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The Role Of Cognitive Dissonance In The Pandemic
The minute we make any decision—I think COVID-19 is serious; no, I’m sure it is a hoax—we begin to justify the wisdom of our choice and find reasons to dismiss the alternative.
The Atlantic4 min. leídosPolitics
Stone Walks Free in One of the Greatest Scandals in American History
Roger Stone’s best trick was always his upper-class-twit wardrobe. He seemed such a farcical character, such a Klaxon-alarm-from-a-mile-away goofball—who could take him seriously? Aldrich Ames, Robert Hanssen: They had tradecraft. They didn’t troll p
The Atlantic8 min. leídosPolitics
The Deep South’s Only Democratic Senator Still Has Hope
The Alabama Democrat Doug Jones discusses the coronavirus outbreak in the South, new efforts to grapple with the region’s Confederate legacy, and his hopes that this time of crisis leads to systemic change.
The Atlantic6 min. leídosPolitics
Mazars Is A Victory For Rule Of Law
As to Trump’s claim to what his legal team once characterized as “temporary absolute presidential immunity,” the Supreme Court’s answer was simple: No.
The Atlantic13 min. leídosPolitics
Christopher Buckley On Satire In The Age Of Trump
“I think Trump is fair game for ridicule. Why do I think this? Because it drives him nuts.”
The Atlantic6 min. leídosPolitics
China’s Xinjiang Policy: Less About Births, More About Control
Like the one-child policy, Beijing’s repressive actions against minority Uighur Muslims are about preserving power.
The Atlantic8 min. leídos
The Threat to American Democracy That Has Nothing to Do With Trump
In the summer of 1945, for 17 days, the newspaper deliverers of New York City went on strike. As hundreds of thousands of city residents found themselves temporarily deprived of their daily papers, the behavioral scientist Bernard Berelson saw an opp
The Atlantic7 min. leídosRelationships & Parenting
The Pandemic Proved That Cash Payments Work
Like millions of other workers, Bridgit Fatora was facing a financial abyss. Before the pandemic hit, she was a freelance photographer and part-time nanny in Seattle. The coronavirus made both of her jobs untenable. Her photography bookings disappear
The Atlantic7 min. leídosPolitics
The Cost of the Evangelical Betrayal
White, conservative Christians who set aside the tenets of their faith to support Donald Trump are now left with little to show for it.
The Atlantic5 min. leídosWellness
Vigilance Had a Three-Month Shelf Life
On March 1, California seemed destined to be pummeled by the coronavirus. America’s most populous state has large, crowded cities and a diverse population, and travel between it and Asia and Europe is prodigious. Seattle, another West Coast hub, had
The Atlantic7 min. leídos
Americans Need to Know the Hard Truth About Union Monuments in the West
During the Civil War, Union soldiers in the West weren’t fighting to end slavery, but to annihilate and remove Native Americans.
The Atlantic11 min. leídosPsychology
How the Hosts of ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ Saved Their Friendship
“With friendship, there is this expectation that it’s supposed to be easy, which … is not an honest assessment of what any long-term, intimate bond looks like.”
The Atlantic3 min. leídos
Palm Springs Is The Comedy Of The Summer
Palm Springs is set during a never-ending day. Sorry to give away the big plot point, which comes some 15 minutes into Max Barbakow’s wonderful new comedy, but that premise feels pertinent today in a way that it didn’t when the movie premiered at Sun
The Atlantic4 min. leídosPolitics
The Roberts Court Completes Trump’s Cover-Up
The Supreme Court handed a victory to the president while cloaking its reasoning in majestic language about the rule of law.
The Atlantic1 min. leídos
The Books Briefing: How to Read a Classic Today
To Kill a Mockingbird’s legacy is far from the only one readers must reckon with: Your weekly guide to the best in books
The Atlantic4 min. leídosPolitics
What a Direct Attack on Free Speech Looks Like
There’s a dangerous backlash against free speech brewing this week, in which a vindictive Twitter user, backed by mobs of followers, seeks to cow open discourse and instill fear in people who disagree with him. Wait—don’t go! I’m not talking about Th
The Atlantic5 min. leídosPolitics
Trump’s Most Brazen Reprieve Yet
Forget Bernie Kerik, Scooter Libby, Michael Milken—even Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This was the presidential reprieve President Donald Trump’s critics feared most. Trump’s move tonight to commute the sentence of his longtime associate Roger Stone, nearly fi
The Atlantic2 min. leídosPsychology
The Atlantic Daily: Four Things We Learned This Week
Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox. As another week closes, America isn’t any neare
The Atlantic2 min. leídosPolitics
The Atlantic Daily: Trump Wins Himself Some Time
Donald Trump, the man, lost at the Supreme Court. But Donald Trump, the candidate, can claim victory. Our writers explain.
The Atlantic6 min. leídosPolitics
France Is Officially Color-Blind. Reality Isn’t.
The country’s prestigious grandes écoles illustrate the gulf between its universal ideals and its day-to-day life.
The Atlantic9 min. leídos
The Woman Who Made the Best Action Movie of 2020
Gina Prince-Bythewood talks about her new superhero film, Netflix’s The Old Guard, and how women are changing the genre.
The Atlantic4 min. leídosSociety
We Can’t End AIDS Without Fighting Racism
As America continues its long-overdue reckoning with racism and systemic injustice, we must address the devastating impact of the disease on the Black community.
The Atlantic5 min. leídosSociety
These 8 Basic Steps Will Let Us Reopen Schools
If we move too fast, ignore science, or reopen without careful planning, this will backfire.
The Atlantic9 min. leídos
How a History Textbook Would Describe 2020 So Far
A historian imagines the chapter high schoolers might read one day about this momentous time.
The Atlantic8 min. leídosPolitics
Trump’s America Is Slipping Away
He’s trying to assemble a winning coalition with a dwindling number of sympathetic white voters.
The Atlantic7 min. leídosSociety
COVID-19 Cases Are Rising, So Why Are Deaths Flatlining?
The gap between soaring cases and falling deaths is being weaponized by the right to claim a hollow victory in the face of shameless failure. What’s really going on?
The Atlantic3 min. leídosPolitics
Trump’s Loss at the Supreme Court Is a Win for His Candidacy
The president may eventually face legal liability, but he will not face a public reckoning for his actions before November.
The Atlantic7 min. leídos
The Tragic Loss of Coronavirus Patients’ Final Words
It takes a special kind of inattention to human suffering to not notice how unfortunate it is that people have been left to face death alone.
The Atlantic4 min. leídosPolitics
Trump Is Successfully Running Out the Clock
From his financial disclosures to his tax returns to impeachment, the president is finding that stonewalling pays off.
The Atlantic5 min. leídosRelationships & Parenting
This Isn’t Sustainable for Working Parents
The pandemic has already taken a toll on the careers of those with young children—particularly mothers.
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