The Atlantic7 min. leídos
The Crunchy-to-Alt-Right Pipeline
Those living on the fringe of the left and the right share more in common than you might think.
The Atlantic6 min. leídosIntelligence (AI) & Semantics
The Dawn of Artificial Imagination
For years, fears about the disruptive potential of automation and artificial intelligence have centered on repetitive labor: Perhaps machines could replace humans who do secretarial work, accounting, burger-flipping. Doctors, software engineers, auth
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Avatar: The Way of Water Puts Most Modern Blockbusters to Shame
These days in Hollywood, scale seems to be one of the easiest things to achieve on-screen. Breakthroughs in visual-effects technology mean that audiences get to watch one epic battle after another, and are accustomed to seeing dozens of superheroes z
The Atlantic4 min. leídosAmerican Government
The Threat to Democracy Is Still in Congress
One hundred forty-seven Republicans voted to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. Almost all of them are still in office.
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The Atlantic 10: Books That Made Us Think
This is a special edition of our Books Briefing newsletter. Expect to hear from us again, as usual, on Friday. End-of-year lists are by nature subjective, and selecting books in this way can be particularly hard. Tens of thousands of titles are publi
The Atlantic6 min. leídosAmerican Government
The Republicans Need a Reckoning
This is an edition of The Atlantic Daily, a newsletter that guides you through the biggest stories of the day, helps you discover new ideas, and recommends the best in culture. Sign up for it here. The pretense that the seditionists in the GOP are li
The Atlantic6 min. leídos
Surprise! Snakes Have Clitorises
In her two decades as a genital morphologist, Patricia Brennan has looked at a lot of animal clitorises. She’s seen female lizards’ two spike-studded protrusions, which are almost identical to their counterparts on males. She’s glimpsed the prominent
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The Atlantic 10
Editor’s Note: Find all of The Atlantic’s “Best of 2022” coverage here. End-of-year lists are by nature subjective, and selecting books in this way can be particularly hard. Tens of thousands of titles are published annually in the U.S., and a reade
The Atlantic8 min. leídosAmerican Government
Iowans Knew This Day Would Come
My father was a registered independent for most of my childhood because he resented having to choose. But choosing was not hard for my mother. She was an MSNBC devotee, a liberal Pennsylvania transplant who took her adopted role as an Iowa Democrat s
The Atlantic11 min. leídosInternational Relations
The End of the New Peace
Vladimir Putin is pushing humanity toward an era of war that might be worse than anything we have seen before. It could threaten the very survival of our species.
The Atlantic6 min. leídosWorld
Mourning Becomes China
Commemorations of the dearly departed are a licensed form of popular feeling that can make them dangerous moments for the Communist authorities.
The Atlantic6 min. leídos
Should Friends Offer Honesty or Unconditional Support?
Lindsey Konchar has known her best friend, Caroline, since Caroline was born. Their mothers have been best friends since the seventh grade, so even though Konchar is two years older than Caroline, and the two attended different schools in their homet
The Atlantic5 min. leídos
The Erudite, Absurd White Lotus Finale
Even for a show that has seemed dubious about human nature, Season 2 ended on a cynical note.
The Atlantic8 min. leídos
Crypto Was Always Smoke and Mirrors
The world of cryptocurrency is rich with eccentric characters and anonymous Twitter personalities. So perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the early figures who called attention to the problems with Sam Bankman-Fried’s cryptocurrency exchan
The Atlantic5 min. leídos
Is This the ‘Kitty Hawk Moment’ for Fusion Energy?
Tomorrow, the U.S. Department of Energy is expected to announce that the era of fusion power is finally upon us: Scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in California, have generated energy with a controlled nuclear fusion reaction.
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What Does a Good Health-Care System Look Like?
This is an edition of Up for Debate, a newsletter by Conor Friedersdorf. On Wednesdays, he rounds up timely conversations and solicits reader responses to one thought-provoking question. Later, he publishes some thoughtful replies. Sign up for the ne
The Atlantic5 min. leídosIntelligence (AI) & Semantics
The Wild Future of Artificial Intelligence
“It’s going to be fascinating to see how people incorporate this second brain into their job,” Derek Thompson says.
The Atlantic6 min. leídos
The Most Moving Scene in Love Is Blind
Jenisha Watts’s culture picks include a dramatic reality-TV moment, Viola Davis, and the young-adult writer Jason Reynolds.
The Atlantic5 min. leídos
NASA’s Plan to Bounce People Off the Atmosphere
Updated at 2:37 p.m. ET on December 11, 2022 If you want to send people to the moon, you have to be able to bring them home safely. And if you want to bring them home, you must send them hurtling through Earth’s atmosphere in a wash of heat and fire.
The Atlantic3 min. leídos
‘Steve and Marty’ Revealed SNL’s Weaknesses
The plan was relatively straightforward: Take two comedic legends, each with a rich history on Saturday Night Live and a working partnership spanning decades, and invite them to co-host. Steve Martin and Martin Short had even previously shared the SN
The Atlantic8 min. leídosAmerican Government
How Politics Compounded a Hostage Family’s Grief
This week, Paul Whelan’s sister watched as politicians and pundits weaponized the imprisoned American’s plight.
The Atlantic5 min. leídos
Elon Musk Is a Far-Right Activist
If there’s one tweet that will tell you everything you need to know about Elon Musk, it’s this one from early this morning: My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci In five words, Musk manages to mock transgender and nonbinary people, signal his disdain for p
The Atlantic3 min. leídos
Another Way to Watch the World Cup
I don’t actually care who wins the World Cup, but I do call myself a fan. Even though I know little about soccer, I love the complex and ardent interplay of bodies. I am a choreographer by trade, and the game, with its rules about proximity, time, an
The Atlantic5 min. leídosWorld
Americans Should Not Be Tempted by China’s COVID Policies
The human capacity to transcend the past and even the present is powerful. Three years after a devastating coronavirus pandemic took hold, nearly every country has dropped restrictions and mostly resumed normal life. The one country where COVID has n
The Atlantic14 min. leídos
The Woman Who Made Online Dating Into a ‘Science’
The anthropologist and famed love expert Helen Fisher seemed ready to dash into oncoming traffic. We were on a sidewalk in Manhattan, opposite the American Museum of Natural History, and nowhere near a safe place to cross the street. She wanted me to
The Atlantic5 min. leídos
You Can’t Reform the Morality Police
A lie can go halfway around the world, according to the adage, before the truth has managed to get its trousers on. Last weekend provided one case in point, strangely appropriate to a saying about getting properly dressed before going out. Last weeke
The Atlantic3 min. leídos
We’re All Capable of Going ‘Goblin Mode’
The Oxford Word of the Year tells a concise story about how many of us are doing these days.
The Atlantic3 min. leídos
You Can’t Really Make a Feel-Good Body-Horror Movie
The Whale aims for noble sentimentality, but Darren Aronofsky can’t stop turning pain into spectacle.
The Atlantic7 min. leídos
Zero COVID’s Failure Is Xi’s Failure
For three years, China’s leader, Xi Jinping, fought a remorseless battle against COVID-19. He called it a “people’s war”—a national struggle to defeat an unseen foe and save lives. The contest locked families in their homes for weeks, strangled the e
The Atlantic2 min. leídos
Why We Buy What We Do
This is an edition of The Wonder Reader, a newsletter in which our editors recommend a set of stories to spark your curiosity and fill you with delight. Sign up here to get it every Saturday morning. “I don’t like to shop, but I do like to buy,” Fran
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