common sea."
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Surprise Victories In The 2019 Midterm Philippine Elections Offer Hope To The Opposition
Despite being fiercely attacked by state-supported elements during the election season, the opposition succeeded in disrupting local political dynasties in some key cities.
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Demolition Of A 150-year-old Building Highlights Government Neglect Of Bangladesh's Heritage Sites
"The building had such remarkable designs which were rare to find in other buildings in the old parts of Dhaka. So [it] needed to be saved."
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‘Step Down, Carrie Lam!': Two Million Rise Up Once More Against Hong Kong Extradition Bill
Having flouted due process and ignored public criticism of an extradition bill amendment that could put Hongkongers at serious risk, Chief Executive Carrie Lam is paying the price.
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As Battle For Istanbul Reaches Fever Pitch, Turkey's Ruling Party Regrets Its Pop Culture Problem
As the clock ticks down on the rerun Istanbul municipal election, the tension is getting unbearable.
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Social Media Goes Blue For Sudan
"My people can not die in vain, cannot die in silence." Social media users turn their profiles blue in solidarity with Sudanese protesters calling for civilian rule in Sudan.
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Australia’s Digital Rights Advocates And Tech Sector Push Back Against Law Undermining Encryption
"The new legislation directly targets encryption and basically coerces developers, device manufacturers and service providers to allow the government to spy on people’s encrypted data."
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#JBF2019: Japan's Lego Brick Festival 2019 takes to Twitter
More than 270 Lego fans displayed their creations, and the thousands of people who attended Brickfest over the weekend shared photos on Twitter using the hashtag #JBF2019.
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Visas Now Required For Venezuelans As Trinidad And Tobago Concludes Migrant Registration Process
A group of protestors outside a registration centre in the nation's capital called for the "closure of the borders" of the twin-island nation.
Global Voices3 min. leídosTech
In Hong Kong, Authorities Arrest The Administrator Of A Telegram Protest Group—and Force Him To Hand Over A List Of Its Members
A list of members of the group-- which numbers between 20,000 and 30,000 people--, as well as all the messages exchanged in the secure chat, have been exposed to the police.
Global Voices3 min. leídosSociety
Bhutan Takes First Steps Toward Decriminalizing Homosexuality
The bill will be discussed in the National Council, the upper house of the parliament, during the upcoming winter session starting in November. Bhutanese activists eagerly await the results.
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Why Are Hong Kong Authorities Labelling The Anti-extradition Demonstrations As “Riots”?
As the majority of protesters were peaceful and had not engaged with violent acts, a large number of civic groups slammed the “riot” label as ludicrous.
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Indonesia’s Post-election Riots Led To Free Speech Violations
"While we understand the government’s intention to stop the distribution of false information and protect the public, the decision has also inadvertently restricted public’s access to factual information."
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Netizen Report: Amid Demonstrations For Democracy, Sudanese Civilians Face Military Violence — And Internet Shutdowns
From Kazakhstan to Khartoum to Hong Kong, protests brought internet shutdowns and online attacks this week.
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DRC Ebola Outbreak Spreads To Neighboring Uganda, Activating Rapid Preparedness Response
Uganda has prepared for this moment: Three confirmed cases activate a strong Ebola response system of detection and prevention. Is this a "public health emergency of international concern"?
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Paraguay's Road To Democracy Is Slowed Down By Its Political Ghosts
"Although Paraguay transitioned to a democracy in the years after the dictatorship ended, subsequent elections saw circles close to Stroessner stay in power"
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#KuToo: Japan Petition Against High Heels In The Workplace Gains Worldwide Support
In Japan, employers are legally entitled to demand female employees wear uncomfortable high heels or pumps.
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The Ivan Golunov Phenomenon: A Brief Moment Of Solidarity And Euphoria In Putin’s Russia
Many are calling for more action to punish law enforcement forces that fabricated the case.
Global Voices6 min. leídos
Sudan’s Democratic Spring Is Turning Into A Long And Ugly Summer
"The worse outcome is the prospect of systemic military violence like Darfur, without intervention by the international community. The same folks are in charge, and we are already looking away."
Global Voices2 min. leídos
Racing Down Socialist Memory Lane: A Classic Yugoslav Cars Video Goes Viral
The cars include three brands produced by Yugoslav factory Zastava from Kragujevac, Serbia, that were based off models by Italian manufacturer Fiat.
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Thousands Of Anti-extradition Protesters Block Roads Surrounding Hong Kong Government Headquarters
On the morning of June 12, protesters were able to postpone debate on the controversial extradition bill by the Legislative Council.
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A Decree By President Bolsonaro Could Threaten Civil Society Group Investigating Deaths Under Brazil’s Military Dictatorship
An order ending Brazil's civil society committees has raised alarms in the Perus Working Group, which investigates human remains found at a 1970s cemetery in the suburbs of São Paulo.
Global Voices2 min. leídosPolitics
Arrest Of Investigative Journalist Ivan Golunov Marks Turning Point In Russian Society
Golunov's arrest has galvanized a rare show of support from all sides of the Russian political spectrum.
Global Voices6 min. leídos
In Tanzania, Advocates Pressure Police To Investigate ‘Teleza’ Rapes And Robberies
Women in Kigoma, Tanzania, say armed men have terrorized their communities for years, but little has been done to investigate, arrest or prosecute — until now.
Global Voices4 min. leídos
Vietnamese Victims Of 2016 Marine Disaster Have Filed A Landmark Lawsuit Against Formosa Plastics Group In Taiwan
A group of 7,875 Vietnamese plaintiffs launched a lawsuit in Taiwan against Formosa Plastics Group and other smaller stakeholders of the Ha Tinh Steel Corporation based in Vietnam.
Global Voices4 min. leídosPolitics
Beyond Beijing: What China's 1989 Democracy Movement was like in Changsha
Interview with Andréa Worden about the events in Chinese city of Changsha during the spring of 1989 that she experienced first hand.
Global Voices5 min. leídosSociety
Argentina Resumes The Fight For Legal Abortion With New Draft Bill
In 2018, Argentina's Senate rejected a bill that would legalize abortion in the South American country. Will it be different this time?
Global Voices4 min. leídosPolitics
In Nigeria, Tensions Rise In Kano Kingdom As King Faces Finance Corruption Charges
King Sanusi II and all other suspects may be suspended, pending further investigation into financial fraud and misuse investigated by the anti-corruption commission.
Global Voices5 min. leídos
Could The PetroCaribe Scandal Be The End Of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse?
The corruption scandal surrounding PetroCaribe, a regional energy programme that supplied petroleum products to Haiti at preferential rates, was at the heart of the violent protests earlier this year.
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