Global Voices7 min. leídos
Through The Orientalist Looking-glass: An Interview With Moroccan Artist Lalla Essaydi
"In my photography, I explore this [Orientalist] space, whether mental or physical, and interrogate its role in gender identity-making, while engaging with centuries of cultural heritage and artistic practices."
Global Voices5 min. leídosPolitics
Authorities’ Response To Social Unrest In Trinidad & Tobago Raises Debate About Police Power And Public Trust
"The criminalization of the bodies of Indigenous, Africans and Indians is built into the DNA of the police force."
Global Voices5 min. leídosPsychology
This Women’s College In Ghana Leads The Way On E-learning During The Pandemic
St. Teresa’s College of Education, one of five female-only colleges in Ghana, is leading the way with e-learning by consolidating the use of messaging applications like Telegram and WhatsApp. 
Global Voices5 min. leídosSociety
The State Of LGBTQ+ Rights In India: An Interview With Supreme Court Advocate Saurabh Kirpal
Global Voices interviewed Saurabh Kirpal, a Supreme Court advocate, to find out the state of LGBTQI+ rights in India two years after the country decriminalized homosexual acts.
Global Voices4 min. leídosPolitics
Al Jazeera, Malaysiakini, And Code Blue News Websites Probed For Critical Reporting In Malaysia
"The government...should be working to earn the confidence and trust of voters, particularly given how it came to power this March."
Global Voices6 min. leídos
In The Brazilian Amazon, Fires And Pandemic Are A Disastrous Mix
In the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, the increase in fires in the Amazon could overburden even more the healthcare system, with more cases of respiratory problems.
Global Voices8 min. leídos
Czech Author Radka Denemarková On Kundera And Patriarchy In The Czech Literature Scene
"We still await a book about Kundera written by a young, sensitive, intelligent woman, as Kundera's world is based on patriarchal values."
Global Voices3 min. leídos
Indian Activists Publish The First Online Magazine In The Santali Language
Language activists from the eastern Indian state of Odisha have recently published the very first online magazine in the Santali language.
Global Voices4 min. leídosWellness
As The Health System Buckles From COVID-19 Pressure, Bolivians Turn To Herbal Medicine
A herb stall at the La Ramada market in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Photo taken by the author of this article. In Bolivia, people are protecting themselves against COVID-19 and the pandemic of disinformation with what they have on hand. Since the start of t
Global Voices4 min. leídosPolitics
Tech Giants Halt Data Requests As Hong Kong National Security Law Casts Long Shadow
Local demand for circumvention tools is surging amid fears that a China-style "Great Firewall" is in the offing.
Global Voices4 min. leídos
Authorities In Republika Srpska Accused Of Burying Genocide Memories In Tourism Bid
The Vilina Vlas hotel hosted unspeakable crimes during Bosnian War in the 1990s. But it is still being billed as a haven for family breaks.
Global Voices3 min. leídos
The Uyghur Meshrep: A Traditional Community Gathering Censored In China
While Uyghurs have for centuries celebrated male bonding and cultural transmission in a ritual of music and conversations, China is now banning the original concept of the tradition.
Global Voices8 min. leídosPolitics
Russian Journalist Avoids Jail Term For ‘Justifying Terrorism’ – And Fears A New Assault On Press Freedoms
While her conviction remains in force, Svetlana Prokopyeva has avoided a prison sentence. The verdict was a silver lining in a new wave of arrests and criminal cases against journalists.
Global Voices4 min. leídosPolitics
‘Why Did Your Father Die?': Serbia's COVID-19 Chaos Spills Onto Belgrade's Streets
"To this day I haven't received his tests. The paperwork said that he died from the corona [virus]. No ventilators were available."
Global Voices4 min. leídos
Sudan Uprising: Nertati Sit-in, The New Wave
On June 28, citizens in Nertati, Darfur, held an ongoing sit-in with several demands: An end to armed militia attacks on civilians, disarmament, the arrest of perpetrators and agricultural protection.
Global Voices4 min. leídosSociety
Housewife, Mother, Frontliner: A Look At Women In Hong Kong's Anti-China Extradition Protests
Women struggled against gender stereotypes and police violence to earn recognition on the frontlines of the movement.
Global Voices2 min. leídos
Vietnamese Authorities Arrest Four Land Rights Activists
After the events at Đồng Tâm this January, certain activists have spoken out against the violence used by troops, making themselves targets for arrest by the authorities.
Global Voices6 min. leídos
COVID-19 Leads To Closure Of Popular Bookshops In Bangladesh
"There are so many second-hand books with probably no more copies in the world… many valuable documents of Bengali literary culture will be lost like this."
Global Voices3 min. leídos
Indians Create Awareness With #DalitLivesMatter
Inspired by the activity of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Indians are paying attention to one of the country's most disadvantaged populations.
Global Voices5 min. leídos
Justice, Inclusion And An Economy For All: Australian Activists Mobilise At Virtual Progress 2020
Virtual Progress 2020 Final Plenary – Courtesy Australian Progress with permission You would think that activists, especially those working for nonprofits, would be fed up with online meetings after months of video communication from home due to COVI
Global Voices4 min. leídosPolitics
India Bans TikTok, 58 Other Apps Amid Rising Anti-China Sentiment, Border Clashes
The border clashes and the stand-off between India and China reached naught after India decided to ban video-creation platform TikTok and 58 other apps due to “security issues”.
Global Voices4 min. leídos
Uyghur Emojis Help Spread Message Of Cultural Resistance Over Social Media
Emojis representing Uyghur characters and culture are now available on the encrypted messenger platform Telegram in an effort by the Uyghur diaspora in Russian-speaking countries to raise visibility.
Global Voices5 min. leídos
Everton Weekes, Last Of The ‘Three Ws’ Of Caribbean Cricket, Dies At Age 95
Cricket ball. Photo by Luke Hayfield on Flickr, CC BY 2.0. Beloved Caribbean cricketer Sir Everton Weekes passed away at his home in Christ Church, Barbados, on July 1, after suffering a heart attack in June. He was the last surviving member of the f
Global Voices4 min. leídos
How COVID-19 Affects Education For People With Disabilities In Ghana
In Ghana, students with disabilities shifted unexpectedly to online learning and faced several technical, economic, and social challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Global Voices5 min. leídos
Nigeria Declares ‘State Of Emergency’ On Rape And Sexual Assault
In Nigeria, a culture of rape and impunity persists, making it difficult for victims to hold their abusers accountable. Police often dismiss rape cases and blame the victims.
Global Voices3 min. leídos
LGBTQ+ Community And Politicians Salute Montenegro's New Law On Same-sex Partnerships
Only five years ago, police banned the country's Pride March as "too risky" following threats of violence from homophobic groups.
Global Voices5 min. leídos
Made In China: The Draconian Details Of Hong Kong's National Security Law
Beijing's National Security Office "can do anything, wave an ID at local law enforcement, and walk away. Potential for abuse is infinite."
Global Voices6 min. leídos
Milan Kundera's First Czech Biography: Another Public Dressing-down In His Homeland?
"An optimist can still hope there will be a time when the debate around Milan Kundera will overcome its long-lasting neurotic phase."
Global Voices3 min. leídos
Hongkongers Braved The Newly Enacted National Security Law With A Leaderless Protest
One huge banner summed up the defiant mood of protesters. "We f***ing love Hong Kong," it read.
Global Voices5 min. leídosPolitics
Remembering The Heartbreaking Words Of Yugoslavia's War-struck ‘Lost Generation’
"Never in my life [did I imagine] I would shoot at someone or that someone would shoot at me. How can this be? It's not right."
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