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On Anniversaries
Although successive editors have reiterated FOREIGN POLICY’s commitment—stated in its first issue—to publish writers at all points on the political spectrum, it is symptomatic of a larger national insecurity that the magazine has at times been under
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Professor Uses Technology. Culture Focus to Incorporate Practical Skills into Classroom
Professor of International Commerce and Policy, Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University Professor J.P. Singh believes that economics and international affairs programs do not always incorporate the kind of skillbuilding that he
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Consensus Lost
A SHIFTING GLOBAL ORDER AS U.S. DOMINANCE ERODES. Americans tired of foreign entanglements while facing social and racial discord at home. An ethically challenged president whose policies are dividing the country. A world beset by new challenges, fro
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On The Cold War’s End
It would be a very sad and hopeless situation if we were to convince ourselves that the peace of the world depended on the ability of the rest of us to prevent the Soviet Union indefinitely from acting like a great power. —George F. Kennan The great
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Foreign Policy Begins At Home
WHEN THEY TAKE OFFICE IN JANUARY, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have promised to revive U.S. leadership in the world. Right off the bat, they say, they will reenter the United States into many of the multilateral ag
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Government-backed Cryptocurrency Could Become A Reality
They have been around for a while, but it was not until 2017 that cryptocurrencies really gained global attention as the price of a Bitcoin surged to almost $20,000. When Facebook announced Libra, its new cryptocurrency payment system, last year, the
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How To Restore U.s. Credibility In Africa
DESPITE THE IMMENSE POTENTIAL of U.S.- Africa relations, China has been more engaged with the continent and in several ways is now ahead of the United States in the scale of its diplomatic and economic ties. China is now Africa’s largest trade partne
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On Globalization
In his celebrated 1948 essay, “Notes Towards the Definition of Culture,” T.S. Eliot predicted that in the future, humanity would experience a renaissance of local and regional cultures. At the time, his prophecy seemed quite daring. However, globaliz
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The Forgotten Prophet
U.S. PRESIDENT-ELECT JOE BIDEN’S FOREIGN-POLICY ADVISORS have been eager to convey that “America is back” and ready to resume leadership of the Western world. But Biden and his team may soon discover that a foundation of past U.S. leadership—a reputa
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On American Decline
The postwar international economic system, grounded in the American principles of economic liberalism and dependent on the special roles played by this country in several different dimensions, appears to be in disarray. —Marina von Neumann Whitman Th
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On Technology
Mention of the internet brings to mind thoughts of cool technology, expanding markets, and pitched battles between high-tech companies. Missing from the picture are the huge implications for foreign policy. A driving force behind the foreign-policy d
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Saving Democracy, One Byte at a Time
Professor of Strategic Studies, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University As hacking, disinformation, and other forms of digital espionage proliferate, educating future leaders about information security will grow increasingl
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Land Of Fire And Ice Forges New Openings
Although its strong economic growth trajectory has temporarily slowed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Iceland nevertheless remains favorably positioned for the waves of international spending and investment forecast for the post-vaccine world. Famous f
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America And The World: How To Build Back Better
A CONVERSATION BETWEEN JONATHAN TEPPERMAN AND FAREED ZAKARIA TO MARK THE OCCASION of FOREIGN POLICY’s 60th birthday, FP’s Jonathan Tepperman sat down recently with Fareed Zakaria—the author, CNN host, and one of today’s leading thinkers on internatio
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On The Environment
There has been a growth of concern in the developed world with problems of the environment and of the sheer survival of human life on the planet. Whether or not any of the dire predictions about threats to the environment is valid is less important f
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Life Streams
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced corporate leaders to recalibrate their priorities. With commerce increasingly taking place online because of factors such as physical distancing, companies must rethink what customers want and how to deliver it to the
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The Rise And Fall And Rise (and Fall) Of The U.s. Financial Empire
IF 2020 CONFIRMED ONE THING, it was the centrality of the dollar to the global economy. U.S. hegemony may already have passed us in a political and strategic sense, but U.S. financial influence is proving more enduring. This is reassuring in the sens
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Grave New World
WHEN SAMUEL P. HUNTINGTON and Warren Demian Manshel, the founders of FOREIGN POLICY, asked me to write for their inaugural issue in 1970, university campuses were riven by students who feared being drafted to fight and possibly die in a misbegotten w
Foreign Policy Magazine8 min. leídosInternational Relations
The Return Of Containment
ONE OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL U.S. foreign policies of the last 50 years may well have been containment, which the United States used from 1947 until the end of the Cold War to block the expansion of Soviet power and influence. Today, as pundits and pol
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The Case For A Middle Path
OVER THE COURSE OF U.S. HISTORY, American statecraft has oscillated between two poles: stubborn isolationism and unstinting internationalism. Isolationism was the default position from the founding era to 1941. In 1796, President George Washington se
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Family Firm Flourishes
A household name for more than a century, 1912 is one of Iceland’s oldest family-owned firms, as well as one of its most successful through its core focus on technology, knowledge, and resources to maximize performance. Headed by Ari Fenger for the p
Foreign Policy Magazine10 min. leídosWorld
A New Pivot To Asia
AS HE TAKES A FRESH LOOK AT WASHINGTON’S CHINA strategy, President-elect Joe Biden faces hard choices. China has become a powerful challenger to the United States’ post-World War II global primacy. To make matters worse, the political coalition that
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Film Production Paradise
From the the big screen, to the small screen and the games console screen, Iceland’s vibrant creative industries ecosystem is being showcased more than ever before, with its beautiful environment and creative talent pool flying the flag around the wo
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The Next 50 Years Of Foreign Policy
“The United States has wasted $5 trillion fighting its post-9/11 wars. In the same period, the American working classes have suffered. This money should be spent on them.” —Kishore Mahbubani, author of Has China Won? “The United States will need a mo
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On Asia
The conflict between North and South Korea has remained virtually unchanged since the end of the Korean War, despite important shifts in global and regional power alignments. The United States has contributed to this stalemate in Korea by maintaining
Foreign Policy Magazine11 min. leídosInternational Relations
The Perils Of Predictions
1 IN A WORLD DEFINED BY SCARCITY, there will always be a bountiful harvest of bad predictions about the future. This is true for both foreign policy and FOREIGN POLICY alike. In January 1989, East Germany’s leader, Erich Honecker, declared that the B
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Inside Joe Biden’s Brain
DECEMBER 1970 MUST HAVE SEEMED an io magazine on international affairs. The fighting in Vietnam ground on, even expanding into Cambodia and Laos, with little to show for U.S. President Richard Nixon’s policy of Vietnamiza-toaecvsor Henry Kissinger’s
Foreign Policy Magazine1 min. leídosPolitics
Featured Contributors
Kelebogile Zvobgo is the founder and director of the International Justice Lab at William & Mary and a Ph.D. candidate in political science and international relations at the University of Southern California. C. Raja Mohan is the director of the Nat
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Major Investment To Improve Gateways
Like other island nations, excellent transport infrastructure and air and sea portals for passengers and freight are prerequisites for robust economic growth, with Iceland no exception to this rule, even against the backdrop of a pandemic that has sl
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When Foreign Policy Went Wrong.
1 IN U.S. FOREIGN POLICY, IT ISN ALWAYS EASY to suss out good ideas from bad. Some bad ideas masquerade as neutral fact, only to be exposed later on. Others worm their way into strategic doctrines, guiding a wide range of policies that long outlast t
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