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Syria Families In Turkey Marrying Off ‘Underage Daughters For Money’ Amid Coronavirus
Campaigners have warned about the increasing numbers of Syrian families marrying off their underage daughters to Turkish men for money amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to a report in the Independent, ECPAT, a network of organisations working
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Saudi Arabia Denies Reports It Froze Expats’ Bank Accounts
Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) yesterday denied reports that banks intended to freeze the accounts of expatriate workers whose financial transactions exceed their wages. “There is no truth in the reports that have been circulated across some me
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UK Agrees To Support Libya’s Decentralisation Process
The United Kingdom has agreed to support the UN-backed Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA)’s decentralisation process and strengthen sub-national governance, the UK Embassy in Tripoli announced on Twitter. According to the tweet, the UK Embass
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Yemen Official: We Ask the UAE To take Its Hands Off Our Oil, Gas And Ports
Governor of Yemen’s Al Mahwit region, Saleh Sami, called on UAE Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Zayed, to lift his hands off Yemen’s oil, gas and ports. On Twitter, Sami wrote: “Oh, [Saudi-led] coalition, we do not want you to arm our army or maintain our
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In-fighting Erupts Between Syria Intelligence, Army In Damascus
Violent clashes broke out between Syrian regime intelligence forces and local militias affiliated with the army’s 4th Division and national defence in Damascus’ countryside, local media sources reported. Syria’s Voice of the Capital network reported
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Iran Denies Israel Cyberattack Caused Fire In Nuclear Facility
Spokesman of Iran’s Power Industry, Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi, has denied reports that an Israeli cyberattack caused a fire in Iran’s nuclear facility, Arabi21 reported yesterday. “The reports about cyberattacks on energy stations in the country are fa
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Egypt Suspends Islamic Preacher Who Says Women Are Harassed Due To Tight Clothing
An Egyptian Islamic preacher has been suspended pending investigation after he said that one of the main causes for sexual harassment is that women wear short and tight clothing. Preacher Abdallah Roshdy previously said that a child can be married at
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Lieberman Accuses Israel Spy Chief Of Leaking Data About Attack On Iran
Israeli politician Avigdor Lieberman on Monday accused Mossad Chief, Yossi Cohen, of leaking to the press details of Tel Aviv’s alleged attack on an Iranian nuclear facility last week. The Times of Israel reported Lieberman saying: “An intelligence o
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Egypt Receives 4,000 Visitors In First Week Of July
Egypt’s tourist hot spots along the Red Sea have reported receiving over 4,000 tourists in the first week of July. The government restarted international flights on 1 July after halting air traffic for three months as part of measures to help stem th
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Retailer Shein Apologises For Selling Muslim Prayer Mats As ‘Frilled Greek Carpets’
Online fashion retailer Shein has issued an apology after coming under fire for selling Muslim prayer mats and passing them off as “frilled Greek carpets” despite having imagery of the Kabaa on them, which is the ancient, sacred structure at the hear
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Bella Hadid Says ‘Proud To Be Palestinian’ After Instagram Deletes Story Showing Her Father's Birthplace
Bella Hadid has hit out at Instagram after the site deleted a Story post of her father’s expired passport, which listed his place of birth as Palestine, saying she’s “proud to be Palestinian”. Hadid, 23, shared the picture last week, writing, “My bab
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Iraq: Is Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi Facing The Same Fate As Lebanon’s Rafic Hariri?
Political and media circles in Iraq and beyond have been disturbed by the vile attack that claimed the life of Hisham Al-Hashimi, a researcher into terrorist groups and armed “Islamic” movements. The concern arises not only because it was an attack o
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Algerian Dissident Calls For Engagement In ‘Real’ Political Process
A prominent Algerian dissident called on Monday for the government in Algiers to engage in a “real political process”, local media have reported. Karim Tabou also called for the release of his fellow protesters still detained by the authorities. “The
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Lebanon Jails Sunni Scholar For Life Over Alleged Daesh Affiliation
A Lebanese court sentenced a Sunni scholar to life and hard labour after finding him guilty of being affiliated with Daesh, local media outlets reported. Bassam Al-Tarras, the former mufti of the Rashya neighbourhood in Al-Beqaa District, was sentenc
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Jerusalem Church Leaders: Israel Threating Christian Presence In The City
As many as 13 church leaders in the occupied city of Jerusalem yesterday warned that the Israeli court’s decision concerning the Greek Orthodox Church’s property at Jaffa Gate threatens the Christian presence in the holy city, Anadolu reported. In a
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Report: Dubai Is A Haven For Dirty Money
Corrupt and criminal actors from around the world, including Afghan warlords, Russian mobsters, Nigerian kleptocrats, European money launderers, Iranian sanctions-busters, and East African gold smugglers, operate through or from Dubai, says a new dam
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UN: ‘Haftar’s Mines Killed 138 People In Two Months’
Some 138 people have been killed and injured as a result of landmines planted by Libyan renegade General Khalifa Haftar’s forces, the UN revealed yesterday. In a statement by the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General and Acting Head of t
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Egypt Holds Mubarak-era Information Minister In Custody Pending Court Hearing
Egypt’s Court of Cassation yesterday ordered Mubarak-era minister of Information, Safwat El-Sherif, to be held in custody pending the hearing of an appeal he filed against a three-year prison sentence, local media reported. In September 2018, a retri
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Turkey Opposition Party Calls On Iraq PM To Appoint Turkmen Minister
The head of the Turkish opposition Republican People’s Party, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, yesterday called on the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, to appoint a Turkmen minister in his cabinet. In a letter sent to Al-Kadhimi, Kilicdaroglu said: “We a
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Egypt Proposal To Re-erect 'Colonialist' Suez Canal Statue Stirs Controversy
Egypt: Century old restored Cairo palace opens to the public
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France Directs EU Foreign Policy Against Turkey, And The Bloc Is Too Weak To Stop It
It is rare to see a government throw a sustained tantrum against another due to differences over foreign policy, especially without first attempting to solve it through diplomatic means. That, though, is exactly what France has been doing for months
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Saudi Digitises 250,000 Pages Of Jerusalem's Palestinian History
The King Abdul Aziz Public Library (KAPL) in Riyadh has compiled and digitised 820 records of the Jerusalem Shariah Court, to conserve endangered collections relating to Palestinian history and cultural heritage. The archive, assembled in collaborati
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Palestinian Prisoner Dies Of 'Medical Negligence' In Israel Prison
A Palestinian detainee held in Israel jails has died of “medical negligence”, a local NGO said on Monday. Saadi Al-Gharably, 75, died at Assaf Harofeh medical center after his health deteriorated, the Handala Center for Detainees and Ex-detainees sai
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Iraq Has A Historical Opportunity For Progress Which Its Prime Minister Must Take
It does not look as if Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi wants a direct confrontation with the factions which make up the Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) and are loyal to Iran. He is well aware that he cannot bear losing such a confrontation.
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Morocco Parliament Calls On Amnesty To Apologise
The Moroccan parliament yesterday criticised Amnesty International and called on the rights group to apologise and provide evidence of allegations officials spied on journalists in the country using Israeli software. Several parliamentary blocs stres
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Russia Working To Close Border Between Turkey, Syria Used For Aid Delivery
Russia is seeking to use its right to veto at the United Nations Security Council to close the Bab Al-Salam border crossing; one of two crossings used to bring in aid to displaced Syrians via Turkey, Anadolu reported. The Security Council allows huma
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Ethiopia PM: We Will Start Filling Renaissance Dam
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that his country will start filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam’s reservoir, taking advantage of the upcoming rainy season, news agencies reported yesterday. Filling the dam reservoir, Abiy said, will
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OCHA: Men Make Up 76% Of COVID-19 Cases In Yemen
Men make up 76 per cent of all cases of the coronavirus in Yemen, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) revealed yesterday The UN agency said in a report that as of 4 July, the number of confirmed COVID- 19 cas
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Tunisia: Widow Of Engineer ‘Killed By Israel’ Disappointed After Not Being Naturalized
Magda Saleh, widow of the late engineer Mohammed Al-Zawari, expressed disappointment that her name was not included in a list of foreigners who were granted Tunisian citizenship by a presidential decree. Saleh, who holds Syrian citizenship, told the 
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Lebanon Nationals Seek To Emigrate Over Economic Crisis
Many Lebanese are seeking to leave the country for good in search of a better quality of life as the economic crisis continues to bite, Al Jazeera and the National reported. Barely a week after Beirut’s International Airport re-opened in the wake of
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