The Atlantic4 min. leídosAmerican Government
Delta Is Ruining the Summer, and It’s Anti-vaxxers’ Fault
“Just think back to where this nation was a year ago,” an ebullient Joe Biden said on July 4, as he gave remarks billed as a celebration of U.S. independence—and independence from COVID-19. “Think back to where you were a year ago. And think about ho
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The Books Briefing: The Many Sides of Identity
Works that illuminate the intricacies of how we form communities and relate to one another: Your weekly guide to the best in books
The Atlantic6 min. leídos
How Did It Come to This?
The Delta variant is winning, for the moment, and the CDC’s coronavirus map shows that we’re failing to fight it.
The Atlantic3 min. leídos
Time for Covidnomics
Government has done what it can. Now we need to use the power of free markets to fight the pandemic.
The Atlantic4 min. leídosLGBTQIA+ Studies
Lil Nas X, DaBaby, and the Incoherence of Homophobia
One big reason HIV/AIDS remains a deadly crisis despite the existence of lifesaving drugs is stigma: Fear of shame and ostracization discourages people from accessing testing, preventive measures, and treatment. In other words, a factor causing needl
The Atlantic5 min. leídosPolitical Ideologies
The Return of Hypocrisy
Lofty prodemocracy rhetoric is back, but the Biden administration isn’t doing enough to thwart a coup in Tunisia.
The Atlantic6 min. leídos
We’re Talking About Vaccines All Wrong
To reach vaccine conspiracists and other skeptics, focus on what they care about most: freedom without repercussions.
The Atlantic7 min. leídosSmall Business & Entrepreneurs
Millennials, What Will It Take for You to Buy Life Insurance?
Start-ups are going to ridiculous lengths to rebrand an industry in desperate need of some younger customers.
The Atlantic9 min. leídosWorld
Germany Found a Way to Reduce Polarization. Could It Work in the U.S.?
When Edmund Schechter, a Viennese Jew who fled the Nazis, arrived in postwar Germany in 1945, he encountered a “wasteland”—not just physically, he said, but “psychologically.” All newspapers had ceased publication. Radio stations were destroyed and d
The Atlantic7 min. leídos
Why Managers Fear a Remote-Work Future
In 2019, Steven Spielberg called for a ban on Oscar eligibility for streaming films, claiming that “movie theaters need to be around forever” and that audiences had to be given “the motion picture theatrical experience” for a movie to be a movie. Spi
The Atlantic2 min. leídos
The Atlantic Daily: Is This the Start of a Healthier Era of Sports?
Simon Biles’s withdrawal from the Olympics reminds us that there are humans behind unfathomable athletic feats.
The Atlantic6 min. leídos
What Immigrants Know About Happiness
The act of migration involves taking risks in pursuit of a meaningful reward and having faith in the future. Everyone should try to live more like that.
The Atlantic6 min. leídos
The Invisible Tech Behemoth
The problem, as the Biden administration tech-policy adviser Tim Wu might say, is the bigness. This month, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to attempt to undo some 40 years of growth-at-all-costs economic policy, targeting various kinds
The Atlantic5 min. leídos
Why Do We Look Down On Lonely People?
A new graphic novel argues that even though social isolation is extremely common, it is too easily maligned.
The Atlantic5 min. leídos
‘How Does One Process Defeat?’
A few days ago I heard from a former student of mine, whom I will refer to as Scott. He began by assuring me that he, his wife, and their three children were all well, and filled me in on his career since a period of extended service in Afghanistan a
The Atlantic6 min. leídos
The Lines of Connection
States make millions off phone-call fees from incarcerated people, but the cost can be even higher for their families.
The Atlantic5 min. leídos
This Picture Has Major Moon Potential
A newly discovered disk of cosmic dust around a faraway exoplanet could one day become something more.
The Atlantic12 min. leídosAmerican Government
The MyPillow Guy Really Could Destroy Democracy
In the time I spent with Mike Lindell, I came to learn that he is affable, devout, philanthropic—and a clear threat to the nation.
The Atlantic5 min. leídosMotivational
Do Olympic-Level Achievements Make People Happy?
The promise of success can propel us forward, but it comes with pitfalls that can undermine the satisfaction of actually succeeding.
The Atlantic4 min. leídos
Simone Biles’s Critics Don’t Understand This Generation of Athletes
Simone Biles was expected to be the story of the Tokyo Olympics because of her long series of jaw-dropping performances up to now. Instead, she’s become the story of these Olympics because she’s not performing. Citing her mental health, Biles removed
The Atlantic8 min. leídosWorld
China Discovers the Limits of Its Power
Beijing’s confrontation with Australia should have been an unequal contest. That’s not how it worked out in practice.
The Atlantic6 min. leídos
Companies Want Remote Workers in All States but 1
Businesses such as Nike and Oracle are happy to let you work from home—just not in Colorado.
The Atlantic6 min. leídosAmerican Government
The Quiet Courage of Bob Moses
The late civil-rights leader understood that grassroots organizing was key to delivering political power to Black Americans in the South.
The Atlantic18 min. leídos
The New Moral Code of America’s Elite
Every striver who ever slipped the rank of their birth to ascend to a higher order has shared the capacity to ingratiate themselves with their betters. What the truly exceptional ones have in common is the ability to connect not only with their super
The Atlantic7 min. leídos
A Surprising Side Effect of Giving Birth
As a mom who had just escaped the two-under-2 phase, I felt like my long-overdue trip to the dentist was a vacation: I was child-free, my feet were up, and I almost fell blissfully asleep as I waited for the perfect report I had received from every d
The Atlantic7 min. leídosAmerican Government
The Unraveling of the Trump Era
The Trump administration desperately wanted to cut government benefits, and it had outside help to do so. But very few of its new rules held up.
The Atlantic2 min. leídos
The Atlantic Daily: How the Government Learned to Waste Your Time
The “time tax,” one of our writers argues, is a scourge, and the government needs to take responsibility for it.
The Atlantic3 min. leídos
The Green Knight Is One of 2021’s Best Movies
David Lowery’s film starring Dev Patel is a dreamy piece of high fantasy that turns an age-old tale into something to be puzzled over anew.
The Atlantic6 min. leídos
Unfortunately, I Care About Power Lines Now
If America wants to fight climate change—or enjoy the benefits of a modern economy—it must get much better at building electricity transmission. Yikes.
The Atlantic5 min. leídos
Gentle Encouragement Wasn’t Going to Be Enough
Amid widespread misinformation and antivaccine propaganda, pro football needed to put more pressure on players.
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